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The veterans' memoirs and short stories on this page of the Korean War Educator are posted as a means to educate the public about the Korean War.  The memoirs found on the KWE are full-length and cover the veteran's lifespan from birth to present.  Short stories tell about a particular segment of a veteran's life.

Korean War veterans are a unique breed.  Those who served their country during the active war years 1950 to 1953 grew up in the Depression and had experienced World War II, either in the military or on the homefront.  They grew up in a time of high patriotism--a time when duty, honor, country were meaningful words.  When their tour of duty ended, most of them returned to the States with little fanfare, picked up their pre-war lives, and carried on with them.  Too few of them have talked about their Korean War experiences.  Talking about them was often too painful--and who cared anyway?

From March 2003 to February 2007, there were 3,144 American casualties in Iraq.  From June of 1950 to July of 1954, the number of in-theatre American casualties in Korea was 33,691.  No matter what the casualty count, the price of freedom has always been higher than those who have never fought for it can possibly imagine.  We encourage our visitors to read the memoirs and short stories found on this page of the KWE.  When you do, you will realize that war is miserable and horrible, and that the freedom those of us living in the United States experience today is a precious thing--its high price paid for with the blood and tears and skill of our veterans.  (When was the last time you thanked one?)

Please note that the copyrights to the memoirs and short stories found on the Korean War Educator are legally held by the Korean War Educator Foundation, private individuals, the Museum Association of Douglas County in Tuscola, Illinois (Douglas County Museum), the Camargo Township Library in Villa Grove, Illinois, and/or nationally-known magazines.  While we sincerely hope that our readers enjoy reading and learning from them, the memoirs and short stories cannot be used for publishing or for-profit purposes without the written permission of the entity that holds the copyright on them. For further information, contact Lynnita Brown.

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Standing Invitation

The Korean War Educator has a standing invitation to all Korean War veterans (any branch, any MOS, any rank, any era) to post recollections of your time in the Korean War on the KWE Website, whether you wish to share just a story or two or your entire memoir.  Pictures are welcome, too.  The process is very simple:

Send your memoir or short story, or that of your loved one, via e-mail in plain text format, pasted into an e-mail, or as a Word document attachment.  The KWE webmaster requests that you not send your memoir/story material to the KWE as a PDF file unless the PDF file is suitable for posting as is.  As an alternative to e-mail if files are too large to e-mail, you may also mail your document and picture files to us on a CD you have created.  Also state in the e-mail or in a letter to us that you are giving us your permission to post your memoir on our Website.  We cannot and will not post without written permission.  It should be clearly understood that once a memoir is edited by the KWE staff, a photo album is created by the webmaster, and it is published on the Korean War Educator in good faith, permission to publish cannot be reversed.

Important Note: Pictures should be sent as jpg file attachments to your email.  Please do not send pictures scanned into e-mails.  They are too tiny to use on the KWE.  Instead, scan your pictures into a file and send the files as attachments.  We cannot stress enough the importance of sending by attachment.

If you need to discuss your memoir or short story before sending it, call, write, or e-mail Lynnita at 217-253-4620 (home) or 217-253-5171 (Lynnita's store 10 a.m.-3 p.m. Thursday-Saturday), Lynnita Brown, 111 E. Houghton St., Tuscola, IL 61953, lynnita@koreanwar-educator.org.

Only one black American (Jesse Green Harmon) has stepped forth to tell his memories of the Korean War.  The KWE is extremely concerned about this, so if anyone can help resolve this problem by sending Lynnita the contact information for black Korean War veterans, please do.  Also, few female Korean War veterans, or Air Force/Navy veterans have participated in this project.  No Coast Guard members have shared their memoirs/short stories either.  The KWE is willing if these veterans are willing.


Veteran Ralph David, a participate in the KWE's Memoirs project, tells us that an article entitled, "The Healthy Type" appeared in Scientific American (June 2008).  In it, the writers stated that writing your memoirs is a healthy thing to do!  It said:

"Scientists (and writers) have long known about the therapeutic benefits of writing about personal experiences, thoughts and feelings. But besides serving as a stress-coping mechanism, expressive writing produces many physiological benefits. Research shows that it improves memory and sleep, boosts immune cell activity and reduces viral load in AIDS patients, and even speeds healing after surgery."

Stay healthy!  Participate in a KWE online interview by contacting Lynnita.  The end result is a full-length memoir written by you with Lynnita's free help (no hidden costs involved).

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The Disrespectful Daughter

As Veteran's Day 2004 approached, the Korean War Educator received an unusual communication from the 40-year old daughter of a Korean War veteran whose memoir is posted on the KWE's Memoirs page.  We invite you to click on the link below to read her message and the KWE's response to it:

The Disrespectful Daughter

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Veterans' Full Length Memoirs - Index

Alexander, Grant B-1-5 (USMC), January-December 1951.  Wounded 3 times.  Pohang Guerrilla Hunt, traveled through Massacre Valley.
Allan, Dean S. (USAF) Left Gunner on B-29 "Trouble Brewer" when it crash landed; left gunner on "Police Action", Yakota AFB, 1952
Anderson, William E. C Co., 1st Btn, 21st Inf, 24th Inf Div (Army), Korea 1950-51, Pusan Perimeter
Balaban, Bill 304th Signal Operations Btn (Army), Korea 1952-53
Bergstrom, Robert L. USAF, Radar Operator on Capt. J.R. Lewis' B-29 crew on Black Tuesday (Namsi), October 23, 1951
Bindewald, James Alfred Aidman, Medical Detachment, HQ Co., 3ID; aidman, 3rd Recon Platoon; Silver Star recipient; Korea 11/50-7/51
Bingham, Carleton (Bing) G-3-1 (USMC) Korea 1951-1952
Bohart, Richard E-2-7 (USMC), Korea 1951-52, Killer, Ripper, Wounded
Bolt, James William 24th Infantry Division, 630 FAB, "B" Battery, Korea 6 July 1950-20 August 1951 (Army)
Bonkowski, Jerome S. Squad leader, Machine Gun Platoon, H&S Company/2/7 & later D/2/7 (USMC), Korea 16 September 1950-20 September 1951, Chosin Reservoir
Bowers, Carl Edward 1st Cavalry Division (Army), 8th Engineers, Charlie Company, Medical Detachment.  Korea 1950.  Chosin. Silver Star.
Bradley, Roger E. KCAC (Army), Korea 1953-54
Brown, Charles L. H.I.T.C., 60mm Mortars, Co 6, 9th Inf Regt, 2nd Div (Army), Korea 1951-52
Brown, Dale H. C-1-7 (USMC) Korea 1951-1952.  Hill 673
Brown, Joe Corpsman, E-2-5, Easy Med (Navy), Hill 812, Wounded, Reserves
Brummer, H. Ross 955 FAB, Service & HQ Battery (Army), Korea Fall 1950-Jan/Feb 1952
Burkett, Jack C. George Co., Weapons Co., 1st Regiment (USMC) Korea 9/15/50-5/1/51, Chosin, Hill 902
Buttell, Louis G. USN 1944-46; E-2-7 (USMC) Korea 1/51-9/51
Cacciola, Thomas F. Medic, "A" Battery, 955 FAB (Army), Korea 1951-52 (COMING SOON)
Campbell, Robert B. Forward Observer, Weapons 1-1 (USMC) Korea Feb 1952-53
Carmin, Charlie H&S-3-1, I-3-1 (USMC), Inchon Landing, Chosin, Korea 1950-51
Carpenter, Richard Prov. AA Battery (Army) attached to HQ Co, 7th Inf Div, Iron Ridge, Korea 1953
Caulkins, Robert A-1-11 Korea April-Sept. 1953; 1st Provisional DMZ Police Co. Sept. 53-July 54 (USMC)
Cearlock, Tom Field wireman, 300th Armored Field Artillery & 24th Inf Div, 21st Inf Regt, HQ Co., 2nd Btn. (Army) Korea 1953-54
Chapman, Franklin "Jack" Heavy Weapons Platoon, Dog Co., 31st Inf. Rgt., 7ID - Chosin Reservoir, wounded 7x, POW 1950-53, death marches, Camp Kanggye & Camp 1 (Ch'angsong), Bronze Star
Chase, Donald A. B Co, 19th Inf Regt, 24th Div (Army), I Co, 15 Inf Regt, 3rd Inf Div, wounded 3x
Chikami, Akira "Chic" Drafted July 1945 US Army. Took short discharge a few months later for convenience of the government. Enlisted in Army 1945. Sent to Germany with Signal Corps. Won the Berlin Lightweight Boxing Championship 1946. Discharged 1947. Re-enlisted in the Army in Nov. 1950. Went to Korea January 1951 with 2nd Div., 38th Inf. Reg, George Co. Mortar man (60mm) weapons platoon. May 16, 17, 18, 1951 in May Massacre. Captured August 27, 1951 near Piari. Wounded in the leg. Sent to Camp 12 propaganda center near Pyongyang Aug. 1951-Dec. 1951. Sent to Camp 5 – Dec. 1951-Fall 1952. Then to Camp 4 – Fall 1952-Aug. 1953. Released. Re-enlisted for 3 years and was sent to Japan as assistant manager of the Yurakau Officer’s Open Mess in downtown Tokyo. Re-enlisted again – became an advisor to the Reserve Infantry Unit at the Presidio, SF, CA. Then to 1st Cavalry Div, DMZ, Korea – 1963 in mobile communications. Asked to be transferred out of DMZ to 3110th Signal in Seoul for 3 years. Discharged circa 1966. Enlisted in Air Force. Strategic Air Command. Became missile maintenance superintendent. Retired late 1960s or early 1970s.
Christian, C.V. (Chris) Able Co., 35th Inf Regt, 25th Inf. Div., Korea July 1950-March 1951; USAF 19 years
Christiansen, Jim Radio Co., 304th Signal Operations Battalion Forward (Army) Korea 8/1950-5/1951
Clark, Boyce E-2-7 (USMC) Pohang Guerilla Hunt, Ops Killer/Ripper, wounded 2x, lost arm
Clark, Jimmie L. Battalion Operations Chief, 937th FAB (Army) Korea 1953
Clune, Bill C & A Batteries & Air Section, 955th FAB (Army) Korea 11/50-3/51
Collins, John P. 508 RCT 6/51-1/52 & truck driver & supply clerk (Army), 513th Transportation Co., 70th Truck Bat. Korea 5/1952-12/1953
Cox, Robert H&S Co, 1st Marine Regiment, Radio Operator, Korea 6/51-6/52 (USMC) (later AF)
Crivello, Joseph Jr. Communications, 1-11 (USMC) Pusan, Inchon, Seoul, Chosin
Crum, Bill R. Communications, 7th Division (Army) Arrived in Korea Feb 1953, Bronze Star
Cundiff, John H. W-2-5 (USMC), Korea 1/27/51-10/15/51, Punchbowl, Evacuated
Curtis, George W. USS Andromeda, LSTs 1090 & 772, USS Washburn  (USN)
Cuthrell, Jack L. 25th Division, 35th RCT (Army), Pusan Perimeter, Battle Mountain, Korea 1950-51
Czyscon, Frank P. F-2-1 (USMC) Inchon, Seoul, Chosin, Korea 1950-51
Dallas, John Wm. "Bill" P&A Platoon, 9th Inf, 2nd Inf Div (Army) Arrived in Korea May 1951
Dammon, Emmett "Pete" 512th Ordnance Co. (H.A.M.), Korea Sept. 1950-April 1952 (Army)
Dawson, George WWII, N. Africa, Okinawa, and Korea aboard USS Yancey (USN)
DeBlasi, Anthony J. Radio Teletype Platoon, Radio Co., 304th Signal Battalion, 22nd Signal Group (Army), Korea 1953-54
DeDeaux, Edwin A. "B" Company, 1st Amtrac Battalion, Korea 9/15/50-11/51, Inchon, Masan (USMC)
DeLapp, Charles Jr. 6147th Tactical Control Group, K-47, Korea 1952-53 (USAF)
DeLong, James C. Machine gun squad leader, Korea 1950-53, 7th Division, Inchon, Chosin, Captured at Hill 1221, POW Camp 10, 1, & 4 until release (Army)
Diaz, Wilfred "Will" Brigade, C-1-11, radio operator - forward observer team, Pusan perimeter, wounded September 27, 1950 in Seoul.  Returned to Korea after Chosin. (USMC)
Dickey, Perry J. Fireteam leader, squad leader, company/intelligence scout, Dog Seven (USMC), Korea 12/50-11/51, Guerilla Hunt, Operation Killer, Massacre Valley, No Name Ridge, Mousetrap, WIA-Hill 749
Dibble, Birney (Navy) V-12 program 1943; Reserves; arrived Korea 1/2/1952 as Battalion Surgeon for 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines; staff doctor, Easy Med; Battle of Bunker Hill  August 1952 as seen from Easy Med
Dixon, Gene Brigade & 1-5 (USMC) Pusan Perimeter, Inchon, Chosin, Spring Offensive
Duncan, Joshua M. BARman, Brigade, D-2-5 (USMC), Korea 7/2/50-12/15/50; Pusan Perimeter, Chosin, evacuated for wounds & frostbite; enlisted USAF; enlisted US Army; 3 tours in Vietnam
Durham, Clyde G. 28th Bomb Squadron, B-29 named the Island Queen (USAF) Korea 1952-53
Eaton, LeRoy HQ Pltn, Co A, 1st Btn, 5th Regt, 1st Cavalry (Army) Korea 7/50-7/51 Pusan Perimeter
Eberlin, Charles J. I-3-1 (USMC) Korea 1951-52, Heartbreak Ridge
Ecker, Richard E. Counterfire officer, Korea 1952-53. Bearcat Counterfire attached to 57th FAB, 31st Inf. Rgt., 7ID - How one unheralded platoon of GIs helped shorten the Korean War.
Edwards, Archie Gunner, 105mm Howitzer, 2nd Division (Army) Arrived in Korea 8/50;  POW
Edwards, Orace BARman, G-3-1 (USMC) Korea 15 Sept. 1950-30 Nov. 1950; Inchon, Seoul, Chosin; frostbite; wounded
Elder, Richard B. 27th RCT (Wolfhounds), 25th Division (Army) Korea January-November 1952
Elkins, James W. Ammo Carrier, A-1-5 (USMC) Korea 1950-1951
Ellis, Howard Korean War Veteran of the United States Army
Emerson, Charles Lewis 2nd Engineer Combat Battalion, 2 ID (Army), Korea July 1950-July 1951; Pusan Perimeter; WIA; pneumonia
Erickson, Dale Assault Platoon, Recon Unit, Weapons 2/7 (USMC), Pohang, Operation Killer, Chinese Spring Offensive, Yanggu River Valley, Punch Bowl, Korea 1950-51
Evans, David R. Machinegun Section, G-3-1 (USMC) Korea 1952, Yoke, Bunker Hill, wounded
Everist, Carroll 1st Cav. Div., 5th, 7th, 8th Cav., and 3d Bn, 5th Cav. Regt, 1st Cav Div. (Army); Task Force Crombez, POW, wounded, evacuated - Korea 1950-52
Extrom, Robert Lee Radio Operator, Howe Company, (USMC), Korea 1950-51; Inchon, liberation of Seoul, Chosin, spring guerilla hunt
Fisher, William James Corpsman HM3 C-1-5 Marines (USN & USMC Reserves) Brigade, Inchon, Chosin, Wounded
Feucht, Lewis WWII - Okinawa and HQ Co., 1st Marine Regt., (USMC), Korea Sept. 1950-Dec. 1950
Ford, Jim Gibson Lt. Colonel (USAF); significant WWII aeronautical history, 95th Bomb Group, 13th Combat Wing, 45th Bomb Squadron; England, India, China, Mariannas; Korea 1950-52, Aerial Amplifier, Gooney Birds (The Voice)  Mr. Ford's family has blocked their father's memoir from being published on the KWE.
Fly, Ralph David Corpsman 1-5 Marines & Battalion Aid (USN) Korea 11/52-11/53
Frankville, Fred Dog Company, 7th Marines; Korea 12/6/50-12/3/51; rifleman with Dog Company; S2 attached to Easy & Dog Companies; 4.2 mortars; Silver Star recipient
Frazier, Raymond L. "Doc" HQ Company, 3rd Btn., 38th Inf. Rgt., 2ID - Hoengsong Roadblock, POW in Mining Camp, Changsong, Reactionary Camp, & the Lost Camp - also Vietnam War veteran
Freeman, William D. Prisoner of War, Bean Camp & Camp 1.  Captured during the Hoengsong Massacre.  Veteran of Co. A, 38th Inf. Rgt., 2nd ID (Army)
Gale, Alfred Division Artillery HQ, 555 (Army) Korea 1946-47 & 1951-52
Galey, Carl Operations Dept., USS Essex CV9 & USS Yorktown CVA10 (Navy)
Gann, Helen Obertance US Navy Nurses Corps, 1950-55; surgical nurse on the USS Haven 1952-53
Gates, John W. Corpsman, Island of Cho-do, North Korea (USN)
Gatliff, George Assistant gunner and gun driver in Battery A, 937th Field Artillery Battalion (Army)
Genrich, Jon Charles H-3-7, Korea 8/1/51-8/8/52; Bloody Ridge, Able Hill, The Rock outpost (USMC)
Giaquinto, Albert E. Radioman, 2nd Infantry, 38th Regt., HQ & HQ Co., Korea 8/50-8/51 (Army)
Gillmore, Earl 6132nd Aircraft Control & Warning Squadron (USAF) attached to 502nd TOG
Goldsmith, Smith Ely 2nd Inf Div (Army) Finance Section & later 4th Finance Disbursing Section I Corps (Army), DMZ
Goode, Lemuel C. USN 1944, USMCR 1950-51, Korea 9/50-4/51, Weapons-1-7, Inchon, Chosin (USMC)
Goss, Capt. M. W. S-3 176th AFAB (Army) Korea
Gracco, Tony G. H-3-5 (USMC) Korea 5/1952-6/1953.  Machine-gunner during the outpost wars
Greenhut, William A Company, 2nd Battalion, 23rd Infantry Regiment, 2ID (Army), DMZ, Korea 5/1967-6/1968
Grimshaw, Conrad National Guard, 213th Armored Field Artillery Battalion (Army) 6 mo in Korea 1951
Hahn, Lynn Company Headquarters, 148th Graves Registration  (Army) Korea 1952-53
Hall, Homer 148th Quartermaster Graves Registration (Army) Korea
Hanson, Robert L. HQ Battery, 625th FAB, 40th Infantry Division (Army) Korea January '52-May '52
Harmon, Jesse G. 84th Engineer Construction Battalion, Co. C (Army), Korea 1953-54; Libby Bridge, POW compound at Panmunjom
Harper, Herb Historian, 98th Bomb Group (AF), Yokota, Japan, August 1950-August 1952
Harper, Robert J. Communication Platoon,34th Rgt., 24ID (Army) Korea 1950-51, Taejon (COMING SOON)
Haworth, Ronald Truck driver, 3rd Quartermaster, 3ID (Army), Korea 1951-52.
Heckelman, Ted Weapons-1-5, Brigade, Inchon, Seoul, Chosin (USMC) Korea 1950-51
Hertensteiner, R.A. Assistant BARman in Co. A, Scout Observer in H&S Co. (USMC) Korea 9/51-10/52
Holliday, Sam S-2, 1st Btn, 29th Inf. Regt (Army); Commander, Fox Co., 2nd Btn., 35th Regt., 25th Inf. Div., Korea 1950-51
Hoskins, John Commander, 1st Platoon, How Co., 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines, Korea 1951, Hill 161. Also, Advisor & Liaison Officer, KMC.
Hubbard, George 25th Infantry Div., 25th Medical Btn, Ambulance Co., 2nd platoon attached to the 27th Infantry Regiment (Army) Korea 1951-52
Huebner, William 3rd Infantry Division Training, Information and Education Public Information Officer and then U.S. Army correspondent reporting on 3rd Infantry Division's operations during the Korean War
Huffaker, Jake 304th Signal Battalion Operations (Army) Korea 12/52-2/54
Jackson, Willis World War II & Korea veteran; Korea April 1951-May 1951; Platoon Leader, 3rd Platoon, Fox Co., 35th Inf. Rgt., 25th Inf. Div.; recipient, Distinguished Service Cross for action on Hill 329; wounded; evacuated
Janca, Richard A. W-2-7 (USMC), Korea September 1950-September 1951; Chosin Reservoir; WIA Sept 1950; Bronze Star
Janes, Robert C. E-2-5 (USMC), machine gun squad, Korea 1951; chaplain's assistant Korea 1951-52
Jaska, Wesley Frank 1st Provisional Marine Brigade, G-3-5 (USMC); wounded and evacuated 8/24/1950
Jaunal, Jack W. Veteran of 3 wars; Korea - radio operator, 51st & 4th Signal Btns. (Army), Sept. 1950-Dec. 4, 1951; wounded; enlisted USMC 1952; TDY w/Operation Plumbomb (atomic tests); served in Vietnam
Johnson, Corky Merchant marine, SS J.A. Moffat; U.S. Army Air Corps (USA); Marine Corps Reserves (USMCR); Korea, 1950, First Marines; Inchon, Seoul, Chosin; U.S. Army Reserve; U.S. Navy (USN)
Johnson, Dwight Korea May 1951-52; medic, 3rd Engineer Boat & Shore Regiment; later assigned to forward aid station with 17th Regt., 7ID at Triangle Hill; wounded by white phosphorus; assigned to Battalion Aid; duty station in Germany after Korea
Johnson, Wayne DMZ Veteran Remembers Operation Paul Bunyan (Army)
Jones, Col. Robert E. WWII, 502nd Parachute Inf. Rgt; 1st Btn, 32nd Inf. Rgt., 7th ID (Army), Korea; took Don Faith's place at the Chosin Reservoir; Distinguished Service Cross; Pentagon; Vietnam
Kane, John C-1-7 (USMC)
Keizer, Milton Lee G-3-1, Hill 902 (USMC) Korea 1951-52.  Wounded.
Kendall, Kenneth HQ & HQ Co., 3rd Div (Army) Korea 10/50-10/51.  Wonsan to Hungnam.  Transf. 703rd Ordn.
Kilfoyle, Thomas 24th Reconnaissance, 24th ID (Army) Korea July 4, 1950-June 1951
Kirk, Robert A Co., 160th Regt. (Army) Korea 10/52-8/53; BARman Heartbreak Ridge, Koji-do riot
Klein, Reinhold USMC 1944-46; recalled as 2nd Lt. 1950.  Korea 1951.  Dog Company 7th Marines.  Platoon leader, 1st Platoon.  Then 60mm mortar section, 81's, and XO of 2nd Battalion's Weapons Company.
KleKotta, Joe Motor Pool Sergeant, Co. B., 245th Heavy Tank Btn., 45th Infantry Division, Korea 1/53-8/53
Kohen, Roland J. "Rolly" Battalion Surgeon attached to 2nd Div., 23rd Regt, 2 Btn Medical Co. Korea 11/50-5/52 (also WWII 1941-46) (USN)
Krivo, Ron M. F-2-5 (LARGE PDF file - slow) (USMC) Korea 17th Draft, BARman, Outpost Yoke, Wounded
Larson, Jack F. D-2-7 (USMC), Korea 1950-51, Chosin, Pohang, wounded, evacuated.  Navy Cross for action at Hongchon on 3/11/51.
Lombard, Charles  Medic (Army),  618 Medical Company and 30th Medical Company, Korea 1953-54
Loraine, Don F-2-7 (USMC) Med Cruise; football team; Korea 6/53-4/54; E. Berlin, Boulder City
Luster, Herbert L. "Lefty" A-1-5 Brigade (USMC), 2nd platoon, 2nd squad, & 1st fire team BAR.  Lost an arm in combat.  Korea 1950.
MacLennan, Murdo Radio Operator, 7th Marine Regiment, ANGLICO (USMC), Korea 9/22/50-9/10/51
Malone, Maj. James F. 2nd Division, Co. C, 2nd Engineer Combat Battalion (USA Ret.), Korea 1950-51; Kunu-ri; Silver Star
Mann, David WWII (Zigzag Pass on Luzon, Mindoro, Mindanao, occupation of Japan), Korea 9/1/51-2/52, HQ Co., Assistant S-3, 15th Infantry Rgt., 3rd Inf. Div. (Army)
Markley, Martin A. Platoon leader, 75mm recoilless rifle platoon, M Co, 3rd Bat., 15th Regt, 3rd Div (Army) Seriously wounded during siege of Outpost Harry June 1953.
Martin, Leonard 1st Tank Btn., Tank Commander, F22.  Flame Tank Platoon.  Korea Nov. '50-Nov. '51 (USMC)
Martin, Paul G. Recon Company (USMC), Korea 9/50-11/1951; Han River crossing, Chosin Reservoir, Hwachon Reservoir
Mason, Maurice D. Company clerk, truck driver, guard, jack hammer operator (Army), 532nd Engr. Boat and Shore Rgt, 378th Const. Engr Detach., 96th QM HQ Detach., 375th Port Guard Detach. (all at Inchon), and 8th Army HQ Command Seoul.  Korea 1951-52
Matheney, Richard G-3-1, 11th Regt., D Bat. (USMC), Korea 1950-51, Inchon, Chosin, guerilla hunt, Operations Killer/Ripper.  Wounded 5x.
Mathews, Russell 68th AAA Gun Battalion & 76th AAA Self-Propelled Gun Battalion, Korea 1951-53 (Army)
McGill, Frank 45th Infantry Div., 179th Inf. Regt. (Army) Korea June 1952-December 1952
McMaster, George H. Machine gun platoon, Dog Co., 7th Regiment (USMC) Korea 9/21/50-12/10/50 Liberation of Seoul, wounded 2x at Chosin
Merritt, Samuel H. Machine gun platoon, H Co, 2nd Btn., 223rd Rgt., 40th Div. (Army) Korea 1/22/52-5/3/52
Miles, Jack R. Fireteam leader, 3rd platoon, George Company, 3rd Battalion, 1st Marines, Korea 3/52 to 2/53; Bunker Hill and other outposts
Mol, William D. F-80 fighter pilot in Korea 1951.  Also served as forward Air Controller with 65th Inf., 3ID.  Silver Star recipient.  Korea/Vietnam War veteran.  Retired as Colonel.
Morneweck, Art 40th Div., 185th Inf., Co. E, 1st Platoon, 1st Squad (Army) Korea 1945-46
Mossman, Dallas Sr. B Co., 38th Inf Regt, 2nd ID, Ex-Prisoner of War (Army)
Neely, James 987th AFAB (Army) The Story of Bull Run
Nichols, Thurman HQ, 3rd Infantry Division Reconnaissance Co. (Army) Korea 1950-51.  Wounded.  Also involved in quelling the Koje-do riot.
Nightingale, Keith M. A Vietnam veteran's tribute to Korean War veteran, Olin "Bud/Short Round" Hardy, Love Co., 3rd Btn, 21 Inf. Rgt., 24ID
Njus, Michael Machine gun platoon, D Co., 1st Btn., 8th Regt., 1st Cav. (Army) Korea 9/16/50-8/28/51
Nussmeyer, Carl 17th Inf. Rgt., 7th Div. (Army) Medic in rifle co., litter jeep driver at Btn Aid Station, Bronze Star w/V Pork Chop, Koje-do
Oleson, Glenn F. DMZ veteran, 2nd Infantry Div., 3rd Bn., 23rd Inf., "C" Company (Army), Korea 9/67-9/68 (MEMOIR SUSPENDED AT OLESON'S REQUEST)
Olson, Derold "Mick" F-2-7, Korea 1952, wounded July 1952 (USMC)
Olson, Richard A. Brigade, Chosin, wounded twice, Korea 8/50-5/51 (USMC)
Osborn, Norman R. GySgt (USMC) Retired, China Marine 1947; Korea 12/52-4/54, Division HQ & 11th Regt. HQ
Oschwald, Donald Sr. 304th Signal Operations Battalion (Army) Korea Nov. 1951-Jan. 1953
Othrow, James 21 months (USAF) at Kadena AFB on Okinawa, ground crew for the B-29 The Lemon Drop Kid, 1951 to 1953, 28th Bomb Squadron 
Parchen, Jack G-3-1 (USMC) Korea 1952, Operation Clam-up, Commander, machine gun platoon, Hill 190-190.5, Bronco, Yoke.  Served in Vietnam War also.
Park, Robert 24th Division, 155mm Howitzer Battery, Explosives (Army) Korea 1951
Patterson, John "Pat" SCR 300 radio operator and rifleman, Co. L., 35th Inf. Regt., 25th Inf. Div. (Army), Korea Sept. 1950-Sept. 1951
Patton, Dale A. C Co., 3d Battalion, 23rd Inf Reg, 2nd Infantry Division, DMZ, Ambush on Mortar Hill, Summer of 1968; served a 2nd tour in Korea at a missile site and was in Vietnam (Army)
Pelley, Richard A. USMC 1952-54; Korea 6/53-9/54; wounded on OP Esther on July 24, 1953.  Returned to Korea after recovery until September 1954
Pezzella, P. Michael USMCR 1947-52; Korea 11/04/50-12/09/50; 2nd replacement draft, HQ Platoon, Item Company, 3rd Battalion, 1st Marine Regiment; Chosin; wounded.  (USMC)
Piercefield, Fremont "Monty" 1BN, 32nd Inf. Rgt., 7th Infantry Division; Inchon Landing, Chosin Reservoir, Battlefield Commission
Placko, Edward C. USMC, Korea 3/52-10/52; H-3-7; Hill 229 & other outposts; wounded & evacuated
Powell, Rudy D. Sr. 18th Fighter Bomber Group (USAF) Korea 1952-53
Powers, Bill 503, 504, & 511 ABN Infantry (Army) Korean War era - did not serve in Korea
Prest, Clifford Love Company, 32nd Infantry Regiment, 7th Infantry Division, serving in Korea as a BAR man in 1951-52
Putnam, James H. 2nd Btn, 7th Marines (USMC) machinegun section attach. to Dog Co., Korea 1952-53
Raven, Royce Memoirs and PHOTO ALBUMS of Royce Raven (Army) 865 AAA AW BN SP Korea 1952-53
Rendina, Pete 1st Fire Team, 3rd squad, 1st platoon, C-1-7 (USMC) Korean 1952-53
Roberts, Joseph N. 1st Plt., "C" Co., 17th Inf. Rgt., 7th Inf. Div., (Army) Korea 1952-53; Heartbreak, Pork Chop, Erie & Arsenal Outpost, Jane Russell
Robinson, Bobby J. 1st Marine Air Wing, Kimpo K-14, 1951 (USMC)
Rodriguez, Jesus Sr. 29th RCT, Pusan Perimeter, Silver Star recipient
Ross, John Carl 45th Infantry Division (Army) Co. D, medical aidman, Korea 1952-1953
Rosser, Ronald E. Forward observer, 2nd Inf. Div., Korea 1951-52 (Army) Medal of Honor recipient
Rowell, Doyle Platoon corpsman, G-1-7, Korea 1951-52, wounded & evacuated from Punchbowl 1952 (USN)
Sarno, Chris "You'll Be Soorree" Able Co, 1st Tank Battalion, Korea 1951-52, 2nd Tour in Korea 1954 (USMC)
Scarlett, James W. 60mm Mortars, B Co., 2nd Platoon, 9th Inf. Regt, 1st Bat., 2nd Inf Div. Korea 2/53-8-54 (Army)
Schroeder, Glenn B. Corpsman, C Co., 1st Eng. Bat., 1st Marine Division, Korea 9/50-10/51 (Navy)
Scott, Allen Medic, 629th Medical Clearing Co., Korean 1950-51 (Army)
Scott, Charles 1st Platoon, C Co., 35th Inf. Rgt., 25ID (Army), "An Account of a West Virginia Boy in the Korean War", 8/6/1950-8/10/1951
Secor, Harold Surgeon, 8055 MASH, Korea 1951-52 (Army)
Selley, Harold Medical Company collecting station, 7th Cav Regt. Korea 1950-51 Pusan, Osan, Sinchang (Army)
Selmyhr, Spike G-3-1 (USMC) Korea May 1951-March 1952, Hill 1052, Hill 1161, Wounded Sept. '51
Servais, Dean 1st Tank Battalion, Dog Company, Pusan, Inchon, Chosin, Korea 1950-51 (USMC)
Sigler, Neil 1st platoon, 1st Engineer Battalion, construction, clearing mines, later cook shack, Korea 1951-52 (USMC)
Silver, Dr. Morton I. US Army WWII; US Navy 1948; Regimental Dentist for 5th Regiment, USMC, at the Chosin Reservoir
Slaney, Maurice R. "Bob" Service Co., 34th Inf Regt., 24th Inf Div., (Army) Korea 7/2/50-7/20/50, wounded at Taejon
Smith, Arthur Machine gunner, Able Co., 224th Inf. Regt, 40th ID, Korea 1952-53 (Army)
Smith, Billy R. 728th Military Police Battalion, Korea 9/52-10/53 (Army)
Smith, Dana Engineering officer & then Executive Officer, LST 1084 1952-54 (USN)
Smitha, Frank Voice radio/telegraph, 1st Div, 1st Regt., 1st & 2nd Btn., E& F Co. (USMC) Korea 7/52-6/53
Sowders, Joe S-3 Operations Draftsman (Army), Korea 7/53-12/54
Spadafora, Alfred J. Medic, Service Battery, 955 FAB (Army), Korea 1/51-52, frostbite victim
Sports, William D. Howe Co., 3rd Btn., 7th Regt. (USMC), Inchon, Chosin, wounded
Stack, Austin "Ozzie" B-1-5 (USMC), Korea 1951, machine guns.  Hwachon, Hill 313.  Wounded 6/1/51.  (COMING SOON)
Stamper, Wayne C Battery, 955 FAB, Korea 1/51-7/51 (Army)
Stanley, E.L. "Ike" H-3-7 Korea (USMC) 1951; wounded
Stedman, William B. 936 FAB (Army) Korea 12/51-2/53, Hill 355 and various outposts.  Wounded in action.
Stotts, Glenn E. 1st Cavalry Division, 99th FAB, Korea 7/50-8/53 (POW for 33 months) (Army)
Styles, Albert C. 1/11 (USMC) Korea 1950-51, Brigade, Inchon, Chosin
Swango, Lynn Clerk, Service Company, 45th Inf. Division, Korea 1953-54 (Army)
Sydnam, Harold "Syd" B-1-5, 2nd Platoon, 2nd Squad, Fire team & Squad Leader (USMC), Korea 1951
Tolar, Bill A Battery, 1st Battalion, 11th Marines, 1st Provisional Marine Brigade. When he died on March 31, 2009, he left a legacy to his family and the general public in the form of a short memoir that he wrote about events that occurred on August 10, 1950 while he was serving in a forward observer team.
Tesheneck, Marian One of the original 121st Evacuation Hospital nurses; landed in 11th wave after Marines in Inchon; cared for Chosin survivors; Korean War duty for two years
Ueland, Kermit Army Air Corps, 2nd Communication Squadron, Kimpo Air Base; Pre-war Korea, 9/1946-8/1947
Veal, Samuel BARman, Love Company, 3rd Regiment, 2nd Infantry Division, Army, Korea January 1952 to December 1952
Venlos, William "Bill" S/Sgt in Able Company's Tank Battalion, Brigade, Chosin (USMC)
Vittitoe, C. Hagan World War II & Korea, 2nd platoon A-1-5 in Korea, Pusan, wounded & evacuated at Inchon (USMC)
Vittitoe, James A. World War II & Korea, Service Squadron at Kimpo, later artillery spotter at Chosin, Marine Air Wing 1950-51 Korea (USMC)
Volpone, James 5th Armored Division Army Band 2/48-2/50.  Discharged from Army.  Drafted 11/01/50.  38th Regt., 2nd Inf. Div.  Captured 2/12/51 at Hoengsong Massacre.  POW until repatriated 8/21/53.
Wagner, Richard Weapons Company, 81mm Mortars, 7th Marines, Korea August or September 1951-August or September 1952 (USMC)
Walker, Emory Platoon Leader, 3rd Platoon, 15th Regt., 3rd Inf. Div., Korea 1/53-6/63, survivor Outpost Harry, Wounded (Army)
Walker, Ray L. 3rd platoon, A-1-5, Pusan Perimeter, Inchon, Chosin.  Frostbite.  Korea 8/50-12/50 (USMC)
Webb, George F. Wire Communications (Army), 40th Division, 160th HQ Co.  Korea 10/23/52-10/31/52.  Lost foot in landmine explosion.
Williams, David M. BARman, C Co., 29th Inf. Regt. Korea 1950-51, Pusan Perimeter, Battle of the Notch, Pyongyang.  Frostbite. (Army)
Windsor, Jack W. 1st Armored Amphibian Battalion, B Co 2nd Platoon (USMC), 1951-52
Wong, Herb H&S, 3rd Battalion, 1st Marines, Scout & Observer Korea 1951-52 (USMC)
Wood, Morton "Pete" Jr. 1Lt Infantry Rifle Platoon Leader, Co. C, 5th Regt, 1st Cav. Div. (Army) Korea 9/51-10/51; wounded and evacuated
Wright, Bill G. Company H, Service Company, Company A, 224th Infantry Regiment, 40th Infantry Division (Army) Korea 1951-52
Wright, Sidney Jack Airplane Mechanic, 8178th Transportation Army Aircraft Maintenance Company, Ascom City (Army) Korea 1956-57.  Assisted with the evacuation of casualties in the Globemaster crash, Han River, 2/22/1957.
Ybarra,Tony Corpsman, USS Haven & USS Consolation 1951-53 (USN)

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Veterans' Short Stories (Mini-Memoirs) - Index

Alaimo, Kim A child in Korea during the war "Triggered Memories" (COMING SOON)
Bade, Harold E. Korea 1951-52 (Army)
Begay, Marco Yazzie Korea August 24, 1950-October 4, 1951; C Company, 23rd Infantry Regiment, 2nd Infantry Division; wounded; Silver Star
Blackburn, Don Able Co., 17th Inf. Rgt., 7th Div., Korea 1952-53 "Chinese Sniffing Dog" (COMING SOON)
Bretz, Paul Air Corps (Army), 1947-50
Brown, Paul E. Stateside (Air Force), Tendell AFB
Carlock, Terry Survivor, sinking of USS Magpie (USN) 1948-52
Chambers, S. Dave "Star of the Sea Orphanage", Chaplain (USN) attached to 2-1 Marines
Chmura, Joanne Daughter of Cpl. George L. Swearingen, KIA 2/22/51 Korea "Thinking of You, Dad"
Connor, Joseph H. Hospital Corpsman/Silver Star Recipient, Korea 1953 (USN)
Cooper, Richard "Suffer the Little Children" 5th Air Force (AF) Wounded & returned to action
Denton, Zachary DMZ Veteran (Army), 2008
Dey, Vic 1st Ptn, A Co., 3rd Btn. (Australian), Korea 1952 "An Australian in Korea"
Dillon, Bill 3rd Inf. Div., Mike Co., 15th Regt. & 1st Cav Div., 5th Rgt., (Army) Korea 1952-53
Downs, Jesse D. Engineer, 171st Evacuation Hospital, Korea 1951-1952
Faris, Robert W. Small Arms Repairman, "B" Co., 707th Ordnance Btn, 7th Inf Div. (Army), Korea 1953
Gire, Edwin Jesse 5017th Military Police (Army) Company Clerk, Stateside, Football team
Graham, John Infantryman, Co. C, 17th Infantry, 7th Inf Div (Army); wounded in Korea February 1951.  Evacuated.
Griffin, Benjamin USMC, 1st Marine Air Wing, Marine Air Group 12, VFM 121 Fighter Bomber Squadron, Korean 1952
Harned, Jack USAF, 6160th Communication Squadron, Korea 1951, K-16
Henjum-Howard, Jerry C-1-7, wounded & evacuated from Korea in 1951 - A Son & Buddy's Tribute (USMC)
Imparato, Frank KMAG (Army) Korea 1951-52
Jaffe, Richard E. Artillery Forward Observer, Battery B, 57th FAB, in support of 31st Inf. Regt., 7th Inf. Div., Pork Chop Hill, Korea 1953. Evacuated from Korea due to hemorrhagic fever.
Jaros, Floyd Corpsman, F-2-7, & Easy Med (USN) Korea 1951-52
Jaska, Wesley Frank 1st Provisional Marine Brigade (USMC), Pusan Perimeter, G-3-5, wounded 8/24/50 and evacuated (COMING SOON)
Johnson, Allen USS Randall (USN) Involved in boiler room explosion clean-up.  Now has Mesothelioma.
Larsen, Erik Task Force Zebra & Korean Revisit (Army)
Lee, Hee Sung Freedom is not Free (Korean Army)
Maloy, LTC Ted L. Sergeant, 45ID of Oklahoma National Guard (Army), Korea March 1951, 81mm forward observer
Martinez, Guadalupe Liaison Officer, Colombian Infantry Headquarters (Army), Battle for Triangle Hill, October 1952
Mason, Paul The Atomic Test (Army)
McGuffey, Leonard 14th Tank Co., 25th Div. (Army) Gunner on Tank 34, Tank Commander
Millholland, Arthur "Mac" Stars and Stripes Correspondent with the 7th Infantry Division, Korea 1951
Oppen, Gilbert "Jerry" Battery A, 24th AAA Battalion (Army) Korea 1952 "Why We Went to War in Korea"
Pizzi, Herm H-3-7 (USMC) Korea 2/52-3/53, wounded 3 times, Carson, Reno, Bunker Hill, Detroit, Frisco, Hook
Proffitt, Ralph L. "Red" HQ, 39th Engineer Construction Group (Army) Germany
712th TROB Compilation of memoirs written by members of the 712th Transportation Railway Operating Battalion during World War II and the Korean War (Army)
Reinhart, Harold Forward Observer, Co. H, 35th Rgt., 25th Div., (Army), heavy weapons; Korea 1951-52
Sinclair, Fred Jr. Survey Sergeant, US Army Reserve, Counter-Mortar Radar Unit, 10 FAB 3rd Division October 1951-May 1952
Smith, Arthur Machine gunner, Able Co., 224th Inf. Regt, 40th ID, Korea 1952-53 (Army)
Spencer, John Robert C Company, 2nd Inf Div, Korea 1952-53 (Army)
Spring, Norman 31 Inf. Regt, 7th Inf Div., Iron Triangle, Korea 1/53-83/53 (Army)
Stemple, James Commander, 3rd rifle platoon, A-1-7, Chosin Reservoir (USMC)
Szymciak, Edward M. Tootsie Roll Goes to Korea (USMC)
Tate, Robert G-3, 7th Infantry Division, Chosin, Korea 1950-51 (Army)
Wareing, R. Bruce Commonwealth Division, Armoured Regt. LDSH, Korea 1952  "Memories of Korea"
Warner, Volney 2nd Lt., "L" Company, 21st Infantry Regiment, 24th Infantry Division (Army), Korea August 1950-1951
Yancey, John 7th Marines, Chosin Reservoir, 2 Navy Crosses (1 at Guadalcanal, 1 at Chosin)  (USMC)

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