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About Us

The Korean War Educator is based in the home of Mrs. Dale H. (Lynnita) Brown of Tuscola, Illinois without charge or tax benefit. The site is a joint effort of civilians and veterans who are determined to establish and maintain a medium in which the general public can learn more about the Korean War. The site is a "Made in America" product.  This page of the website provides information about the Korean War Educator Foundation, as well as about the people who make its existence on the World Wide Web possible. Please also see the Privacy and Security claim about this site.

Veterans from all over the United States and the world are invited to help build this not-for-profit website. The Foundation seeks historically accurate information and photographs to make the Korean War Educator one of the world's most valuable resources and finding aids on the Korean War. All material should be submitted to the Foundation via its chief executive officer, Lynnita Brown.

Please call or send correspondence to:

Korean War Educator
c/o Lynnita Jean Brown
111 E. Houghton St.
Tuscola, IL 61953
217-253-4620 (home)
217- 217-722-3285 (Lynnita's store - Hours on Saturday only due to coronavirus scare.
E-mail: lynnita@thekwe.org

When sending e-mail to Lynnita, please be aware that she has a spam filter that might trash your message before she has a chance to see it.  Writing the words "Korean War" in your subject line will help get your message through.  If you don't hear from Lynnita within hours after you sent your message, there is a better than good chance that it was caught up in her spam filter.  Try again or give her a telephone call.

Lynnita Brown, Founder & C.E.O

Lynnita Brown is the founder of the Korean War Educator.  As director of the Douglas County Museum in Tuscola, Illinois, Lynnita became interested in the Korean War as she prepared the museum's 1996 exhibit, "The Korean War: Cold, Bloody and Forgotten."   Since then, she has volunteered thousands of hours on behalf of Korean War veterans.  She has interviewed more than 400 Korean War veterans in full length interviews that have lasted from three to nine hours, so she has a keen understanding of the Korean War.

Lynnita is the CEO and decision-maker for the Korean War Educator.  She is a volunteer who does not get paid for her work on the KWE.  She edits all of the text for the KWE website and does most of the data entry for the multitude of pages found there.  She is the public spokesperson for the Korean War Educator Foundation, and is one of the world's most outspoken advocates for Korean War veterans.  For detailed background information about Lynnita, click here.

Major Site Contributors...

Jim Doppelhammer, Charleston, IL, Current Webmaster

Jim is a technician, troubleshooter and Web Designer at his company "Double-Hammer Computer Services" in Charleston, Illinois.  Jim works on the Korean War Educator in his "spare" time. He works in conjunction with Lynnita Brown to add materials to the site. Additionally, he is converting the text and photographs on the KWE's "old site" to new templates on our "new site."

This involves hundreds of hours of work, with the most recent work on the Korean War Educator being a gift from Jim on behalf of Korean War veterans.

Prior to moving to Illinois, where he and his wife also operate a private mobile home park in Charleston, Jim was the webmaster for the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality in Little Rock.  His computer skills include (but are not limited to) internet Web site design; heavy-duty use/design of Access database queries and reports and Excel spreadsheets; networking; and Windows 95/98/XP Internet Tech Support.  Long involved in electronics, Jim has also worked as a digital circuit design technician, electronic design technician, senior engineering technician; as well as 25+ years in Manufacturing management where he held positions of production manager, shift supervisor, materials manager, and more.

Since taking over the webmaster duties for the Korean War Educator, Jim has logged in hundreds of hours adding "tons" of pictures and updating over 1,000 Web pages of text. He has also improved the navigation menus, corrected broken hyperlinks, speeded up slow pages, rid the site of outdated and duplicate files, and made general improvements that are too numerous to list here. Jim is also teaching basic and advanced webmaster skills to KWE founder Lynnita Brown.

If any of our viewers has comments/suggestions/questions/problems regarding the Web work on the KWE,
please E-mail Jim at: webmaster@koreanwar-educator.org .

Ron Janowski, Former (Second) Webmaster

Working under the auspices of Simplified Computers in Champaign, Illinois, Ron Janowski became the webmaster for the Korean War Educator website on June 1, 2002. Bringing with him a wide range of computer graphics and design skills, Ron replaced the old templates of the Korean War Educator with new ones. He not only improved the appearance of the KWE, he also made it far more navigable. Under his direction, about half of the old Korean War Educator website was upgraded with the new look that our visitors see today.

Due to family and other commitments, Ron left the KWE in March of 2004.  We were saddened to see him leave us, but happy that we had the privilege to have him as the KWE webmaster long enough to initiate the changes and improvements that have made the KWE so professional in appearance today. The Korean War Educator Foundation will always appreciate the fact that Ron (son of a Korean War veteran) became so committed to the KWE that he donated many hours of his own personal time to ensure the website's success. Ron was a charter member of the Korean War Educator.

Randy Foster, Former Site Host

Tuscola-il.com originally hosted the Korean War Educator website at no cost to the Foundation. The provider's owner, veteran Randy Foster of Oakland, IL, served in the US Army Security Agency from 1970 - 1973, as a Morse intercept operator.

Randy was raised in Illinois and graduated from Newman High School in 1968. He is also a graduate of Parkland College, and attended Quincy College in the early 80's. For 19 years, Randy worked for United Parcel Service as a supervisor in ground operations, air operations, and industrial engineering.   His interest in computing led him to the Internet business in 1998, and he now offers Internet services throughout East Central Illinois.

Randy is a past commander and active member of the American Legion Post 201, in Newman, IL. He is also a member of the Citizens Flag Alliance and a member of the 1st Christian Church of Newman. His e-mail address is rwf1950@arcola-il.com and his phone number is 217-346-2903 or 217-253-9848.

Julian Blagg, Former Webmaster

Thank you, Julian.

The Korean War Educator Foundation, as well as Korean War veterans in general, owe Julian "Buck" Blagg a great debt of appreciation for the hundreds of hours that he spent to make the materials on the Korean War Educator accessible to the general public. By offering his computer skills to help Korean War veterans tell the story about "their war", Julian also helped thousands of site visitors learn about one of our nation’s bloodiest and forgotten wars.

Julian "Buck" Blagg of Tuscola, Illinois, was the original webmaster for the Korean War Educator from June of 2001 to April of 2002, offering his computer expertise to get the not-for-profit Foundation’s website up and running on the World Wide Web. Born and raised in Coles County, Illinois, he joined the Illinois National Guard in 1954. He then joined the United States Marine Corps and remained on duty for six years. During his military career, he received three honorable discharges (one for the Guard and two for the Marine Corps). He served with the First Marine Division as a disbursing clerk until 1961.

After returning to civilian life, he was in the construction business until 1969. During the 1960s, he acquired an interest in radio. For several years he operated a Radio Shack franchise with his wife, Letha Pfeffer Davis. He received his ham radio license in 1997, and held the call letters KB9QWI. Prior to his retirement from computer work, he did the layouts for not only the Korean War Educator, but also the Douglas County Museum.  He also did computer work for other customers.  It is with great sorrow that we inform you that Julian Blagg died of lung cancer in 2003.

Robert Stallsworth, Site Contributor

Robert Stallsworth of Tuscola stally@net66.com scanned many of the photographs that can be seen on our "Photo Journey through the Korean War" page. A veteran of World War II from 1944 to 1946, Bob served in the Navy Air Force. He was a radio operator on a torpedo bomber over Japanese waters in the South Pacific.

The names of other photo contributors are posted along with the pictures that they submitted whenever possible

Privacy and Security

1) The Korean War Educator website is provided as a public service by the Korean War Educator Foundation, an Illinois-based not-for-profit organization.

2) Introductory text for the site's pages is generally the original work of Lynnita Brown, chief executive officer of the Korean War Educator Foundation. All introductory text is owned solely by the Korean War Educator Foundation.

3) A portion of the information collected for this website is considered public information and may be distributed or copied for educational purposes. However, large portions of this site are also original works of Lynnita Brown--an agent of the Korean War Educator Foundation--and numerous Korean War veterans and contributors. Please contact the Korean War Educator Foundation to clarify original works that may not be reproduced without permission.

4) Unauthorized attempts to upload information or change information on this website is strictly prohibited.

5) For site security purposes and to ensure that this site remains available to all users, the Korean War Educator is monitored daily for unauthorized attempts to upload or change information, or otherwise cause damage.

6) If you have questions or comments about the information presented here, please forward them to the Korean War Educator: lynnita@koreanwar-educator.org.

This web site - "Made-in-America"

It includes information about the Korean War from the perspective of U.S. veterans who were involved in the war effort, as well as American families who lost loved ones in Korea. For the communist viewpoint of the war, our viewers will have to look elsewhere on the World Wide Web. (Some links under "Best on the Net" might provide addresses of websites with a North Korean/communist slant.) Associates of The Korean War Educator website do not support the communist philosophy. The contributions of other participating allied nations in the effort to keep South Korea free will gladly and expeditiously be added to this website as veterans of foreign countries provide the needed text and information.

Correcting Website Errors

The Korean War Educator Foundation strives for factual accuracy on its website. If any of our readers discover an inadvertent error or omission, and can substantiate either with documented materials, please send the documentation to: Lynnita Brown, 111 E. Houghton St., Tuscola, IL 61953. Telephone calls are welcome if the matter needs to be discussed prior to the sending of documentation. Lynnita Brown can be reached by telephone at 217-253-4620 (evenings) or 217-722-3285 (Saturday 10-3).


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