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Dayton - Riverbend Park

Ohio Korean War Veterans Memorial and All Veterans Walkway

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Submitted by James Snyder, Kittering, Ohio, via brochure

The Korean Veterans Memorial is located in Riverbend Park, on the north bank of the Great Miami River in Dayton, just east of the Riverside Drive bridge. Five lighted flagpoles fly the flags of the United States of America, the Republic of Korea, the United Nations, the State of Ohio and the Prisoners of War/Missing in Action. A thirteen-foot-tall granite statue represents all of the armed forces of the United States. The memorial also honors the significant contributions of women in the armed forces during the Korean War, and describes the ten major campaigns of the war. In front of the statue are granite memorials with the names of those men from Ohio who lost their lives during the Korean War.

A well-lighted 475-foot All Veterans walkway leads to the main memorial. On the right side of the walkway are the names of the 8,182 missing in action. These names are etched in granite and are listed by state. It is believed that this is the only memorial in the continental United States with a complete listing of these heroes. The left side of the walkway displays individual bricks purchased by persons or organizations to honor those who served from the Civil War through Desert Storm.

Building a Memorial...

On December 21, 1988, a group of five Korean veterans gathered to begin planning a memorial to the servicemen and women involved in the "forgotten war." In 1990, the City of Dayton provided land and a $10,000 grant which was matched by Montgomery County, to help get the memorial started. The Ohio House and Senate approved House Bill 7 designating Dayton as the site for the Ohio Korean War Veterans Memorial and All Veterans Walkway. With land, start-up capital and a state resolution in hand, the veterans group now began soliciting funds from private foundations, veterans organizations, corporations and individuals. Volunteer labor from the Dayton Building and Construction Trades Council and donated materials allowed construction to begin. The completion of the memorial is a tribute to total community support; cooperation and contributions of the labor unions; veterans and veterans' organizations; city, county and state politicians; corporations; foundations; and private citizens who joined together to make this permanent tribute a reality. On September 9, 1995, the Ohio Korean War Veterans Memorial and All Veterans Walkway was dedicated to honor those forgotten for so long, and those who gave so much.

Mahoning Valley

KWVA Chapter #137, Mahoning Valley, Ohio, has dedicated a new memorial to Korean War veterans. According to Leo Taillon, one of the members of this proud and active chapter of the Korean War Veterans Association, "It's a beautiful tribute to those who have given their lives and to those from the counties of Mahoning, Trumbull and Columbania." The memorial cost about $100,000.00 and the brass soldier about $50,000.00.

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This memorial is located in Reading Ohio, just north of Cincinnati and was dedicated on October 17th, 2004 by the Greater Cincinnati Chapter 121.


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