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  • National Association of Fleet Tug Sailors
    The NAFTS site is dedicated to sailors and crewmen on tugs, towing, tugging, and salvage and diving ships. The site contains sea stories, ships links, and many ships pictures. There is also a list of tug and salvage ships links. Korean War vessels are listed here.
  • National Security Agency’s Korean War Commemoration
    On this website you will learn about the National Security Agency’s involvement in the Korean War, including: SIGINT background and SIGINT and the Pusan Perimeter. See also redacted documents: a general essay on the Korean War by Dr. Thomas R. Johnson and the cryptologic background to the Chinese intervention in the war. Also on this site viewers can read about Pfc Jay Robert Stoner, a member of the 304th Communications Reconnaissance Battalion, who was KIA at Kumsong, Korea, 16 days prior to the truce signing.
  • Naval Historical Center
    See the excellent "Wars & Conflicts of the U.S. Navy" on this web site for information about the Navy during the Korean War. The section "US Navy Ships Sunk and Damaged in Action during the Korean Conflict" lists the ships, what happened to them, how many were killed and wounded, and the date of the incident.
  • Naval Institute (US) – Free Korean War Materials
    A great site to download a free Korean War 50th anniversary screen saver, free Interactive Korean War Timeline, and free Korean War 50th anniversary desktop wallpaper.
  • Navy Corpsman
    History of USNHC, poetry, buddy search, links, and news about Navy corpsmen.
  • Navy Corpsman
    The U.S. Navy’s Bureau of Medicine & Surgery Korean War Multimedia Project
    A project to capture the experiences of Korean War hospital corpsmen through images and music.
  • Navy Corpsman
    Corpsman Up!
    Hospital Corps Pledge, the Caduceus, Hospital Ships, Geneva Convention & Hospital Corpsman, History of the Hospital Corps, Links to Navy Medicine Sites, etc.
  • Navy Corpsman During Wartime
    Brief history of Navy Corpsman in Korea, photos of HM3 James Edward Smith and HMC John Marquez Jr. (both KIA in Korea), and list of Corpsmen who received the Medal of Honor.
  • Navy – History of US Naval Operations: Korea
    The entire text of a book about naval operations in Korea, written by James A. Field, Jr.
  • Navy Medicine Medal of Honor Recipients
    A list of Navy MOH recipients by name. Clicking on the name will bring up the text of the MOH citation.
  • New York Military Affairs Symposium
    A wealth of military information, including the full text of the Changjin Journal and a Korean War timeline.
  • New Zealand Artillery in the Korean War
    Brief history, photo gallery, New Zealanders KIA in Korea, information about 162 and 163 battery, Hill 159, Hill 355, the Hook, Kapyong, etc.
  • New Zealand’s 16 Field Regiment in Korea
    Composition, commanders and leaders, brief history of the 16th Field Regiment.
  • New Zealander Remembers: "The Foo Recalls Operation Fauna"
    Memoirs of John Salmon, a Forward Observation Officer with B Co., 1 Btn, Royal Australian Regiment in Korea 10-11 December 1952.
  • Newseum: Journalists George Herman & Max Desfor in Korea
    Hear their voices! George Herman was a CBS correspondent in Korea. Read his memoirs, "Killing the Story in Korea," "In Korea, Heroes in the Press Corps", and "Tears in the MASH unit in Korea." Desfor was a Pulitzer-prize winning photographer in Korea.
  • Ninetieth 90th) Bomb Squadron - See 731st Bomb Squadron
  • The 91st Strategic Reconnaissance Wing Association website at http://www.91stsrwa.com features history of the group, links, a photo archives, reunions, and TAPS (which lists the names of 91st Korean War losses).
  • Ninety-second (92FAB)Armored Field Artillery http://www.92ndafa.homestead.com/index.html
    The official website for the 92nd Armored Field Artillery - Korea (Red Devil Battalion).  Includes association officers, photos, past reunions, quartermaster, rosters, 92nd song, citations, memories, war maps, and much, much more.  Jim Settlemire is the webmaster of this 1950-54 website in memory of the 92nd.
  • Ninety-eighth (98) Bomb Wing, Korea, 1951
    A page from the 98th Bomb Group Veterans Association official website. Photos and more.
  • Ninth Regiment – Korea 1950-53
    Photos, Music of the Time, info about the 9 Regiment. 

**Nogun-ri Websites
  • Noonday Able
    Created by a veteran of Able battery of the 176th Armored Field Artillery Battalion, this website is an overview of William A. Stimson’s time in Korea (September 1950-1951). Worth the visit due to photographs and a very heartfelt finale page.

**North Korean-related websites
  • DPRKorea InfoBank
    InfoBank provides current information about North Korea, and has articles about some aspects of Korean history. For instance, the site mentions alleged US germ warfare in Korea, and talks about Nogun-ri.
  • Global Beat
    This section of Global Beat provides a number of articles that are currently making the news in North Korea. Of interest to American veterans will be the articles about US/North Korean relations.
  • North Korea after Kim Il Sung
    A Congressional Research Service Report for Congress. Topics: US interests in Korea, succession and stability, role of Kim Jong Il, military loyalty, economic issues, foreign policy issues, etc.
  • North Korean Artillery Systems
    Artillery systems known to be in the North Korean inventory.


  • Once More into the Fire
    An eleven-part series about the Korean War from the 1998 West Point Alumni magazine. The series is authored by Bill McWilliams, whose contact information appears on the site.
  • Outpost Harry Survivors Association
    Members’ story pages, officers, Outpost Harry Forum, photographs, links, newsletters, and more – all related to the siege of Outpost Harry that took place in 1953. An excellent website about one of the bloodiest battles in Korean War history.

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