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Air Force

Accounts of the Korean War

At the beginning of the Korean War, the Air Force's only tactical control group was the 502nd at Pope AFB, NC. To meet the emergency in the theater, the Fifth Air Force organized the 6132nd Tactical Air Control Squadron (later, Group), which established a full-scale Tactical Air Control Center (TACC) at Taegu, South Korea, on July 23, 1950. 

Air Force Accounts Index:

U.S. Air Force Units in the Korean War

AACS Units

  • 1249th AACS Sqdn
  • 1818th AACS Group
  • 1935th AACS Sqdn
  • 1954th AACS Sqdn
  • 1973rd AACS Sqdn
  • 1993rd AACS Sqdn
  • 1st AACS Sqdn - Mobile

Air Control Units - Tactical

  • 116th Tactical Control Sqdn
  • 502nd Tactical Control Group
  • 605th Tactical Control Sqdn
  • 6132nd Tactical Control Sqdn
  • 6143rd Tactical Control Sqdn
  • 6147th Tactical Control Group
  • 6148th Tactical Control Sqdn
  • 6149th Tactical Control Sqdn
  • 69150th Tactical Control Sqdn
  • 6164th Tactical Control Sqdn

Air Control Units

  • 511th Air Control and Warning Group
  • 527th Air Control and Warning Sqdn
  • 528th Air Control and Warning Sqdn
  • 529th Air Control and Warning Group
  • 606th Air Control and Warning Sqdn
  • 607th Air Control and Warning Sqdn
  • 608th Air Control and Warning Sqdn
  • 848th Air Control and Warning Sqdn

Air Force Advisory Group

  • 6146th Air Force Advisory Group

Air Police

  • 3rd Air Police Sqdn
  • 49th Air Police Sqdn
  • 374th Air Police Sqdn
  • 452nd Air Police Sqdn
  • 1503rd Air Police Sqdn
  • 6149th Air Police Sqdn

Air Rescue Units

  • 3rd Air Rescue Group
  • 3rd Air Rescue Sqdn
  • 39th Air Rescue Sqdn
  • Det. F, 2157th Air Rescue Sqdn (re-designated 36th Air Rescue Sqdn)

Ammunition Units

  • 543rd Ammunition Depot Sqdn
  • 547th Ammunition Supply Sqdn
  • 567th Ammo Supply Sqdn

Bomber Units

  • 2nd Bomb Sqdn
  • 3rd Bomb Group
  • 3rd Bomb Wing
  • 8th Bomb Sqdn
  • 30th Bomb Sqdn
  • 130th Bomb Sqdn
  • 13th Bomb Sqdn
  • 17th Bomb Wing (Group)
  • 19th Bomb Group
  • 19th Bomb Sqdn
  • 22nd Bomb Sqdn
  • 22nd Bomb Wing
  • 28th Bomb Sqdn
  • 33rd Bomb Sqdn
  • 34th Bomb Sqdn
  • 37th Bomb Sqdn
  • 84th Bomb Sqdn
  • 85th Bomb Sqdn
  • 90th Bomb Sqdn
  • 92nd Bomb Wing
  • 93rd Bomb Sqdn
  • 95th Bomb Sqdn
  • 97th Bomb Group
  • 98th Bomb Sqdn
  • 98th Bomb Wing
  • 301st Bomb Wing
  • 307th Bomb Sqdn
  • 307th Bomb Wing
  • 325th Bomb Sqdn
  • 326th Bomb Sqdn
  • 327th Bomb Sqdn
  • 343rd Bomb Sqdn
  • 344th Bomb Sqdn
  • 345th Bomb Sqdn
  • 352nd Bomb Wing
  • 355th Bomb Sqdn
  • 370th Bomb Sqdn
  • 371st Bomb Sqdn
  • 372nd Bomb Sqdn
  • 432nd Bomb Wing
  • 452nd Bomb Sqdn
  • 452nd Bomb Wing
  • 509th Bomb Wing
  • 728th Bomb Sqdn (L)
  • 729th Bomb Sqdn (L)
  • 730th Bomb Sqdn (L)
  • 731st Bomb Sqdn (L)
  • 2728th Bomb Sqdn

Combat Camera Units

  • AAVS (Combat Camera)

Combat Cargo Units

  • 1st Combat Cargo Group

Communications Units

  • 3rd Communications Squadron
  • 2nd Radio Relay Sqdn
  • 5th Communications Group (934th Signal Bn)
  • 7th Communications Group - 5th Air Force
  • 18th Communications Sqdn
  • 67th Communications Sqdn (K-14)
  • 452nd Communications Sqdn

Ferry Units

  • 1737th Ferry Sqdn

Fighter Units

  • 187th Fighter Sqdn
  • 532nd Fighter Sqdn

Fighter Units, All Weather

  • 4th All Weather Fighter Sqdn
  • 68th All Weather Fighter Sqdn
  • 339th All Weather Fighter Sqdn

Fighter Bomber Units

  • 2nd South African Air Force (18FBW)
  • 7th Fighter Bomber Sqdn
  • 8th Fighter Bomber Sqdn
  • 8th Fighter Bomber Wing
  • 9th Fighter Bomber Sqdn
  • 12th Fighter Bomber Sqdn
  • 15th Fighter Bomber Group
  • 18th Fighter Bomber Wing
  • 35th Fighter Bomber Sqdn
  • 36th Fighter Bomber Sqdn
  • 40th Fighter Bomber Sqdn
  • 44th Fighter Bomber Sqdn
  • 48th Fighter Bomber Wing
  • 49th Fighter Bomber Group
  • 49th Fighter Bomber Wing
  • 58th Fighter Bomber Wing
  • 67th Fighter Bomber Sqdn
  • 68th Fighter Bomber Sqdn
  • 69th Fighter Bomber Sqdn
  • 80th Fighter Bomber Sqdn
  • 111th Fighter Bomber Sqdn
  • 116th Fighter Bomber Wing
  • 136th Fighter Bomber Wing
  • 154th Fighter Bomber Sqdn
  • 182nd Fighter Bomber Sqdn
  • 310th Fighter Bomber Sqdn
  • 311th Fighter Bomber Sqdn
  • 428th Fighter Bomber Sqdn
  • 429th Fighter Bomber Sqdn
  • 430th Fighter Bomber Sqdn
  • 474th Fighter Bomber Group
  • 525th Fighter Bomber Sqdn
  • 526th Fighter Bomber Sqdn
  • 750th Fighter Bomber Sqdn

Fighter Escort Units

  • 27th Fighter Escort Wing
  • 522nd Fighter Escort Sqdn
  • 523rd Fighter Escort Sqdn
  • 524th Fighter Escort Sqdn

Fighter Interceptor Units

  • 1st Fighter Interceptor Sqdn
  • 4th Fighter Interceptor Wing
  • 16th Fighter Interceptor Sqdn
  • 25th Fighter Interceptor Sqdn
  • 35th Fighter Interceptor Wing
  • 39th Fighter Interceptor Sqdn
  • 40th Fighter Interceptor Sqdn
  • 41st Fighter Interceptor Sqdn
  • 51st Fighter Interceptor Wing
  • 55th Fighter Interceptor Group
  • 57th Fighter Interceptor Sqdn
  • 68th Fighter Interceptor Sqdn
  • 319th Fighter Interceptor Sqdn
  • 334th Fighter Interceptor Sqdn
  • 335th Fighter Interceptor Sqdn
  • 336th Fighter Interceptor Sqdn

Headquarters Units

  • 13th Air Base Group
  • 42nd Air Div Eighth Air Force
  • 49th Air Base Group
  • 6002nd Air Base Group
  • 6146th Air Base Unit
  • 6152nd Air Base Sqdn
  • 6153rd Air Base Sqdn
  • 6162nd Air Base Wing
  • 6167th Air Base Group
  • HQ Fifth Air Force

Intelligence Units

  • 6004th Air Intel Service Sqdn
  • Baker Flight, 581st Air Resupply and Communications Sqdn (K-16)

Liaison Units

  • 10th Liaison Sqdn

Maintenance Units

  • 3rd Maintenance Sqdn
  • 18th Fighter Bomber Maintenance Sqdn

Medical Units

  • 67th Medical Group
  • 1600th Medical Group - Air Evacuation
  • 6530th Medical Group

Postal Units

  • 1st Air Postal Sqdn

Radar Bomb Scoring Units

  • 3903rd Radar Bomb Scoring Group

Reconnaissance Units

  • 2nd Photo Recon Sqdn
  • 8th Tactical Recon Sqdn (Photo Jet)
  • 11th Tactical Recon Sqdn
  • 12th Tactical Recon Sqdn
  • 15th Tactical Recon Sqdn
  • 18th Tactical Recon Sqdn
  • 25th Tactical Recon Sqdn
  • 31st Strategic Recon Sqdn
  • 45th Tactical Recon Sqdn
  • 51st Tactical Recon Sqdn
  • 56th Strategic Recon Sqdn
  • 67th Tactical Recon Wing
  • 91st Strategic Recon Sqdn
  • 162nd Tactical Recon Sqdn
  • 343rd Strategic Recon Sqdn
  • 363rd Recon Technical Sqdn
  • 543rd Tactical Support Group
  • 6166th Weather Recon Sqdn


  • Strategic Air Command Hq.

Security Units

  • Air Force Security Service (USAFSS)

Shoran Units

  • 1st Shoran Beacon Unit

Signal Units

  • 15th Radio Sqdn Mobile - USAFSS
  • 16th Communications Sqdn

Supply Units

  • 3rd Supply Sqdn
  • 4th Far East Air Material Sqdn
  • 4th Supply Squadron
  • 581st Air Resupply & Communications Sqdn (intelligence operations)

Support Units

  • 3rd Motor Vehicle Sqdn
  • 75th Air Depot Wing - FEAF
  • 2349th Personnel Processing Group
  • 811th Food Service Sqdn
  • 1503rd Field Maintenance Sqdn
  • 6127 Air Terminal Group (315 Air Div.)
  • 6131st Tactical Support Wing
  • 6161 Maintenance Sqdn - Yokota
  • 6400th Field Maintenance Unit

Transport Units

  • 49th Air Transport Sqdn
  • 1266th Air Transport Sqdn
  • 1273rd Air Transport Sqdn
  • 1503rd Air Transport Wing

Troop Carrier Units

  • 4th Troop Carrier Sqdn
  • 6th Troop Carrier Sqdn
  • 7th Troop Carrier Sqdn
  • 21st Troop Carrier Sqdn
  • 22nd Troop Carrier Sqdn
  • 34th Troop Carrier Sqdn
  • 36th Troop Carrier Sqdn
  • 37th Troop Carrier Sqdn
  • 50th Troop Carrier Sqdn
  • 61st Troop Carrier Sqdn
  • 62nd Troop Carrier Sqdn
  • 63rd Troop Carrier Sqdn
  • 65th Troop Carrier Sqdn
  • 83rd Troop Carrier Sqdn
  • 84th Troop Carrier Sqdn
  • 85th Troop Carrier Sqdn
  • 86th Troop Carrier Sqdn
  • 315th Air Division
  • 374th Troop Carrier Wing
  • 403rd Troop Carrier Group
  • 437th Troop Carrier Group (later 315th)
  • 446 Troop Carrier Wing
  • 483rd Troop Carrier Wing
  • 815th Troop Carrier Sqdn
  • 817th Troop Carrier Sqdn
  • 6461st Troop Carrier Sqdn

Weather Units

  • 6th Weather Sqdn - Mobile
  • 20th Weather Sqdn
  • 30th Weather Sqdn
  • 2015th Weather Detachment
  • 2143rd Air Weather Wing (Tokyo)

AF Hospitals, Dispensaries, Infirmaries - 1954 (COMING SOON)


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