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  • Texas (Hood County) Korean War Veterans
    A list of Korean War veterans from Hood County, including birth and death dates and links to obituaries of those who have died.
  • Thirteenth Bomb Squadron Association
    Information, history, and graphics relating to the 13th.
  • Thirty-sixth Engineer Combat Group – IX Corps Engineers
    Of interest to veterans affiliated with the 36th Engineer Combat Group – IX Corps Engineers in Korea, including the: 11th, 74th, 194th, 378th Eng. Btns; 76th Dump Truck Co.; 86th Engr. Searchlight Co.; 323rd Engr. Co. Light; 1437th Engr. Treadway Bridge Co. E-mail contacts, photo albums, read and post messages, 36th group lineage and history, 378th ECB history, links.
  • Thirty-sixth Fighter-Bomber Squadron
    Squadron history (lineage, assignments, stations, aircraft, operations, honors, etc.), photographs, stories from the 36th's veterans, and more.
  • Tiger Survivors
    Dedicated to the memory of a small group of Korean War Prisoners of War known as "Tiger Survivors." These POWs were held captive from 29 June 1950 to 1 April 1954. The site includes Johnson’s List information, lists of prisoners, true stories, reunion information and more.
  • TJ Books of Arizona
    This is a commercial website—with a twist. If you scroll down to "Poems of the Korean War 1951-1953" and "Korean War Pictures and Annotations," you will find the poetry and annotated photos from the private collection of Sfc John Taylor Jones. Jones was a mortar forward observer, mortar platoon sergeant, field first sergeant with Co. D, 17th Infantry RCT, 7th Infantry Division, Korea 1951-52.
  • Trade-a-Plane
    A website that provides information about "aviation archeology"--aircraft wrecks, accidents, maps, crash sites, etc.
  • Tribute to a Korean War Veteran – Clookey
    In memory of William C. Clookey, a mechanical engineer and Marine Corps Korean War veteran.
  • Tribute to an MIA - Hackney
    A tribe to Sfc. William "Buster" Hackney, MIA of the Korean War.
  • TROB – 712th: Rail Spot
    Scroll down this railroader’s delight to "Korean National RR" to find information and graphics about Korean rail lines. The site creator, Don Ross, was a member of the 712th TROB during the Korean War.
  • Twenty-fourth Infantry Division Association
    Click on this site’s Division History bar to learn more about the 24th role in the Korean War.
  • Twenty-fifth Infantry Division Association
    A brief history of the 25th Infantry Division.
  • Twenty-ninth Field Artillery
    Information about James VanFleet, Jr., John McAllaster, and Ralph Phelps—all MIA in the Korean War.

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