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The Korean War veterans and Gold Star family members listed here were each interviewed by Lynnita (Sommer) Brown. Mrs. Brown began this oral history project in 1996 in the Douglas County Museum, 700 S. Main Street, Tuscola, IL. Those interviews marked, "For the Douglas County Museum", were conducted by Lynnita solely on behalf of the Douglas County Museum from 1996 through 1999. The Douglas County Museum holds the legal rights to those particular interviews. In 1999, the Douglas County Museum ended its oral history project, and Lynnita carried on her work with Korean War veterans as an independent interviewer. She interviewed many veterans during in-person, tape-recorded interviews. Other project participants were interviewed via the Internet and/or the US mail. Lynnita currently holds the copyright on over 200 interviews with Korean War veterans and Gold Star family members. Interviews owned by Lynnita Brown will be absorbed into the holdings of The Korean War Educator Foundation, and the rights to all of the interviews will be transferred over to the Foundation.

Project Participants - 1996 Through Current Date

Current as of March 8, 2003

ALBERT, JOHN P., Waterville, ME. Enlisted January 4, 1941 – US Air Corps. 449th Ordnance Aviation. Cook & Baker’s School 1942. OCS – engineers. 838th Engineer Aviation Battalion. Detached to several outfits in Naples, Italy and Oran, Africa. Discharged 1945. Army Reserves 1945-1950. Recalled to active duty Dec. 15, 1950. Sent to Ft. Dix. Stayed at Ft. Belvoir & Ft. Dix during the Korean War. Discharged Sept. 6, 1951. Reserves 1951-1954. Reserve commissioned officer (1st Lt.).

ALEXANDER, GRANT R., Swartz Creek, MI. Enlisted Sept. 19, 1950 USMC. Korea January 26, 1951-December 1951. With 4th Replacement draft. B-1-5, 1st platoon, 1st squad, fire team rifleman & assistant BAR man. Guerilla hunt. Operation Killer & Ripper & guarding the Kansas Line. Massacre Valley. Inje area. Wounded May 30, June 15, & Sept. 19, 1951. Discharged Sept. 19, 1953.

AMATI, SAL, Chicago, IL. Co. C, 62nd Engineers. Korea December 1950-November 1951. (For the Douglas County Museum)

ANDERSON, E. ALAN "ANDY", Carthage, Texas. Enlisted USMC June 1948. Arrived in Korea August 2, 1950 with the 1st Provisional Marine Brigade (H&S Battery, 11th Marine Regiment). Later with Forward Observation Team, B-1-5. Inchon Invasion. Wounded in Seoul Sept. 26, 1950. Evacuated to Japan. Discharged from USMC June 21, 1952.

ANDERSON, WILLIAM, Grants Pass, OR. Enlisted in the Army air Force, but ended up in the Army. Entered the Army April 26, 1950. Korea August 1950 to December 1951. BAR man and later jeep driver for company commander. 24th Infantry Division, 21st Infantry Regiment, C Company, 1st Battalion. Pusan Perimeter, Kumch’on, Pyongyang, Chongju, Operation Killer, Operation Ripper. Discharged 1953. Then 3 years in the Army Reserve. 6 years in the Coast Guard. Wounded in Korea.

ASHWILL, LLOYD, Tuscola, IL (now deceased). 45th Division, 279th Reg., King Co. 4th squad leader in charge of machine guns. Hill 865, Heartbreak, Sandbag Castle, Christmas Hill. Korea October 1952-August 1953. (For the Douglas County Museum) Lloyd is now deceased.

BADKE, KENNETH KARL., Augusta, GA. POW. Drafted March 1943 into Army. Army of Occupation in Europe 1945-1949. 1949 officer in a medical unit. July 1950 – 2nd Division, 9th Infantry Reg., Medical co. Sent to Korea July 19, 1950. Field 1st sgt. Of the medical co. Moved up north to the central valley and up towards the Yalu. Captured Dec. 1, 1950 at Kunuri. Taken to mining camp. Stayed there until Dec. 15-20, 1950. Sent to Camp 5 January 1, 1951-June 1952. Sent to Camp 4. All Sgts. Were moved out of Camp 5 and into 4 from June 1952-August 1953. Discharged Nov. 1953. Enlisted in reserves. Retired in 1965.

BARCELLA, BENITO "BEN", Midlothian, IL. 2nd Division, 9th Reg., 2nd Battalion, Easy Co. Bloody Ridge, Heartbreak, Punchbowl. Stepped on a landmine. Korea July 1951-October 1951. (For the Douglas County Museum)

BARNES, BILL, Tulsa, OK. WW2 – wounded at Saipan. Korea Dec. 7, 1950-Sept. 1951. H-3-5 Marines. Squad leader.

BARSOTTI, JAMES, Fresno, CA. Joined Merchant Marines in 1944 and served on the ship Wm. Ellery. Joined USMC August 1946. Was a center for Camp Pendleteon football team 1947 season. Discharged August 1948. Joined inactive reserves. Recalled August 1950. DI at Camp Pendleton August to December 1950. 5th Replacement Draft to Korea. Feb. 1951. Involved in guerilla hunt. On Hill 680 received concussion from mortar shell. A-1-5 squad leader, 2nd squad, 2nd platoon.

BAUGHMAN, RICHARD, Decatur, IL. 44th Division, National Guard. 7th Division, 17th Infantry Regiment, K Co.  Tank Hill and Pork Chop Hill, Korea. (For the Douglas County Museum)

BAKER, JOAN, Mattoon, IL. Sister to Donald Roberts, KIA 1/13/1951 Korea. Donnie was with the 2nd Division, 38th Infantry. (For the Douglas County Museum)

BAKULA, LOUIS C., West Poland, ME. 1932 or 33 to 1935 – Naval Reserves. 1935-38 – US Coast Guard. 1945-1950 – Naval Reserves. Recalled July 1950. Assigned to USS Rochester. September 1950-December 1950. Discharged January 1951.

BALEK, JOHN J., Joliet, IL. 5th RCT, 555th FAB, Baker Battery. Korea December 21, 1952-January 7, 1954. (For the Douglas County Museum)

BALLANCE, RICHARD B., Beardstown, IL. US Navy. Then transferred to 5th Marines, 1st Div., amphibious assault unit. 3rd wave at Inchon. Diesel engineer on LCVP.

BARFIELD, ROBERT CHARLES, Newport, TN. 5th RCT as sniper June 23, 1952. 60th Medical Base Depot, Pusan Fire Dept. 187th Airborne, Japan, boxing team. 7th Infantry Reg., 3rd Inf. Div., Co. F. Papasan on a hill called Boomerang. June 14-15, 1953. Battle of Boomerang. 187th Airborne to the front line (B company) July 3-July 15. Navy July 1955-Oct. 1959. 80% disabled due to shoulder wound and post traumatic stress.

BASQUIN, ELWIN L., Peoria, IL. USMC 27 Feb 1951. Anglico - Air Platoon. Korea 1/1/52-5/52; 1-53-6/53. Punchbowl, Panmunjom areas. Bronze Star with V. Discharged Feb. 1954.

BATEMAN, DALE, Mansfield, IL. Supply clerk with the 1343rd Engineering Combat Battalion. His unit helped build Freedom Bridge. Korea. (For the Douglas County Museum)

BECK, GENE, Smyrna, TN. Radioman, 19th Bomb Group, 93rd Bomb Squadron.

BEHRNS, LYLE, Dieterich, IL. 196th Field Artillery Div., HQ Co., 10th Corps. Fire direction control. Korea August 1952-August 1953. (For the Douglas County Museum)

BENTELE, NORBERT, Quincy, IL. 4th Signal, 10th Corps, T& T (telephone & teletype) & platoon Sgt. of I&M platoon (insulation & maintenance). Korea January 1953-May 1953. (For the Douglas County Museum)

BERKLEY, WILLIAM, Nashville, TN. Flight engineer & jump master, 314th Troop Carrier Wing, 314th Troop Carrier Group, 62nd Squad.

BINGHAM, CARLETON, Gardnerville, NV. 1947 - Inactive reserves. Transferred in 1948 to USMCR/Platoon Leaders Class. Korea October 5, 1951-July 3, 1952. 13th Replacement Draft. G-3-1, platoon leader, machine gun platoon. Remained in Reserves after Korea until October 1978.

BISHOP, PAUL, Lady Lake, FL. Originally from White Co., IL. 25th Division, 35th Regiment, D Co. Heavy weapons. Mortar operator, radio operator, and re-locator. Korea March 1951-February 1952.

BIVIN, ERNEST WARREN "ERNIE", Louisville, KY. 1st Marine Brigade. Landed in Korea 8/2/50. Dog, 2-5. BAR man. Shot in the knee in the 1st Naktong campaign. Spent 2 months recuperating in a hospital in Japan. Returned to Korea January 1951 D-2-5 rifleman. Left Korea March 5, 1951.

BLACKER, JERRY, Monticello, IL. 2nd Division, 9th Infantry Reg., Heavy mortar co. Communications section. Korea 1953. (For the Douglas County Museum)

BLAND, KNOX, Greenwood, MS. WW2. Korea Feb. 1952-Jan. 1953. Battery A, 1st F.A. Observation Battalion. Survey Platoon. Platoon Sgt.

BLOCK, ROY, Sidney, IL. Stationed in Europe. USAF. (For the Douglas County Museum)

BLOMELEY, WALTER "SCOTT", Sullivan, IL. Inchon Invasion, 3rd wave. Then Able Co., 1st Marines, 1st Battalion. Chosin Reservoir, Korea. (For the Douglas County Museum)

BOBINSKI, T.C. (TED), Laguna Niguel, CA. US Navy 1949-August 1953. USS Consolation hospital ship off of Korea October 1952-June 1953. Navy corpsman, Operating Room Tech.

BODE, HENRY, Champaign, IL. 1st Cavalry Division, 5th Regiment, Co. A, 8th Engineers. Company demolition man. Korea July 1951-December 1951. (For the Douglas County Museum)

BOHART, RICHARD, Dunedine, FL. Enlisted USMC 1944, age 15 in the Navy. Received underage discharge 19 days later. Joined USMC 11/8/46. Discharged 11/7/1949. Enlisted in inactive reserves. Korea Feb. 1951-August 25, 1951. Mostly in Central Korea back and forth across the 38th parallel. Operations Killer, Ripper & the Spring Offensive. Central Korea - Chonchon area. Lost sight in his left eye as a result of an injury on May 28, 1951. Wounded a second time less than a week later.

BONKOWSKI, JEROME, Prescott, AZ. USMCR 6/23/48-1/71. Korea 16 Sep 1950-20 Sep 1951. Machine gun squad and section leader. 7th Regiment, 2nd Btn, H & S & Dog Company (an experimental unit). Inchon, Kimpo, North Seoul, Uijombu, Wonsan, Hungnam, Hamhung, Chosin, Wonju, Hoengsong, Hongchon, Chunchon, Yanggu/Imje area. Injured when a truck turned over on him. Finally retired from USMC as of 19 August 1989.

BRADLEY, ROGER, Valatie, NY. Supply clerk & later company clerk of HQ Co. 8201st (Korea Civil Assistance Command) assigned to the 8th Army. Korea March 1953-July 1954.

BRASFIELD, CHARLES LEE (Chuck), Lubbock, TX. Enlisted US Army age 16 on January 6, 1948. Jump school, ranger school, glider school. 82nd Airborne. Participated in Operation Swarmer and witnessed an atomic bomb explosion at Yucca Flats, NV. A Battery, 57th FAB, 7th Infantry Division in support of the 31st Regt. Sept. 15 to Korea. Pusan, Iwon, Fusen Reservoir, east side of Chosin. Battlefield commission to 2nd Lt. At age 19. Took over 3rd platoon, I Co., 31st Inf. Reg., 7th Inf. Div. Taken POW from Dec. 1-Dec 5. Wounded 4x in Korea. Frostbitten. Evacuated from Korea. Sent back to Korea in reserve area to I Co., 3rd Btn, 3rd Platoon. Processed home circa May 15, 1951. Bronze Star with B, Silver Star, 5 battle stars, 2 arrowheads, S. Korean Distinguished Service Cross. Discharged Sept. 15, 1952. Re-enlisted same year. Stayed in until 1957. Was in Cuba, Puerto Rico, S. America.

BRAZELTON, ELMER, Paris, IL. 25th Div., 27th Wolfhounds Reg. Heavy weapons. Squad leader on a 4.2 mortar. Korea December 1952-September 1953. (For the Douglas County Museum)

BRAZINSKI, FRANK, Coulterville, IL. 45th Infantry Division, Oklahoma National Guard, Signal Co. Radio operator. Korea. (For the Douglas County Museum)

BRITT, WILLIAM "BILL", Mattoon, IL. US Army 532nd Amphibious unit. Korea. (For the Douglas County Museum)

BROWN, AVERY, Hammond, LA. 532nd Engineer Battalion. Crane operator. Korea Sept. 15, 1950-Nov. 1951.

BROWN, CHARLES, Denison, TX. Enlisted in the Army April 1951. Korea September 1951-June 1952. Co. G, 9th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Infantry Division. January-March in demolitions. Released from active duty 24 January 1954. Went into the Reserves. Discharged from the Army 16 June 1955. Enlisted USAF June 17, 1955. Retired as Master Sargeant in 1972.

BROWN, DALE H., Waterville, ME. Enlisted USMC January 9, 1951. 10th replacement draft to Korea July 3, 1951. BAR man, 1st platoon, C-1-7. Hill 673 (east coast), west coast near Panmunjom. Hit by shrapnel Sept. 12, 1951. Transferred into HQ company in April 1952. Left Korea June 1952. Reenlisted in USMC 1953 (Guard Co., Sasebo, Japan, July 1953-Sept. 1954). Reenlisted 1958. Discharged 1961.

BROWN, JOSEPH, Endicott, NY. US Navy February 1949 to 1962. FMF corpsman assigned to Easy Company, 2nd Battalion, 5th Marines. Also battalion aid. Korea June 1951 to August 1952. September 1951 his unit suffered 80 percent casualties. He received shrapnel wounds September 1951. Served in the Punchbowl area. After Korea, he joined the Marine Reserves as a corpsman.

BRYAN, FREDERICK NORMAN, Louisville, KY. Enlisted January 1948, US Navy. Navy Corpsman, Newport Naval Hospital, Newport, RI, two years. 1st Marine Brigade HQ Co., Assault Platoon, Weapons Co., 1st Battalion, 5th Marines. Inchon Landing, Red Beach. Kimpo. Seoul. Chosin – Udam-ni. Frostbitten at Chosin. Evacuated out of Korea Dec. 7 or 8. Discharged from the Navy January 8, 1952.

BUCK, GEORGE SAMUEL, Winterset, IA. USAF 1950. 1951 changed to OCS (Army). 3rd Infantry Div., C Battery, 15th Infantry Regiment. 39th FA. Survivor of Siege of Outpost Harry. Korea March 1953-June 1953.

BURGESS, REGNARD "RAB", Joyce, LA. HQ Battery, 39th FAB, 3rd Division. Liaison section. Survivor, Siege of Outpost Harry. Korea March 1953-June 1954.

BURKETT, JACK, Florence, KY. USMC January 12, 1949-1952. Korea 9/15/50 to 5/1/51. George Co, Weapons Co., 1st Regiment. Chosin, Hill 902.

BURTON, CHARLES ALFRED, Wimauma, FL. POW. Enlisted in Air Force 1947-1949. Joined the Army July 1950. Arrived in Korea Sept. 14, 1950, day before Inchon landing as pathfinder with 8th Army Signal Corps. Attached to 2nd Division about 3 weeks. Attached to 24th Infantry Division. Radio operator 7th Cavalry. KMAG March 1951. 7th ROK Division. Captured April 13, 1951 at Inju. Sent to Camp 12 Oct-December 7, 1951. Then to Camp 5 – December 7, 1951-August 11, 1953. Re-enlisted in Army in 1961. Went to Far East with Missile System. Then to calibration of instruments. Retired in 1975.

BURTON, C. DALE, Gibson City, IL. Korea June 1951-February 1952. 7th Division, 57th Field Artillery Battalion, A Battery. Ammo truck driver.

BUTTELL, LOUIS G., Silver Spring, MD. Joined the U.S. Navy in WW2, serving from November 1944 to June 1946. Received a commission as 2nd Lt. in the Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps upon graduation in 1948. Commissioned between wars and had the choice of accepting a commission as a Naval Reserve Officer in the Marines or Navy. Chose the Marines. Called to active duty in the Marines in July 1950. Arrived in Korea January 20, 1951. Assigned to E Company, 2nd Battalion, 7th Marines. Left Korea September 1951. Released from active duty Sept. 20, 1951 but remained in the Marine Corps Reserve.

CACCIOLA, THOMAS, Englewood Cliffs, NJ. Medic, 955 Field Artillery Battalion, Battery A. Korea 1951-1952.

CAMPBELL, ROBERT, Medina, OH. Entered the Marine Corps August 1951. Arrived in Korea February 1952. Weapons Company, 1st Battalion, 1st Marine Regiment. Communications section, 81mm mortar platoon. Forward observer. Served on the Hook, Bunker Hill, Vegas, Carson and the Reno Block. Left Korea February 1953.

CARLSON, RUSSELL WAYNE, Ottawa, IL. 3rd Division, 15th Reg., 1st Battalion. Medics. Korea – Survivor, Siege of Outpost Harry. (For the Douglas County Museum)

CARONE, MICHAEL JOSEPH, Village of Lakewood, IL. Enlisted USMC April 23, 1950. 4th Replacement Draft to Korea. Korea January 27, 1951-January 3, 1952. A-1-5 machine gun platoon, Browning light 30 air-cooled machine gun. Punch Bowl area – Hills 610, 680, 692, 1320. 2 Med cruises after returning from Korea. Discharged April 1954.

CARROLL, JAMES W., Cumming, GA. 7th Infantry Div., 32nd Inf. Reg., 3rd Battalion. Received battlefield commission. Korea Sept. 15, 1950-Oct. 1951. (For the Douglas County Museum)

CASE, BERNARD, Cadillac, MI. US Navy Feb. 10, 1944-June 10, 1946. Served on LST 972 during World War II. 38th RCT, 2nd ID. Enlisted US Army December 1, 1947-August 31, 1965. On Guam August 1948 to October 1949. Korea Oct. 1951-December 1952. 116th Combat Engineers.

CASTLEBERRY, ROBERT, Placervile, CA. (Interview in progress on line) 32nd Tank Co., 7th Division, Korea. US Army 3/9/50-3/16/53.

CAULKINS, ROBERT, Brunswick, GA. USMC 6/30/50-6/30/72. 5 months in National Guard, 1948 (age 15). Joined organized Marine Corps Reserve on April 12, 1950 (2nd Inf. Battalion of Boston, MA). Activated 2 months later. Med cruise. Discharged mid 1952. Re-enlisted Feb. 1953. Embassy duty in Germany. 6 mo. Korea April 1953-July 5, 1954. War-time in Korea: A Battery, 1st Battalion, 11th Marines 4/53-9/53. Truce-time in Korea: 1st Provisional DMZ Police Co. 9/53-7/54. Med cruise, 1958. Lebanon July-September 1958. Recruiter NY City. DI, Camp Lejeune. Changed from artillery to public affairs. Vietnam 1967-68 (wounded in an ambush). 1969-71 Japan. Senior enlisted writer, Leatherneck Magazine. Discharged June 30, 1972 with 23 years of service.

CEARLOCK, EDGAR, Springfield, IL. 1st Cavalry, King Co. Ammo bearer for machine guns. Wounded by machine gun shells in both legs. Korea late July 1951-September 1951. (For the Douglas County Museum)

CEARLOCK, Tom, Arthur, IL. Field wireman with 300th Armored Field Artillery. Later 24th Infantry Regiment, 21st Battalion, HQ. Korea. (For the Douglas County Museum)

CHAMBERS, JACK, Champaign, IL. 25th Division, 27th Infantry Regiment, Baker Co. Platoon Sgt. Korea December 1951-October 1952. Two months on Koji-do. (For the Douglas County Museum)

CHANEY, Herb, Humboldt, IL. Helicopter unit attached to USS Oriskony CVA 34. Korea 1952-53. (For the Douglas County Museum)

CHASE, DAYTON, Charleston, IL. MP, 622nd MP Battalion, Co. D. 728th MP Battalion, Co. B. Korea January 1952-September 1952. (For the Douglas County Museum)

CHASE, DONALD A., Framingham, MA. Joined US Army Reserves May 20, 1944. 89th & 83rd Infantry Division, Europe, WWII. Enlisted in Regular Army October 1945. Discharged October 1948. Re-enlisted in Army December 1950. Korea January or February 1951. B Co., 19th Infantry Regiment, 24th Infantry Division. Wounded March 1951. Wounded a second time in June or July 1951 and evacuated. Returned to Korea November 1952. Assigned to I Co., 15th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Infantry Division. Chorwon, Kumwa area. Wounded in Korea a third time on July 26, 1953 on Out Post Harry. Discharged October 1953.

CHIKAMI, AKIRA BUSTER "CHIC", Winter Park, FL. POW. Drafted July 1945 US Army. Took short discharge a few months later for convenience of the government. Enlisted in Army 1945. Sent to Germany with Signal Corps. Won the Berlin Lightweight Boxing Championship 1946. Discharged 1947. Re-enlisted in the Army in Nov. 1950. Went to Korea January 1951 with 2nd Div., 38th Inf. Reg, George Co. Mortar man (60mm) weapons platoon. May 16, 17, 18, 1951 in May Massacre. Captured August 27, 1951 near Piari. Wounded in the leg. Sent to Camp 12 propaganda center near Pyongyang Aug. 1951-Dec. 1951. Sent to Camp 5 – Dec. 1951-Fall 1952. Then to Camp 4 – Fall 1952-Aug. 1953. Released. Re-enlisted for 3 years and was sent to Japan as assistant manager of the Yurakau Officer’s Open Mess in downtown Tokyo. Re-enlisted again – became an advisor to the Reserve Infantry Unit at the Presidio, SF, CA. Then to 1st Cavalry Div, DMZ, Korea – 1963 in mobile communications. Asked to be transferred out of DMZ to 3110th Signal in Seoul for 3 years. Discharged circa 1966. Enlisted in Air Force. Strategic Air Command. Became missile maintenance superintendent. Retired late 1960s or early 1970s.

CHRISTIANSEN, JAMES HENRY, Rockledge, FL. US Army 14 October 1948-22 September 1954. Korea August 1950-April 1951. Radio Co., 304th Signal Opn. Btn, Forward. High Speed Radio Operator. Also instructor at Eta Jima following tour of duty in Korea.

CLANTON, LEWIS EDWARD "ED", Lumber Bridge, NC. Merchant Marines. Then joined US Navy. Significant duty stations: USS Juneau LPD-10, USS Bayfield APA-33, USS Buck DD-761, Naval School Mine Warfare, USS Toucan (AM-387). Stayed in the Navy for 25 years, 3 months, and 22 days. Korean Service Medal. Vietnam Service Medal. Merchant Marine Victory Medal, WWII.

CLARK, BOYCE, Salt Lake City, UT. Joined USMC Sept 15, 1945. Reenlisted April 11, 1946. MP Duty in Bremerton Naval Shipyard & Pearl Harbor. Stayed in until January 5. 1948. Joined USMC Reserves. Recalled Sept. 19, 1950. Korea December 1, 1950-June 2, 1951. E-2-7, 1st squad, 1st platoon. Guerilla hunt, Operation Killer, Hoengsong, Massacre Valley, Hill 536. Wounded April 6, 1951. Lost his arm June 2, 1951. Medically retired discharge Oct. 31, 1951.

CLIFFTON, DAVID DEAN, Deering, NH. Enlisted US Army December 1948. Served until 1949. Mandatory inactive reserves 1949-50. Recalled August 1950 to active duty. Truck mechanic, heavy mortars, HQ platoon, 7th Regiment, 3rd Division. Korea Nov. 15, 1950-Oct. 15, 1951. Chosin Reservoir campaign. Discharged 1951.

COLEMAN, MYRLL, Kramar, IA. 532nd Eng. Battalion. Korea. Also served in WW2 with 42nd combat engineers. Interview incomplete. (For the Douglas County Museum)

COTTER, T.J., Winter Springs, FL. 3-5 Marines. Weapons company. 3.5 bazooka. Korea.

COX, ROBERT, Olympia, WA. Entered Idaho National Guard during high school. Enlisted in USMC October 26, 1950. Remained in Marine Corps until February 17, 1956. Korea June 1951 to June 1952 as a radio operator with H&S Co., 1st Marine Regiment. 10th Replacement Draft. Iron Triangle. Commander’s radio operator. Enlisted in USAF aand stayed there for 14 years & 6 months, retiring June 30, 1970 as an E-6 tech sgt. During his AF career he served in Vietnam from May 1, 1968 to April 17, 1969 with HQ, 7th AF at Tan Son Nhut Air Base near Saigon. Worked with intelligence. Awarded Bronze Star for meritorious service.

COY, ALEX H., San Antonio, TX. Joined Texas National Guard circa 1945. Joined USMC 11/02/1948. Was in the beach scenes in the movie Sands of Iwo Jima. Then to provost marshal’s in Hawaii as an M.O. Korea June 1950 with the Brigade. Supply jeep driver. F-2-5 rifleman. Chosin.

CRAWFORD, DON, Macomb, IL. 300th Armored Field Artillery, HQ Battery. Machine gun sgt. Korea January 1953-November 1953. (For the Douglas County Museum)

CRIVELLO, JOSEPH, Bel Air, MD. Enlisted USMC August 1949. Korea August 3, 1950-December 4, 1950. Communications section, B Battery, 11th Regiment, HQ Battery. Served with the Brigade in the Pusan Perimeter. Inchon-Seoul campaign. Chosin Reservoir to north of Yudam-ni. Air evacuated from Hagaru December 5, 1950. Discharged from the Corps Nov. 28, 1952.

CRUM, BILL, Newman, IL. 7th Division, 31st Infantry Regiment, Item Co. "Commo". Hill 347, Pork Chop, Flash Pork Chop, Dale Outpost. Korea February 1953-December 1953. (For the Douglas County Museum)

CULBERTSON, RALPH "ELI", Eagle, ID. POW. WW2 – enlisted. 741 Railway Operating Battalion. Wire chief of signal platoon. Assigned to Brooklyn Army Base as a security officer. Sent to Korea July 3, 1950. 21st Inf. Reg., 3rd Battalion, Co. L. Platoon leader. POW. Interview Incomplete.

CUNDIFF, JOHN, Johnson City, TN. Enlisted USMC Nov. 8, 1948. Regular discharge Sept. 7, 1949. Reserves. Recalled to active duty. Korea 1/27/51-10/15/51. Mortar platoon, weapons Co., 2nd Battalion, 5th Regiment, 1st Marine Division. Punchbowl area. Discharged from the Reserves April 20, 1952.

CURTIN, LARRY, Stonington, IL.3rd Div., 3rd Signal Co. Division forward. Korea July 1951-April 1952. (For the Douglas County Museum)

CZYSCON, FRANK, Clayville, NY. – Enlisted USMC 1/12/1948. Korea Sept. 15, 1950-August 11, 1951. Inchon, Chosin. F-2-1, 3rd platoon, 2nd squad. BAR. Discharged USMC 1/14/1952.

DALLAS, JOHN WM. "BILL", Tuscola, IL. HQ Co., 2nd Battalion, 9th Infantry, 2nd Div. Pioneer & Ammunition Platoon. Bloody Ridge & Heartbreak Ridge areas. Korea 1951-February 1952. (For the Douglas County Museum)

DATZ, PHILIP, Beaufort, SC. Enlisted USMC Oct. 27, 1950. Korea April 1951-April 1952, 8th Replacement Draft. F-2-5. Chunchon, Inje area. Rifleman, 2nd squad, 2nd platoon. Later BAR man, 2nd squad, 2nd platoon. Punchbowl. Helped build the Kansas line. Discharged October 20, 1953.

DAVIS, JAMES H., Mountain View, OK. 15th Infantry Reg., 3rd Infantry Division, Charlie Co. Survivor of Siege of Outpost Harry.

DEAN, DONALD M., Knoxville, IL. 24th Division, 21st Reg., Fox Co. Ammo bearer, later squad leader with 4th machine gun squad. Korea May 1951-April 1952.

DEARING, JAKE, Mingus, TX. Joined USMC Air Reserves for 2 months. Then USMC August 23, 1951. 23rd Replacement Draft to Korea. Korea August 21, 1952. F-2-5. 3rd section, machine guns. Squad leader. Ester, Hook, Outpost Jill. 27 shrapnel wounds received January 21, 1953.

DeDEAUX, EDWIN, Hayward, CA. – Enlisted USMC Reserves 1947. 2nd platoon, B Co., 1st Battalion, 1st Amtrac Battalion. Korea – Inchon Invasion to November 1951. Discharged February 1952.

DeLONG, JAMES CALVIN, Leesport, PA. POW. Joined the Army in 1948. Army of Occupation, 7th Division. Sept. 16, Inchon Invasion. 3rd Battalion, 31st Inf. Reg., K Co., 3rd Platoon. Machine gun squad leader, 4th squad, 30 caliber machine guns. Fusen Reservoir Nov. 1950. Chosin Reservoir Nov. 26, 1950. Captured at Hill 1221 on Dec. 1, 1950. Held at Kange (Peaceful Valley – Camp 10) Dec. 1950-March 1951. March 1951-October 1951 marched from camp to camp on a work detail. Used to haul supplies for the enemy. Oct. 1951-Aug. 1952 -–Camp 1. Aug. 1952-Aug. 1953 – Camp 4. Discharged Oct. 28, 1953.

DIAZ, WILL, Los Angeles, CA. USMC 7Nov48-10Sept52. Korea August 2, 1950-April 1951. Member of the Brigade. Wounded Sept. 27, 1950 in Seoul. Did not go to the Chosin because he was recovering in the hospital in Japan. Returned to Korea.  C-1-11, radio operator, forward observer team, Pusan Perimeter. Korea August 2, 1950-April 1951. Party of a forward observer team permanently attached to the 5th Marines.

DIBBLE, DR. BIRNEY, Eau Claire, WI. US Navy assigned to 1st Marine Division, Korea. Battalion Surgeon, H&S Company 3-5 Marines. Then staff doctor, Easy Med.

DICKEY, GERALD, Champaign, IL. 1st Marine Div., Fleet Marines. Electrician on the Point Cruz CVE 119. Land-based in Korea 1953-54. (For the Douglas County Museum)

DIERICKX, PHIL (OLE TOP), Jacksonville, NC. USMC April 1939-1969. 6th Marines to Panama Canal & then to Iceland. 1940-41 guard duty to prevent Germans from taking over the island. Brigade – personnel Sgt. Major and then 1st Sgt. of Baker co. 1st Battalion, 5th Marines. 2nd wave – Inchon Invasion. Chosin – Hill 1040. Participated in the guerilla hunt. Left Korea March 5, 1951. Vietnam 1967-68 as adjutant. Phil died August 12, 2001.

DONALDSON, HAROLD, Ooltewah, TN. Korea January 1951-January 1952. 60 mm mortar squad. Later Co. Clerk & runner, 3-5 Marines. H&S Company

DOYLE, GEORGE, Fayetteville, NC. WW2 veteran. Then Korea 10/1950-5/1951. 15th Infantry regiment, 3rd Div., HQ , S-4 (logistics).

DUBELL, RICHARD, Colville, WA. Enlisted USMC 11/1944. Placed in reserve until active duty January 1945. Two years on a goodwill tour of S. America, Africa & Crete, Naples & Trieste on USS Portsmouth CL-102. Inactive Reserves. Recalled in Nov. 1950. Sent to Korea January 1951. Squad leader, 4th squad, 81 mm mortars, Weapons Co, 3rd Battalion, 5th Regiment. Guerilla hunt. Operation Killer. Left Korea 10/18/51. Discharged Nov. 9, 1951.

DUNCAN, CLIFTON (CLIFF), Encinitas, CA. Enlisted Sept. 1948 – USMCR. Activated July 29, 1950. Korea Sept. 7, 1950. Part of the Brigade after the Naktong campaigns. B-1-5 fire team leader, 1st squad, 1st platoon, 1st fire team. Inchon Invasion (objective = Observatory Hill), in 3rd wave. Hills 105A&B. Taking of Seoul (objective=Seoul University). Chosin, Nightmare Alley, Hill 1240. Wounded Nov. 29, 1950 by 3 concussion grenades. Left Korea on Dec. 4, 1950. January 15, 1952 released from active duty. Discharged 1959 from the Reserves.

DUNCAN, JOSHUA, Springfield, MA. Enlisted USMC Aug. 2, 1948. 2nd fireteam, 1st squad, 1st platoon, 1st Provisional Marine Brigade (reinforced) D-2-5. Korea July 2, 1950-December 15, 1950. BAR man. Drill instructor, Parris Island, 1951-53. Enlisted USAF Aug. 3, 1957. Discharged from AF & reassigned as warrant officer in US Army Nov. 1, 1963. Served in Vietnam three times. Retired from Army 1968.

DUNKLE, RONALD, Milton, West Virginia. Enlisted USMC Reserves along with his twin brother, Donald, in April of 1949 (14th Engineer Marine Co.). He and his twin were called to active duty when the war broke out. F-2-5, 2nd platoon, 2nd squad. Korea November 11, 1950. His brother was killed December 1, 1950 at Chosin. Ronald was a radio operator and runner. In Korea at the Punchbowl after Chosin. Left Korea November 27, 1951.

DuVAL, Ronald Richard, Canton, OH. Joined USMC Reserves June 1949. Korea – November 1950-November 1951. 2nd Replacement Battalion. F-2-5, 2nd squad, 2nd platoon. Chosin. Koto-ri and Yudam-ni. November 27 – hit by shrapnel. Early February 1951 rejoined his company in Korea. Participated in Operation Killer. Discharged from USMC 1953.

EBERLE, BOB, E. Stroudsburg, PA. 4.2 mortars, 7th Reg., 1st Marine Div. Seriously wounded by incoming. Evacuated by helicopter.

EBERLIN, CHARLES, Dunnellon, FL. U.S. Marine Corps Reserves 1948. Activated 1950. Arrived in Korea March or April of 1951. Left Korea April 1952. Item Co., 3rd Battalion, 1st Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division. Heartbreak Ridge. Discharged from the Corps May 1952. Then 9 more months of reserve time.

ECHELBERGER, MEL, Gold Beach, OR. Navy corpsman. Joined Navy March 1949. Corpsman stateside. Discharged April 1951. Joined Army National Guard 1952. Joined Army paratroopers July 1953. Discharged June 26, 1956. Joined Air Force Reserves 1969-1977.

ECKER, RICHARD, Hinsdale, IL. 7th Division, I&R Platoon, 31st Inf. Reg. On front line by Hill 598. Observed the taking of Triangle Hill. Korea Aug. 25, 1952-June 20, 1953. (For the Douglas County Museum)

EDWARDS, ARCHIE, Arcola, IL. POW. 2nd Division, 38th Field Artillery, Charlie Battery. Gunner. Camp 5 and Camp 4. Korea August 1950-September 15, 1953. (For the Douglas County Museum)

ELBERT, BOB, Shelbyville, IL – 45th Division, 180th Infantry Regiment. Co. L. Mail Clerk. Korea June 1952-May 1953. (For the Douglas County Museum)

ELSASSER, GEORGE J., Hamlin, PA. Joined USMC February 2, 1949. Arrived in Korea Sept. 15, 1950 during the Inchon Invasion. Rifleman. H Co., 3rd Battalion, 1st Regiment. In suburbs of Seoul on his 20th birthday (9-24-50). Chosin Reservoir. Seriously njured March 2, 1951 in the Spring Offensive. Evacuated to Japan. Returned to Korea after wounds healed. Discharged from USMC on October 8, 1952.

ENLOE, HAROLD, Morganton, NC. 7th Division, 32nd Inf. Reg., L Co. Rifleman. Korea April 1951-March 1952. Assistant platoon leader.

EVANS, DAVID, Cincinnati, OH. Entered USMC Reserves (platoon leaders class) April 1949. Resigned to go on active duty when the Korean War broke out. Went on active duty December 5, 1950. Arrived in Korea as a Marine Reserve S/Sgt. on February 20, 1952. Served with G-3-1. Luke the Gook’s Castle, Hill 190.5 (Outpost Chicago and later Outpost Elmer), Yoke, Bunker Hill, OP2. Wounded September 6, 1952. Evacuated from Korea. Has two bronze stars. Retired from the Marines December 1954.

FAIR, EUGENE, Bement, IL. 7th Division, 32nd Infantry Reg. Fox Co. Infantryman. Then to Medical Co., 32nd Regiment, 7th Div. As medic. 16 months in Korea starting August 1953. (For the Douglas County Museum)

FARGO, DOUG, Charles Town, WVa. 7th Division, 32nd Inf. Reg., Love Co. Platoon Sgt. Korea Nov. 1951-March 1952. (For the Douglas County Museum)

FARLOWE, DAVID, Coeur D’Alene, ID. Marine Corps 7/21/50-7/21/54. Korea 9/17/50 to 3/31/51. Forward observer assigned to H-3-11, attached to B-1-7. Chosin, Punchbowl, Iron Triangle. Operation Killer, Operation Ripper. Silver Star, Bronze Star with V, and Purple Heart.

FERRY, RICHARD T., Vero Beach, FL. Marine Corps Reserves 1947. Active duty August 1949. Landed at Kimpo in Sept. 1950 just before liberation of Seoul. Cook with H&S Co., 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines. Frostbitten and wounded twice at Chosin. Hand to hand combat at Chosin. Discharged from Marine Corps 1964. Instructor at Officer’s School at Quantico in scouting patrol, missions, demolition, and mlitary law.

FLEAK, BOB, Rohnert Park, CA. 7th Infantry Division, 32nd Inf. Reg., L Co. Assistant gunner on light 30 caliber machine gun. Also BAR man. Korea May 1951-April 1952. Punch Bowl, Old Baldy, Heartbreak Ridge, Santa Rae Valley. (For the Douglas County Museum)

FLY, RALPH – Navy Corpsman, 1st Marine Division, 5th Marines. MLR (3 months), Battalion Aid (3 months), Easy Med balance of duty in Korea. Enlisted in US Navy June 1951. Discharged June 1955. Korea November 1952-November 1953. Vegas, Carson, Reno.

FORD, MYRON & KITZI (TIEK), Brocton & Paris, IL. Brother and sister of Henry Edsel Ford, killed in Korea. Myron is a Korean War vet with the 24th Infantry Division, serving in Korea 1954-55. (For the Douglas County Museum)

FRAZIER, RAYMOND "DOC", Paris, TN. POW. Guam – 22nd Gen. Hospital as ambulance driver. Hospital closed April 1950. Stayed on Guam until Feb. 1951. Korea Feb. 7, 1951 with 2nd Div., 38th Reg., D Co. Medic to machine gun platoon. May Massacre. Mining camp, Camp 1 (a/k/a Camp 3), Camp 2, & Oboul. Also tour tours of duty in Vietnam. Dec. 1965 to Vietnam as 1st Sgt. Of a field hospital (523rd). Retired from Army June 1, 1970.

FRIEDMAN, JOHN, Chatsworth, IL. 2nd Division, 9th Infantry HQ Co. Pioneer & Ammunition Platoon. Led carrying parties with supplies up to the front line. 1st Sgt. Pork Chop, Heart Break, Bloody Ridge, Hill 1092. Korea June 4, 1951-March 9, 1952. (For the Douglas County Museum)

FROST, JACK, Prescott Valley, AZ. 7th Marine Reg., 1st Marine Div., 4.2 mortars. Senior Sgt. Gun squad. Korea Sept. 1950-August 1951. Veteran of WW2 & Vietnam, also.

FURR, CLARK, Shelbyville, IL. 2nd Division, 72nd Armored Tank Battalion. Mechanic. Korea January 1953-October 1953. (For the Douglas County Museum)

GANN, HELEN OBERTANCE, Nashville, TN. Navy Nurse Corps, USS Haven AH 12 off Pusan.

GATLIFF, GEORGE, Malvern, AR. Arkansas Army National Guard Battalion, Battery A, 937th FAB. Korea Feb. 10, 1951-September 1951. Assistant gunner/gun driver. Pusan, Suwon, Song-son-ni, Uijongbu, Yami-ri, Unchonni, Kumwa, Seoul.

GAUNT, RALPH, Saginaw, MI. 204th Field Artillery Battalion, C Battery. Cannoneer, 155 self-propelled long tom. Supporting the 25th & 7th Divisions in Korea April 1953-June 1954.

GAYLOR, ELIJAH "LIGE" GORDON, Denver, CO. 1st Marine Brigade, A Co., 1st Engineers, 5th Marines, 2nd platoon. Inchon invasion. Chosin Reservoir. Korea 8/2/50-5/9/51.

GENRICH, JON, Greenville, TX. Joined USMC 2/19/51. Korea 8/1/51-8/8/52. H-3-7 Marines. Bloody Ridge, Able Hill, The Rock outpost. Discharged Feb. 18, 1954. Joined the Reserves. Discharged 1958.

GENTRY, IKE, Nashville, TN. A-1-7 Marines. 60 mm mortar platoon squad leader. Also 1st Signal Company.

GILFILLAN, BILL, Tolono, IL. 8240th Army Unit (later United Nations PIR—Special Forces) Regiment. Korea. Also WW2 vet who served on a B-17. (For the Douglas County Museum)

GILLMORE, EARL, Atwood, IL (now deceased). 6132nd and 608th Aircraft Control & Warning. Korea. (For the Douglas County Museum)

GLASS, JAMES, Sun City Center, FL. Marines. Regimental S-2 clerk typist. Korea 1951-52.

GOODWIN, BOYD, Miami, OK. 4.2-7 Marines. Radioman. Secondary MOS – barber. Wounded at Nightmare Alley. Arrived in Korea Sept. 1950. Inchon Invasion.

GOODWIN, JACK, Waco, TX. POW. Enlisted in the Army 1948. 24th Infantry Division, Co. C, 21st Inf. Reg. Occupation duty in Japan 1948-1950. Sent to Korea July 1, 1950. Captured July 6, 1950. Released August 29, 1953. Task Force Smith. Tiger Survivor.

GORTON, RICHARD, Woburn, MA. 7th Inf. Div., 32nd Inf. Reg., Love Co. 2nd platoon. Rifleman. Korea. (For the Douglas County Museum)

GRACCO, TONY, Eastlake, OH. H-3-5 Marines. Gunner on a light 30 air-cooled machine gun. Korea 5/52-7/53.

GRAHAM, JAMES S., Overland Park, KS. Enlisted January 12, 1950. Sent to Guam. Arrived in Korea September 1950 (after Inchon). F-2-5 rifleman, 1st fire team, 1st squad, 1st platoon. Wounded December 2, 1950. Walking wounded at Chosin. Evacuated December 6. 90 days in hospital in Japan. USS Worcester Med Cruise 2 years after Korea. Discharged January 27, 1954.

GRAY, BILLY, Okawville, IL. Guard with 293rd Graves Registration Co. Korea. (For the Douglas County Museum)

GREENWOOD, BARTLEY J., Pensacola, FL. 2nd Div. Also UNCREG (United Nations Command Repatriation Group). (For the Douglas County Museum)

GREENWOOD, RICHARD, Springfield, IL. H Co., 5th Cav Reg., 1st Cav Division. Water-cooled 30 mm machine gun, heavy weapons Co. Korea Spring 1951-Fall 1952. (For the Douglas County Museum)

GREGORY, ARTHUR, Tempe, AZ. Originally from Mt. Vernon, IL. 1st Marine Division, A Co., 1st Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment. February 1952-April 1953. Wounded twice. POW of the Chinese. 1st Illinoisan to be repatriated. Korea. (For the Douglas County Museum)

GREGORY, DON, Decatur, IL. He was serving in the 2nd Guard Detachment, US Marines, in the Panama Canal Zone when his brother, Arthur Gregory, was reported KIA in Korea. (For the Douglas County Museum)

HALEVAN, ALFRED, Loveland, OH. Enlisted USMC 7/21/50. Korea 1/11/51-1/18/52. Participated in 4 major campaigns in Korean War. E-2-7, 1st draft to Korea. Wounded (twice in the same day) on March 7, 1951. Machine gunner, section 3, platoon 3. Marine Corps Recruiting Sgt. Discharged 7/20/54.

HAMER, EARL, St. Joseph, IL. USS Union AKA 106. Machinist mate 3rd class. On board March 1951-October 1954. (For the Douglas County Museum)

HAMILTON, ROBERT ALLEN, Estero, FL. One of 41 members of the 1st Provisional Marine Platoon (show unit) on the USS Juneau. One of first American servicemen on Korea after the outbreak of the war. He landed in Korea June 26, 1950. 1st Marine Brigade, 5th Marines. Then George-3-5, 60mm mortar platoon, 3rd squad. Chosin Reservoir. 18 month tour of duty in Korea. Left there October 1951.

HANGARTNER, HANS, Rochester, WA. Enlisted USMC April 1951. 15th Replacement Draft to Korea, December 5, 1951. C Company, 1st Amtracs. This company changed to a machine gun platoon. Hans also served in A and B companies, 1st Amtracs.

HANSEN, ROBERT JOHN, Granite City, IL. Joined US Army on 30 June 1949 on the 1 year active/7 year reserve program. At the end of 3 months, 26 days he enlisted in the regular Army. Korea October 1950 to August 1952 with the 50th Engineer Port Construction Co., 2nd platoon, 4th Squad at Inchon and Pusan. Drove a jeep for a platoon leader, was a dump truck driver, and operated a crane shovel. Discharged October 22, 1952. Re-enlisted in the Army February 12, 1954. 1 years on Guam with SCARWAF. Germany 1957-1961, 7th Army, 237th combat engineers. Korea March 1962-March 1963, 11th Engineer Btn., 36th Engineer Group, Camp Stanley (senior engineer mechanic in motor pool). June 1969-June 1970 Vietnam, maintenance sgt, 517th Engineer Light Equipment, 35th Eng. Btn.. 1972-March 1974, Germany. Retired out of Army as M/Sgt on Sept. 30, 1977.

HARRIS, JAMES G., Lebanon, TN. 70th Heavy Tank Battalion, Co. B, HQ Section, Korea. Driver, Pershing M26 tank. Became tank commander of a B23 in January 1951. Korea 8/7/50-7/15/51. Involved in battle of Unsan. Wounded 6/6/51 near Yonchon.

HART, ROBERT "BOB", Fairmount, IL. 5th RCT, B Battery, 555th Field Artillery Battalion, gunnery. Captured 4/25/51. Released 5/15/51. Korea. (For the Douglas County Museum)

HARTWELL, WYETH, Nashville, TN. WW2 Iwo Jima Amtracs. Korea A Battery, 99th Field Artillery Battalion, 1st Cavalry.

HARWOOD, JERRY, Dunedine, FL. Korea Feb. 15, 1951-Feb. 30, 1952. 60mm mortars. Chunchon, Hwachon, Punchbowl. H-3-5 Marines.

HATCHER, EARL, Hendersonville, TN. 7th Division, 17th Regiment, Baker Co. Rifleman & radioman. Korea 1952-53.

HAUSMAN, MARCIAN, Tuscola, IL. Platoon leader with the 65th Regiment, 3rd Division. Korea. (For the Douglas Coiunty Museum)

HEALY, EMMETT, Darien, IL. 927th Field Artillery Battalion, Battery C. Self-propelled long tom. Also attached to 2nd Division, 9th & 10th Corps. Iron Triangle and Hongchon. Korea February 1951-February 1952. (For the Douglas County Museum)

HEATH, ELDON, Springfield, OH. Enlisted in USMC and went on a Mediterranean cruise while serving in the Corps prior to Korea. Arrived in Korea Sept. 16, 1950. K-4-11. Inchon, Seoul, Chosin, Operation Killer & Operation Ripper. Left Korea Aug. 7, 1951. Discharged 1/16/1954.

HEBERT, CLIFFORD E., Waterville, ME. Enlisted in US Army May 27, 1949. Worked as MP at Squire Laboratory, Ft. Monmouth, NJ. Discarged March 1950. Stayed in Reserves. Recalled to active duty Oct. 20, 1950. 8th Army, 1st MP Escort, Guard Co, HQ HQ 92nd MP Battalion. Landed in Korea Dec. 22, 1950. Guard at Tongnae (2 POW camps). Transferred to Wonju to direct traffic. Worked undercover in militarh intelligence on Koji Do in compound 74. Kojo Feb. 14-Oct. 20, 1951. Left for USA Oct. 20, 1951. Stayed in active reserves until 1955-56 when he went on active duty (302nd MP Battalion) with 2nd Armored Division in Germany 1955-56. Went to school for military intelligence. 1956-57 active reserves. 1957 – inactive reserves. 1969 joined Maine State Guard. 1972 commissioned as 2nd Lt.

HECKELMAN, SHIRLEY OBERG, Bellingham, WA. Wife of Brigade Marine Ted Heckelman. Enlisted US Air Force December 1950 as a home front effort during the Korean War. Electronics fundamentals. Radar camera mechanics. Discharged March 1952.  

HECKELMAN, THEODORE HENRY, Bellingham, WA. 1st Marine Brigade. Weapons Co., 1st Battalion, 5th Marines. Demolition specialist. Both Naktong campaigns. Inchon Invasion, 1st wave. Chosin-Udam-ni. Korea 8/2/50-3/51.

HENDERSON, ROBERT A., Urbana, IL. 1st Marine Div., 7th Marine Reg., 2nd Battalion, 81 mm mortar. Chosin. Wounded. Korea September 19, 1950-June 1951. (For the Douglas County Museum)

HICKS, BOB, St. Joseph, IL. 25th Division, 27th Reg., HQ Co. In charge of logistics in motor pool. Korea January 20, 1953-September 1953. (For the Douglas County Museum)

HILSENHOFF, ROBERT, Peotone, IL. Sgt. Major, 3rd Infantry Div., 65th Infantry Reg., HQ Co. 1st Battalion. Korea March 1953-June 1954. (For the Douglas County Museum)

HOGAN, GERALD, Kingsland, TX. USMC March 12, 1948. Guam 1948-50. B-1-7, 2nd platoon, corporal, fire team leader. Platoon was commanded by 1st Lt. Chew Een Lee. Korea 1950-April 15, 1951. Chosin Reservoir. Discharged March 12, 1952.

HOLTHAUS, HAROLD, Pana, IL. 45th Division, 180th Infantry Regiment, Co. K. Rifleman. Korea June 1952-May 1953. (For the Douglas County Museum)

HOOKS, ROBERT, Collinsville, IL. US Army – August 29, 1948-1951. S/Sgt., 187th Airborne, HQ Co, 1st Battalion, Ammunition & Pioneer Platoon. Korea – September 26, 1950-June 26, 1951. 2 combat jumps in Korea – Sukchon & Munsan-ni.

HOGAN, GERALD, Kingsland, TX. USMC March 12, 1948. Guam 1948-50. B-1-7, 2nd platoon, corporal, fire team leader. Platoon was commanded by 1st Lt. Chew Een Lee. Korea 1950-April 15, 1951. Chosin Reservoir. Discharged March 12, 1952.

HOYT, EDWARD E., Benton, ME. Enlisted USMC Feb. 14, 1950. Korea June or July 1952 with the 1st Combat Service Group, 1st Service Command, FMF, 1st Marine Division. Stationed at Masan as a heavy equipment operator. Discharged March 3, 1954. Enlisted Sept. 12, 1955, USAF. Senior Medical technician. Vietnam War 12/68-12/69 (Ton Sonnuit Air Vac Unit, 11th Casualty Staging Unit). Discharged 8/31/71.

HUFF, JOHN W. "BILL", Naperville, IL. HQ 60th General Depot under the 8th. Evacuated from Chinnampo on west coast. Then to HQ MP Group 8137th Army in supply to set up POW camp at Koji-Do. Korea October 15, 1950-January 30, 1952. (For the Douglas County Museum)

HUFFAKER, JAKE, Knoxville, TN. Drafted US Army April 22, 1952. Attended cryptology school. Arrived in Korea Dec. 30, 1952. 204th Signal Battalion Operations. Left Korea February 22, 1954. Discharged March 6, 1954.

HUNTER, GILBERT, Ogden, IL. 21st Transportation Car Co. Mechanic and driver for 8th Army. Also drove reporters to peace talks. Korea November 1951-February 1953. (For the Douglas County Museum)

IRWIN, WILLIAM GLENN JR., Walsenburg, CO. Enlisted October 1948. Was in the Sands of Iwo Jima movie as a Marine extra. Send to Korea 1950 with the Brigade. Inchon Invasion, Yongdongpo RR station, Seoul (objective = university), Chosin (Udam-ni). Frostbitten. Got malaria. Left Korean March 1951. Joined the Reserves. Volunteered for the Yucca Flats atomic bomb blast experiment. Discharged August 1952.

JACOBY, CHARLES, Branson, MO. Forward observer, 1st Marine Div., 11th Marine Reg., 4th Battalion. Korea late April 1952-May 1953.

JAUNAL, JACK, Federal Way, WA. Radio operator, 51st Signal Battalion & 4th Signal Battalion, Korea Sept. 17, 1950-Dec. 4, 1951. Temporary duty with various units, including: 27th Reg., 25th Div, British 29th Brigade, 3rd Inf. Div, IX Corps, 300th Armored Field Artillery Battalion, 196th Field Artillery Battalion. Sequence of service in various branches: California State Militia, March-October 1943, California State Guard October 24, 1943, enlisted US Maritime Service July 28, 1944 (American Seamen for American Ships). Inducted US Army Oct. 24, 1945, infantry and Army Air Corps. Enlisted US Navy Reserve 1947, discharged in 1948 for enlistment in US Army. Served 123rd Inf Reg, 44th Div after return from Korea. Enlisted in Marine Corps July 19, 1952. Served at Camp Pendleton in 3rd Marine Div, later in Japan with the same division. Participated in Operation Plumbomb, two atomic tests with 4th Provisional Marine Brigade. Served in Vietnam 1967-1969. Retired from USMC May 1, 1978.

JENKINS, RALPH, Fredericksburg, TX. Korea Feb. 1951-Feb. 1952. H-3-5 Marines. Also Vietnam veteran.

JEPSEN, DAVID, Maywood, IL. 3rd Platoon, Able Co., 1st Battalion, 7th Marine Reg., 1st Marine Div. Platoon guide. Chosin Reservoir. Korea September 1950 to March 1951. (For the Douglas County Museum)

JOHNSON, BOB, Beatrice, NE. 62nd Construction Engineers, B Co., 3rd platoon. Korea December 1951-December 1952. (For the Douglas County Museum)

JOHNSON, COURTLAND RUEBEN "CORKY", Selma, CA. Army Air Corps – 1946-1947. Joined the Marine Corps Reserves – 1948. Recalled to active duty July 22, 1950 in the Korean War. Assigned to Co. A, 1st Battalion, 1st Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division (FMF) as a .30 caliber assistant machinegunner. Attached later to the 2nd rifle platoon. Made the Inchon Landing. Served at Chosin Reservoir. Frostbitten and evacuated from Chosin. Honorably discharged 1955. Enlisted in US Navy 1966. Retired 1985.

JOHNSON, HAROLD, Clearlake, MN. Korea Feb. 1953-July 25, 1953. Wounded. Ungok, Vegas, Esther, Ginger. Officer with H-3-5 Marines.

JOHNSON, WAYNE ARCHER, Phoenix, AZ. POW. Enlisted February 2, 1949. Occupation forces, 21st Regiment, 24th Division, L Company. Sent to Korea July 4, 1950. Scout (back up for Task Force Smith). Captured July 11, 1950. Sent on death march with Tiger Survivors (man a mile death). Chungangnin and then Hangjani. Stayed there Nov. 15, 1950-March 21, 1951. Then to Japanese Army Camp (later Camp #7). Turned over to Chinese Oct. 21, 1951. Then to Camp 3 the last of October 1951. Camp 3 Tiger Survivor Group (there was more than one Camp 3). Released August 28, 1953. Discharged Oct. 29, 1953. Also known as "Johnnie Johnson". He kept the names of POWs who died by writing them down on a paper and storing it in a toothpaste tube. The list is known as "Johnson’s List."

JONES, JACK E., Emporium, PA. Co. C, 5th Engineer Combat Battalion, 36th Eng. Combat Group attached to 2nd Division. Stationed at Ft. Lewis, WA.

JONES, COL. ROBERT ELLIS, Clarksville, TN. 1935-36 served in 111th Cavalry, New Mexico National Guard. Entered US Army Reserves. Volunteered for active duty 1940. WW2 – Co. F, 2nd Battalion, 502nd Parachute Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Div. Injured 1945. Then to 511 Parachute Infantry Regiment, 11th Airborne Div. In Japan with occupation forces. S-3, 3rd battalion. Reassigned to 32nd Inf. Reg., 7th Infantry Division. Became company commander, C Co, 32nd Inf. Regiment during the Korean War. Inchon Invasion. Wounded in campaign to liberate Seoul. Became S-1, 1st battalion, 32nd Infantry Regiment. Senior officer who took over command when Col. Don Faith was KIA at Chosin. Received Distinguished Service Cross & Silver Star. 1968-1970 Deputy Chief of the Phoenix Program, Vietnam War.

JORDAN, AUBREY (AL), Brentwood, TN. 7th Division, 32nd Infantry Regiment, L Company. Rifleman. Later heavy weapons, Korea.

JUDY, BILL, Lawrenceville, IL. 25th Div., 27th Reg., HQ co. Mechanic in motor pool. Korea December 18, 1952-September 1953. (For the Douglas County Museum)

KALIL, RAYMOND, Nashville, TN. 45th Infantry Division, AAA-AW (SP), Battery B. Platoon leader. Korea.

KEIZER, MILTON, Fall City, WA. Joined USMC July 19, 1949 in the one year enlistment program. Got out June 30, 1950. Recalled to active duty October 1950. Korea March 1951-February 1952. G-3-1. Near Chunchon, below the Iron Triangle, and SE of the Hwachon River. Injured April 23-24 atop Hill 902. Left G-3-1 August 13, 1951. Sent to 1st Service Battalion. Then December 17, 1951 sent to hospital in Japan. Discharged April 4, 1952.

KENDALL, KENNETH, Portage, IN. Joined the Civil Air Patrol in 1942. Joined the US Army Sept. 23, 1948. Re-enlisted June 20, 1950. Discharged June 20, 1953 with rank of Corporal. Korea October 1950-October 1951. Wonsan, Hamhung, Hungnam, Pusan, Taejon, Seoul, Uijongbu, Chungpong, Korea. Supply Room. Later motor pool parts clerk and driver for motor officer. Rotated home October 1951.

KENNEY, MARK MYLES, Virginia Beach, VA. 1st Marine Brigade. Able Co., lst Mortar Transport Battalion, section leader, 5th Marines. Inchon Invasion. Then Maintenance Co., 1st Motor Transport Battalion, 1st Marine Division, driver, following Division HQ. Truck section. Korea 8/8/50-5/51. Remained in the Marine Corps from 1948-1978. 2 tours of duty in Vietnam War. Also Gulf War.

KIMBALL, ALVIN, Paris, IL. 44th National Guard, then 2nd Division, 38th Infantry Reg., Item Co. and 3rd Division, 65th Regiment, Item Co. Kumwha, Betty Grable, near Dagmar, Tom-Dick-Harry, Arrowhead, next to Old Baldy. Purple Heart. Korea October 1952-June 1953. (For the Douglas County Museum)

KING, ROGER, Buffalo Grove, IL. 1st Marine Div., 7th Reg., Able Co., 3rd rifle platoon. Wounded twice. Chosin. Korea September 1950-December 1950. (For the Douglas County Museum)

KNAPPMEYER, A.J., Springfield, IL. Enlisted USMC 4/12/48. Remained in service until 12/31/68. Two tours in the Mediterranean. Korea 9/12/50-12/4/50. H-3-5, 2nd squad, 2nd platoon. Inchon invasion, Seoul campaign, Chosin. Wounded and frostbitten at Chosin. Advisor to the Korean Marine Corps circa 1955. Vietnam War.

KOERTGE, GLENN ERNEST, Alton, IL. Survey & Recon Officer, 235th Field Artillery Observation Battalion, HQ Battery, Topographic Survey. Korea end of November or first of December 1952 to early September 1953.

KOLKER, JAMES, Bellevue, IA. 84th Engineer Battalion. Korea January 1953. (For the Douglas County Museum)

KRUEGER, LOUIS, Chicago, IL. 84th Engineers, A Co., 1st Platoon, 3rd squad.  Korea December 1951. (For the Douglas County Museum)

LaCHANCE, EMILE J., Augusta, ME. Enlisted February 1950 USMC Reserves, 1st 90 mm AAA Gun Battalion, Augusta. Attached to 1st Marine Air Wing. Activated June 1950. Korea August 1951-March 1952. D Battery. Discharged February 4, 1954.

LaCHANCE, Joseph W.M., Winslow, ME. Drafted. US Army November 1952. Arrived in Korea April 1953. 25th Infantry Division, 35th Infantry Regiment, L Company, 3rd squad. Squad leader. Served near Dagmar, Pork Chop, Old Baldy. July 27, 1953 dislocated knee. Left Korea April 1954. Discharged from service November 1954.

LARSON, KEITH, Springfield, IL. Engineman 1st Class, LST 1077. November 1950-July 1952. Korea. (For the Douglas County Museum)

LARSON, RICHARD, Charleston, IL. On USS President Jackson at Inchon during invasion. Surgical team #6. Then to Yokosuka US Naval Hospital until June 1951. Took care of frostbitten men from Chosin. (For the Douglas County Museum)

LASSERE, DONALD JOSEPH, New Orleans, LA. Joined USMC Reserves June 4, 1950. Call to active duty August 1950. Sent to Korea with 7th Replacement Draft. Arived April 1, 1951. B-1-5, machine gun platoon. Hill 907. Massacre Valley. Wounded Sept. 24, 1951 at the Punch Bowl by an artillery shell. Released from active duty Feb. 8, 1952.

LAVIN, TOM (TOT), Sevierville, TN. Enlisted USMC December 1950. 15th Replacement Draft. Korea November 18 or 19, 1951 to December 6, 1952. F-2-5. Assistant BAR man & later radioman. Hill 884, 812, Outpost X-Ray, Outpost Yoke, the Hook (Aug. 17, 1952).

LAVINE, ALFRED, Forest Hills, NY. Joined US Marine Corps Sept. 3, 1946. Discharged Aug. 8, 1948. Re-enlisted May of 1950. Korea Nov. 1950-August1951. A Company, 2nd platoon, 1st Amphibian Tractor Battalion. Wounded 12/24/50 in a tractor explosion. Returned to Korea with Item Co., 3rd Battalion, 7th Marines. Discharged Sept. 3, 1951.

LAYDEN, RICHARD, Hoopeston, IL. USAF at K9 Air Strip (B26 Base) near Pusan. 37th Bomb Squadron, 17th Bomb Wing. Sent on bombing mission to French Indo-China. Korea January 1954-November 1954. (For the Douglas County Museum)

LEFEVRE, ALAN, Ritzville, WA. 84th Engineers, 2nd Engineer Group. Surveyor. Korea December 1952. (For the Douglas County Museum)

LEYVA, PAUL, Chicago, IL. 3rd Division, 64th Tank Battalion, Baker Co., 3rd Platoon. Loader. Korea June 1953-October 1954. (For the Douglas County Museum)

LINDORFF, ROBERT, Galesburg, IL. 187th ARCT, A Co., lst Platoon, platoon sgt. & platoon leader. Korea. (For the Douglas County Museum)

LITTLE, JOHN, Tolono, IL. 45th Intelligence and Reconnaissance Platoon, 179th Infantry. And 2nd Division, 38th Infantry Regiment, I&R. Korea March 1953-August 1954. Heartbreak Ridge and Christmas Hill. (For the Douglas County Museum)

LOMAX, CHARLES, Oakwood, IL. 25th Infantry Division, 65th Combat Engineers, C Company. Radio operator. Korea June 1951-February 1952. (For the Douglas County Museum)

LOONEY, JACK, Fairfax, OK. Enlisted USMCR Nov. 10, 1947. Called to active duty January 1951-December 1953. A Co., 3rd Btn, 3rd Amtrac Brigade. Platoon Sgt. Remained stateside teaching recruits amtracs. Discharged USMCR Fall of 1957.

LORAINE, D.J. (DON), Hoover, AL. Enlisted USMC August 1950. Arrived in Korea June 1953. Corporal when assigned as 1st Fireteam leader, 1st platoon, F-2-7. Jumped off on Outpost East Berlin. Due to heavy casualties, field promoted to Sgt. Took over the 1st Squad. Out of a full company (approx. 200+), 84 survived. Pulled back to Camp Matthews. Regrouped. Brought up to strength with arrival of 34th Replacement draft. Jumped off of Boulder City. Plt. Sgt. S/Sgt. Ambrosio (Squeaky) Guilien (MOH) was killed. Loraine took over the platoon. Wounded July 25, 1953. Rejoined his company after recovering. Stayed in Korea until April 1954. Discharged August 16, 1954. Don Loraine died of Lupus on December 02, 2001.

LOWERY, GORDON, Sandwich, IL. 3rd Division, 15th Reg., 2nd Battalion, medics. Korea – Outpost Harry. (For the Douglas County Museum)

LUCAS, RALPH, Raymore, MO. U.S. Navy. Flagmaster to Admiral Joy.

LUCAS, VIRGINIA GILLESPIE, Raymore, MO. Army nurse WW2. Korea Dec. 1950-August 1951. 14th Field Hospital.

LUNG, JAMES RUSSELL, Yardley, PA. Enlisted US Marines November 1951. Sent to Korea last week of July 1952. A-1-1 Rifleman & TDY for Able Co. Left Korea July 1953. Discharged November 1954.

LUSTER, HERBERT RICHARD, Big Spring, TX. Arkansas Air Guard 1948. Enlisted in USMC August 19, 1948.  A-1-5 Brigade, Korea. 2nd platoon, 2nd squad, 1st fire team BAR. Wounded in action in the Pusan Perimeter on August 17, 1950. Lost his right arm. Retired medically May 8, 1951.

LUTKE, JIM, Chicago, IL. 1st Marine Div., 1st Marine Reg., 2nd Bat., Dog Co. BAR man. Korea May 2, 1952-Mary or June 1953. (For the Douglas County Museum)

MAHAFFY, DONALD LEE, Armada, MI. Korea January 1953-October 1953. H-3-5 Marines. Rifleman. Ungok, Vegas, Esther, Ginger.

MANN, DAVID, Richmond, VA. Enlisted Reserve Corps. Called to active duty in February 1943, US Army. Commissioned as an officer Nov. 22, 1944. 7 months of combat in the Philippines. Zambales Operation in Luzon, Co. G, 34th Infantry Regt, 24th Inf. Div. Fought at Zig Zag Pass, Luzon, Mindoro, Mindana. Occupation duty in Japan. Company commander, Oct. 1945-June 1946. Received bronze star with V for action at Zig Zag. Joined the inactive reserves. Called for war service June 1951 to Koera. Korea Sept. 1, 1951-February 1952, HQ Co., Assistant G-3, 15th Infantry.

MARTI, THOMAS, Mattoon, IL. 7th Marine Reg., D Co., 2nd Battalion. Korea. September 1950-December 1950. Wounded twice. Frostbitten. Chosin Reservoir campaign. (For the Douglas County Museum)

MARTIN, PAUL G., Brooklyn, NY. Joined USMC Feb. 2, 1948. Korea Sept. 15, 1950-Nov. 6, 1951. 1st Marine Division Reconnaissance Company. Inchon invasion, Chosin Reservoir, and Central Korea.

MARTIN, T.J., York, SC. POW. Enlisted in the Army Aug. 10, 1948. Served until August 1949. Went into inactive reserves. Recalled Sept. 27, 1950. Sent to Korea Dec. 1, 1950. 2nd Division, 38th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Battalion HQ. Communications. Captured as POW Feb. 13, 1951. April 1, 1951 sent to Bean Camp. Then to Changsong (Camp 1). Later to Camp 2 (Aug. 16, 1952-June 8, 1953) and Camp 5 (June 8, 1953-August 5, 1953). Left Korea August 1953. Discharged October 9, 1953.

MARTINDALE, RALPH, Carlisle, IN. 7th Division, 17th Infantry Regiment, Easy Co. Rifleman on Hill 347. Counter attack on Pork Chop. Wounded July 8, 1953. Korea May 1953-August 1954. (for the Douglas County Museum)

MASON, PAUL, Decatur, IL. Stationed stateside. Participated in an atomic bomb experiment. (For the Douglas County Museum)

MATHENEY, RICHARD, Grayling, MI. USMC 9 Feb 1949-8 Oct 1952. Korea 15 Sept 1950-Dec 1951. Forward Observer, G-3-1, 11th Regiment, D Battery. 1st wave Inchon Invasion, Chosin, guerilla hunt, Operation Killer, Operation Ripper. Wounded five times during his 16 months in Korea.

MATTHEWS, JOSEPH, Mattoon, IL. 2nd Div., Co. A, 1st Battalion, 38th Infantry Regiment. Korea February 1951-November 1951. May Massacre. (For the Douglas County Museum)

McAULIFFE, Rhonda May Bradley, Plattsmouth, NE. Daughter of Korean War MIA, Ronald George Bradley. Her father disappeared during Siege of Outpost Harry, 1953.

McCLEARY, Bob, Tolono, IL. Lineman. 9th Corps Artillery Communications. Pusan perimeter January 1951-June 1951. Korea. (For the Douglas County Museum)

McCORMICK, LAIRD, Highlandville, MO. 1st Marine Div. Band – 1948 & 1st Provisional Marine Brigade Band. Korea August 2, 1950-May 9, 1951.

McFARLAND, EVERETT, Indianapolis, IN. USMCR February 11, 1947. No boot camp. Activated for Korea. Korea Nov-December 1950. Rifleman H-3-7 Marines, 2nd squad, 2nd platoon. Wounded at Chosin 9 Nov. 1950. Frozen feet on 27 Nov. 1950. Shot in lower thigh 1 Dec. 1950. Evacuated from Korea. Discharged 10 February 1952.

McGILL, JAMES, VanNuys, CA. 81mm mortar. 3-5 Marines. Korea Nov. 1950-Nov. 1951.

McGREGOR, BOBBY J., Wallins, KY. POW. Enlisted January 4, 1949. Went to Korea August 1950. 2nd Division, 38th Infantry Reg., B Co. Squad leader and rifleman. Taken POW February 12, 1951. Sent to Camp 3 at Changsong. Arrived Oct. 1951 and stayed until August 1953. Discharged December 17, 1953.

McGUFFEY, LEONARD, Newman, IL. Tank commander, 14th Tank Co., 25th Division, Panmunjom, Kumwha Valley, Chorwan, Kaesong. Korea October 1952-June 1953. (For the Douglas County Museum)

McMASTER, GEORGE H., Brandon, FL. USMC Reserves March 18, 1958. Re-enlisted on March 18, 1950 for 6 years. Korea Sept. 21, 1950-Dec. 10, 1950. Second squad leader, 3rd section, machine gun platoon, Dog Co., 7th Marine Regt. No boot camp, but lots of training in the Reserves. Involved in liberation of Seoul. Wounded at Chosin Reservoir. Discharged March 17, 1956.

McPHEETERS, SAMUEL T., Monticello, IL. 1st Marine Ordnance Battalion. 1st Marines, Howe Co. Korea November 6, 1951-November 10, 1952. (For the Douglas County Museum)

MERVOSH, "IRON MIKE", San Luis Rey, CA. USMC Sept. 16, 1942. WW2 served with the 4th Marines at Roi-Namur, Saipan, Tinian, and Iwo Jima. Wounded on Saipan. Wounded on Iwo Jima. Navy Commendation Medal for actions on Iwo while serving as a machine gun section leader, rifle platoon commander and company commander. Korea May 1952-May 1953, G-3-5. Awarded Bronze Star and his second Navy Commendation Medal. Two tours of duty in Vietnam. Third Navy commendation medal. Third Purple Heart. Retired Sept. 1, 1977 after 35 years of service.

METZGER, JOHN, Easton, IL. 3rd Div., 65th Regiment, HQ Co., 3rd Battalion. Field wireman. Korea March 1953-June 1954. (For the Douglas County Museum)

MILES, JACK, North Miami, FL. USMC July 1946-July 1947. Discharged. Joined inactive reserves. Recalled. Then served May 1948 to February 9, 1953. Korea 18th draft, February 1952 to January 1953. G-3-1. Outposts on eastern and western fronts. Bunker Hill, Reno, Vegas.

MILLATTI, ROSS ANTHONY "ZODDI", Belleville, IL. E Co., 5th Regiment, 1st Marine Division. Korea August 2, 1950-November 1950. Served with the Brigade. (For the Douglas County Museum)

MONTAGUE, ROBERT, Arcola, IL (now deceased). 2nd Div., 38th Inf., Co. B. Squad leader. Chosin. Captured January 15, 1951 at Pyongyang. Escaped. Purple heart. Korea September 1950-July 1951.

(For the Douglas County Museum)

MOSSMAN, DALLAS W., Montrose, MI. POW. Served in Germany Sept. 1946-1948 with 3466 Medium Automotive Maintenance. Joined inactive reserves. Korea Feb. 4, 1951-August 16, 1953. 38th Infantry Reg., 2nd Division, B Company. Rifleman. May massacre, Hill 1051. Captured May 17, 1951. Taken to a mining camp at Suchon. Then to Camp 1, Camp 2 and Camp 5.

MULLIGAN, DEAN, Tuscola, IL. 3rd Division, 15th Regiment, 2nd Battalion, George Co. Platoon Sgt. Survivor, Siege of Outpost Harry. (For the Douglas County Museum)

MUNSON, REX, Decatur, IL. 7th Division, 31st Regiment, Item Co. Korea May 1951-Spring 1952. Bloody Ridge and Heartbreak Ridge. Purple Heart. (For the Douglas County Museum)

MURPHY, WAYNE, Nashville, TN. E-2-7 Marines. Chosin Reservoir campaign. Wounded.

NADER, GEORGE QUINTIN, Farmington, IL. Enlisted in the US Navy Nov/December 1951. Assigned to USS Sarsi as a seaman recruit (deck hand). The Sarsi was sunk by a floating mine and Nader is one of the survivors. Discharged November 1955.

NELSON, C.L. (NELLIE), Easley, SC. Enlisted USMC April 2, 1951. Korea November 1951-52. Vehicle 1B16, 1st Platoon, Baker Company, 1st Amphibian Tractor Battalion, 1st Marine Division. Served all along the Imjin & Han Rivers west of Panmunjom in front of Hill 99. Discharged from the Marine Corps April 1, 1954.

NELSON, GEORGE JR., Grand Prairie, TX. Enlisted US Marine Corps September 21, 1950. Rifleman in Korea, 1st platoon, Fox Co., 2nd Battalion, 5th Marines, 1st Marine Division. Left Korea February 1952. Retired in 1970 after ten years in the fleet reserves.

NICHOLSON, JOSEPH E., Bedford, TX. Korea Sept. 1951-November 1952. Baker Co., 1st Amphibious Tractor Battalion. Pohang, Munsan. His company was converted into a machine gun company. He served 2 months TDY as a 60 & 81 mm mortar man with the 1st Recon. Co. at Bunker Hill. After Korea, stationed in Hawaii. Discharged February 18, 1954.

NJUS, MICHAEL, Lawler, Iowa. U.S. Army Sept. 23, 1946-January 21, 1958 (Japan). Occupation duty in Japan 12/24/1946-1/7/1948. Enlisted in the Reserves. Korea Nov. 1950-August 28, 1951. 1st Cavalry, 8th Reg., D Company, 1st battalion, machine gun platoon. Discharged from enlisted reserves on January 20, 1952.

NORAKO, Col. (Ret.) Vincent, Wilmington, NC. WW2 29th Marines. Korea 12/51-5/52 as 3/5 communications officer, US Marines.

NORRIS, ALVI P. Danville, IL. POW. B Co. 29th Infantry Regimental Combat Team attached to 25th and then 3rd Battalion, 35th Infantry Regiment, 25th Infantry Division, K. Company. (For the Douglas County Museum)

NUSSMEYER, Carl, Sidney, IL. Medic. Drove a litter jeep. 7th Division, 17th Regiment, Medical Co. October 1952-August 1953. (For the Douglas County Museum)

O’CONNER, JOHN, Champaign, IL. US Air & Air Ways Communications Service, 1808th AACS Group. Korea November 1950-? Interview incomplete. (For the Douglas County Museum)

OLSON, DEROLD (MICK), Greenfield, WI. USMC January 26, 1950. Korea March 16, 1952 with Fox Company, 2nd Battalion, 7th Marines. Squad leader, platoon guide and platoon sergeant. Chorwon Valley, Hill 199, Gentry Hill. Wounded in action July 11, 1952.

OLSON, RICHARD, Arizona City, AZ. Enlisted USMC July 22, 1948. Korea August 1950-May 1951. 1st Provisional Marine Brigade, 2nd fire team, 2nd squad, 1st Platoon, A-1-5. Chosin Reservoir. Wounded twice in Korea. Discharged July 22, 1952.

O’MARA, WILLIAM JOHN DELANO, Albuquerque, NM. Joined USMC July 1949 for a one-year enlistment. 4th draft to Korea January 1951. C-1-7, 1st platoon. BAR man. Served in East Central Korea. Left Korea April 1952. Discharged May 1952.

OSCHWALD, DON SR., Versailles, KY. Enlisted in the US Army on February 14, 1951. 304th Signal Operations Battalion. Korea November (Thanksgiving Day) 1951 to January 23, 1953. Seoul, Munsan-ni, and Wonju.

PARSONS, BILL, Ponca City, OK. Joined Army Aug. 18, 1958. Discharged 1952. Korea Sept. 22, 1950-late 1951. Squad leader, heavy weapons (machine guns), Dog company, 1st Battalion, 187th ARCT. 42 jumps (2 of which were combat jumps in Korea).

PATRICK, CHARLES ERWEN, Louisville, KY. Enlisted, US Marine Corps, Nov. 1, 1939. Sent to Cuba when 1st Marine Division formed 1940-41. Amphibious Reconnaissance Platoon. Later Amph. Recon. Company, FMF Pacific 1942 (one of 120 men). TDY to Alaska to train Army troops and do pre-invasion work for invasion of Kiska. Assigned to the Nautilus on the way to the Gilbert Islands. Served in various campaigns to claim islands in the Pacific during WW2. Drill instructor at Parris Island 1946. China Marine, MP Company, guard officer and division fire marshal for 1st Marine Division. Korean War – platoon leader, 4th platoon, Recon Co., 1st Marine Division. Inchon invasion. Seoul. Chosin – to Sudong. After Chosin – Hwachon Reservoir. 1954 - Parris Island. 1956 – was supply officer for weapons training battalion. Was Officer of the Day when 6 Marine recruits died in a swamp on Parris Island. 1956, 57, 58 – Marine Rifle and Pistol Team supply officer, 4th Marine Regiment. Retired 1960 at Hawaii.

PELLEY, RICHARD A., Rumford, RI. Enlisted USMC March 3, 1952. Floating bridge training at Monfort. Then engineers. Korea June 1953-September 1953, 2nd fireteam, 2nd squad, 3rd platoon, H Co., 3rd battalion, 5th Marine Regiment. Infantryman on Outpost Ester during the July 24, 1953 attack. Received a concussion, wounded six times. Released from the Marine Corps March 2, 1954. Mandatory inactive reserves followed.

PENDERGAST, DENNIS, Reading, MA. USMC August 23, 1949-November 28, 1952. Served in Mediterranean on ships USS Sierra and Midway. Korea Sept. 15, 1950-April 24-36, 1951. Weapons-3-1. Communications. Chosin – Kotori with Task Force Drysdale. Then to Hagaru. East Hill.

PENTECOST, THOMAS JAY, Destin, FL. Joined the USMC under age in 1944 under the name Thomas Rutledge. Assigned to the 22nd Marines, 6th Division. Landed April 1, 1945 on Okinawa. His age was discovered and he was discharged. Re-enlisted USMC July 1946. Attended Sea School. Served on CVE 115 USS Biaroko, USS Rendova CVE, and the Point Cruz. Flag allowance orderly for Capt. J.S. Russell on the Biaroko. Seagoing late 1977-48. Early out of USMC due to downsizing. Class 3-B Reserves. Recalled to active duty Sept. 1950. B-1-7 Marine in Korean War, 2nd platoon, 3rd squad. Operation Mousetrap, Wonju, Punchbowl area, Hills 673-749-1051. Korea March 1951-April 1952. Two Purple Hearts in Koera. Re-enlisted 1953. Commissioned 2nd Lt. Two tours of duty in Vietnam. Received Purple Heart in Vietnam 1970. Retired 1971.

PHIPPS, CECIL E., Ft. Dodge, IA. POW. Enlisted in the Army February 1950. Shipped to Okinawa. Then went to Korea august 1, 1950. K Co., 35th Infantry Reg., 25th Infantry Division. Rifleman, 2nd platoon. Captured Nov. 28, 1950. Sent to Pyuktong (Camp 5) from January 1951-August 1951. Then to Camp 3, August 1951-August 1953. Discharged February 1954.

PHIPPS, JOHN (Maj. Gen. Ret.), Mattoon, IL. US Army KMAG. 9th ROK Div. Kumwha Valley, Sniper’s Ridge, Triangle Hill. Korea Nov. 1, 1952-October 1, 1953. Adjutant General of Illinois 1977-83.

(For the Douglas County Museum)

PIZZI, HERMAN, Livingston, NJ. USMC Aug. 9, 1951-53. Korea February 1952-March 1953. H-3-7, 1st squad, 1st platoon. Hill 229, Carson, Reno, Bunker Hill, Detroit, Frisco, & the Hook. Wounded 3 times in Korea. Recipient of the Silver Star.

PLACKO, EDWARD CHARLES, Oregon, OH. H-3-7 Marines. Korea March 16, 1952 (18th Replacement Draft). Assistant gunner, mortar platoon. Hill 229, Outpost Frisco, Vegas, Reno, Bunker Hill. Wounded Oct. 27, 1952. Discharged Sept. 7, 1954.

PLASTERS, JOSEPH, Springfield, IL. Wire chief. 13th Signal Company, 1st Cavalry with MacArthur’s unit. Korea July 1950-June 1951. Was 50 miles from the Yalu. (For the Douglas County Museum)

POW WIVES – a taped interview with PAT STOTTS, MARY ANNE BURTON, JOYCE PHIPPS, and PAT RUFF, all wives of POWs in attendance at the Korean War Ex-POW reunion in Macon, Georgia in July of 1999.

PREST, CLIFFORD, Marissa, IL. 7th Division, L Co., 32nd Infantry Reg., 2nd platoon, 1st squad. Old Baldy, Heartbreak, Santa Rae Valley. Korea June 23, 1951-April 1, 1952. (For the Douglas County Museum)

PRIEST, EVALENA & JACK, Mattoon, IL. Mother and brother of James Walter Priest who was killed in Korea August 1950. He served with the 1st Cavalry. (For the Douglas County Museum)

PUTNAM, JAMES H., Fenton, MI. Enlisted USMC February 1, 1951. 25th replacement draft to Korea. Korea Sept. 1952-October 1953. Squad leader, heavy machine gun section, Weapons Co., 2nd Bn., 7th Marines. Western sector of Korea. 3 Fingers, No Name Ridge, Gray Rock Ridge, Ungok, Yoke, Hill 229, Carson, Reno, Vegas, The Hook. Discharged 1/31/54.

QUANDT, ROBERT, Roselle, IL. 81mm mortars baseplate man. 3/5 Marines. Chosin Reservoir campaign, Korea.

QUICK, H. WILBERT, Milwaukee, WI (now deceased) .WW2 vet with 61st Sig. Battalion. Then platoon leader, E&G Co., 2nd Battalion, 15th Inf. Reg. Korea Sept. 1950-January 1951.

RANDALL, Roscoe, Urbana, IL. 2nd Recon Co., 2nd Division. October 1952-August 1953. Korea.

(For the Douglas County Museum)

RASH, ROY L., Kansas City, MO. 532nd Engineer Battalion. Co. B. Korea Sept. 1950-January 1951. (For the Douglas County Museum)

RATLIFF, JIM. Mountain Home, AR. Enlisted USMC Aug. 4, 1948. Gueam 1948-1950. Brigade, Korea, Aug. 2, 1950. Seriously injured 10 days later in Pusan Perimeter. H-3-5. Hit 8 times in august of 1950. In a body cast for 3 months. Had 23 operations. Medically retired February 14, 1952.

REED, DARREL (D.A.), Branson, MO. 7th Infantry Div., 31st Inf. Reg., King Co. Rifleman in Korea & later transportation corporal. 9 months in combat. 100% disabled due to war-related health problems.

RENDINA, PETE, Selbyville, DE. USMC 2/8/51-2/15/54. Korea 11/10/52-11/7/53 with C/1/7. Bunker Hill, Hill 229, Outpost Hedy.

RHODA, DAVID, Chatham, IL. Korea July 1951-April 1952. 11th Marines, G Battery, 3rd Battalion. Field Artillery cannoneer 0811. 105mm. Korea.

RICE, FRANK, Belton, MO. 1st Provisional Battalion. Changed to M Co., 7th Cav. Reg., 1st Cav., 3rd Battalion. Machine gunner. Korea August 1950-Sept. 1951. Hill 518 & Hill 314.

RICHTER, JOHN "JACK" FRANCIS, Largo, FL. Enlisted U.S. Navy on January 30, 1941. Navy corpsman WW2, Guadalcanal, 1942. Cape Gloucester, 1943. Independent duty on board the USS Wm. C. Cole (Destroyer Escort 641) May 1947-March 1948. Volunteered to be part of C Medical Company when the Korean War broke out. Left for Korea July 14, 1950 to serve with the 1st Provisional Marine Brigade. Chosin Reservoir.

RIDGEWAY, GEORGE, Cerro Gordo, IL. 7th Division, 31st Infantry Reg., Dog Co., Heavy Weapons. Machine gunner. Chosin. Korea September 1950-June 21, 1951. (For the Douglas County Museum)

RILEY, NATHAN ALLEN, Belton, MO. 24rh Div., 19th Reg., Able Co. 3rd platoon. BAR man. Han River Dam, Task Force Bailey. Korea Dec. 1950-May 1951. Wounded in Korea.

ROBERTS, BENJAMIN, Moline, IL. Enlisted in the Army in 1946. March 6, 1946-December 18, 1948 stationed in Germany. Entered inactive reserves. Recalled to duty November 1950. Was married with a small son when recalled. Served in Korea December 31, 1950-June 26, 1951. L Company, 19th Regiment, 24th Division. Potato Masher Hill, Iron Triangle, Hwachon Reservoir area. Frostbitten February 1951. Evacuated from Korea. Returned to Korea. Wounded in the arm on June 6, 1951. Wounded again, but this time evacuated permanently on June 26, 1951. Received medical discharge March 6, 1952.

ROBINSON, CHARLES "ROBBIE", Tuscola, IL. 8th Army, 25th Division, 35th Regiment, H&F Companies. Chosin Reservoir. Korea. (For the Douglas County Museum)

ROSE, KENNETH GENE, Covington, IN. Gunner on a 40 mm anti-aircraft gun at Brady Field and Missawa AFB in Japan. (For the Douglas County Museum)

ROSS, JOHN, Schenectady, NY. 5th RCT, HQ, HQ Co., Security platoon (guard detail for regimental commander). Korea April 1953-July 1954. Christmas Hill & Harry.

ROWELL, DOYLE, Dunedin, FL. US Navy, 4 April 1949-December 11, 1968. Line corpsman with G-1-7, 3rd platoon, in Korea. Korea May 1951-March 1952. Served on Hill 892 on west coast, and Punch Bowl and Gook’s Castle. Wounded 3/7/1952. Evacuated from Korea.

RUFF, WILFRED JOHN, Algonquin, IL. POW. Enlisted Oct. 21, 1953 in the Navy. He was a pointer (armed guard) and gunner on a merchant ship. Made 6 runs (12 total) in the Atlantic to the European Theater. Discharged April 1946. Enlisted in the Army March 1950. Sent to Korea October 1950. 2nd Division, 38th Reg., D Company. Machine gunner. Captured May 18, 1951. Sent to Camp 1 (June 1951-June 1952). Then to Camp 3 (June 1952) stockade. In June or July 1952 he was sent to a small compound near the Yalu. Six prisoners were there, including himself. Then sent to a holding area near Panmunjon. Repatriated. Re-enlisted for 3 more years. Discharged in 1957.

RUSSO, JOHN, Springfield, IL. 48th Field Artillery Battalion, 32nd Reg., 7th Infantry Div. Fire direction control. Korea August 1951-July 1952. (For the Douglas County Museum)

SARNO, CHRISTOPHER E., Medford, MA. Enlisted in the Marine Corps Dec. 20, 1950. Korea – July 1951 with Able Co., 1st Tank Battalion, 1st Marine Div. A-41 Assistant Driver. M-46 Assistant driver & loader and later tank commander. Bunker Hill. Left Korea August 1952. Returned to Korea for second tour of duty Sept. or Oct. 1953. Assigned to Anti-tank Co., 7th Marine Reg. Left Korea Nov. 22, 1954. Discharged January 22, 1955. Participated in the entire campaign of conquest for the Punchbowl [July51 to Mar52].

SCHILD, WAYNE A., Austin, TX. 84th Engineer Battalion. Korea May 1953. (For the Douglas County Museum)

SCHRADER, ROBERT, Rochester, NY. 2nd Lt. In SCARWAF. Stationed at Taegu AFB the whole time. Korea October 1954-October 1955. (For the Douglas County Museum)

SCHROEDER, GLENN, Greeley, CO. U.S. Navy corpsman. Enlisted in the Navy January 15, 1945. WW2 veteran March 1, 1945-October 30, 1946. Inactive October 31, 1946-August 31, 1950. Korea September 1, 1950-October 4, 1951. Korea March 1951-September 1951. Charlie Co., 1st Eng. Bat., lst Marine Division. Discharged Oct. 4, 1951.

SCOTT, BERNARD, Taylorville, IL. USAF 45th Tactical Fighter Group. Radar operator at radar station near Kimpo. Korea April 1952-April 1953. (For the Douglas County Museum)

SELLEY, HAROLD, Port Charlotte, FL. US Army 12/48-12/21/51. Korea July 1950-June 1951. Medic – collecting station. Traveled from Pohong-ni to Chinampo to Sinchang-ni and back to the 38th parallel. Forward collecting station, Naktong Battle. Battle of Sinchang-ni. Recipient – Bronze Star. Discharged 21 December 1951.

SELMYHR, GALEN (SPIKE), Portland, OR. Enlisted USMC November 1941. OCS. Commissioned in 1945. Joined the Reserves. Recalled for Korea. Korea May 23, 1951-March 1952. Yanggu (near Hwachon Reservoir), Hill 1052, Hill 1161 (Kanmu-Bong). Wounded September 13, 1951. Commander of 3rd platoon, G-3-1. Instructor at Quantico after Korea. Retired from Marine Corps September 1966.

SERVAIS, DEAN, Leesburg, FL. Enlisted USMC July 18, 1948. Caribbean sea training & Mediterranean cruise. Korea Sept. 15, 1950-Nov. 4, 1951. 1st Tank Battalion, D Company. Inchon – Sept. 15, 1950. Taking of Seoul. Chosin campaign. 14 months in Korea – 12 as a tank driver and 2 as a tank commander. Promoted to S/Sgt back in the States. Discharged 7/16/1952.

SHARP, RICHARD, Broken Arrow, OK. 1st Marine Brigade. Korea Sept. 1950-Nov. 1951. Saxophone player, 1st Marine Div. Band & assistant squad leader, light 30 machine gun.

SHEPERD, CLIFTON, Kokomo, IN. 532nd Engineer Battalion. Co. D. Korea Sept. 15, 1950-Nov. 1951.

(For the Douglas County Museum)

SICILIANO, RICHARD JOSEPH, Burton, OH. Enlisted USMC October 7, 1948. Sent to Guam to Baker Co, 1st Battalion, 5th Marines. Squad leader, machine gun squad. 19 months on Guam. September 3, 1950 to Korea with the provisional Brigade in the 2nd Naktong campaign. 3rd wave at Inchon (objective = Observatory Hill). Seoul. Chosin (Udam-ni). Wounded Nov. 29 on Hill 1240. Shot in left arm. Sent back to Korea in February 1941 to Pohang after the guerilla hunt. Hill 313 and then on north to Hwachon Reservoir area. Punch Bowl – Hill 907. Left Korea circa July 10, 1951. Extended (mandatory) one year. Drill instructor, Parris Island. Discharged August 27, 1952.

SIGLER, NEIL, Memphis, TN. Joined USMC inactive reserves May 3, 1949. Ordered for active duty 20 October 1950. Korea June 1951-April 1952. 1st Engineer Battalion, C Company. East coast of Korea. Discharged May 1952.

SIMS, MERLE, Decatur, IL. Co. D, 2nd Battalion, 1st Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division, Freedom Bridge and Ascom City, Korea. (For the Douglas County Museum)

SMITHA, FRANK, Athens, OH. Enlisted USMC September 19, 1951. Voice radio, telegraph. Korea July 1952 to June 1953. 1st & 2nd Battalions, E & F Companies, 1st Regiment, 1st Marine Division. Discharged from the USMC September 18, 1954.

SMITH, ARTHUR, Las Vegas, NV. Able Co., 224th Inf. Reg., 40th Div. Korea Oct. 3, 1952-September 1953. (For the Douglas County Museum)

SMITH, BILLY, Oreana, IL (now deceased). 728th MP Battalion, Charlie co. Vice Squad. Chunchon, Korea. Fall 1952. (For the Douglas County Museum)

SMITH, EDWARD, Girard, IL. 2nd Division, A Company, 38th Infantry Regiment, 1st Battalion. Korea April 1952-April 1953. Also served in Vietnam as a combat veteran. (For the Douglas County Museum)

SMITH, OLIVER, Homeland, CA. WW2 Army vet (T/4 Sgt. Coxswain). US Marine Corps Reserves. Activated into Korean War – Marine Aircraft Service Squadron 33, motor transport section. 1st Marine Air Wing. Korea 1950-51. Tech/Sgt. Lorraine Smith also participated in the interview by discussing the American home front during the time her husband was in Korea.

SMITH, RAYMOND A., Danville, IL. 10th Combat Engineers, D Co., 3rd Inf. Div. Demolition 11/50-9/51. Chosin Reservoir. (For the Douglas County Museum)

SMITH, WILLIAM WALKER, Quincy, IL. POW. Drafted age 15 into Army 1944. Discharged 1945. November 1947 re-enlisted of age. Occupation of Korea December 1947-December 28, 1948 with 6th Infantry Division, H Co. Then to Japan in Army of Occupation with 24th Div., 34th Reg., Co. M. Dec. 28, 1948-June 21, 1950. Sept. 1950 back to Korea with 2nd Chemical Mortar Battalion. Captured Nov. 2, 1950 at Unson. Taken to mining camp in November 1950. Then to Death Valley until January 1951. Pyuktong Camp 5 January 1951-summer 1952. Then to Camp 2 annex (Company 3) summer 1952-April 1953. Camp 2 was the reactionary’s camp. Sent home in Little Switch April 1953. Discharged March 31, 1954.

SMITHA, FRANK, Athens, OH. Enlisted USMC September 19, 1951. Voice radio, telegraph, 1st & 2nd Battalion, E & F Companies, 1st Regiment, 1st Marine Division. Korea July 1952 to June 1953.  Discharged September 18, 1954.

SNIDER, CHESTER M., Bethalto, IL. 2nd Division, 9th Infantry, George Co. (2nd Battalion). Korea September 1952-1953. Old Baldy, 3 Sisters, and Schnooks Outpost. (For the Douglas County Museum)

SNOKE, CHARLES LEE, Hammond, IL. Sgt. Major with the 176th Armored Field Artillery Battalion. Korea. (For the Douglas County Museum)

SNYDER, GERALD "JERRY", Torrance, CA. US Navy Corpsman, 1950-1954. 28th draft to Korea (1/2/1953-2/23/1954). First assigned to Able Medical Co. Then assigned to KMAG, 1st Med. Btn, 5th Marines. Next assignment – Easy Med. Temporary additional duty at Chinhae, Korean Naval Hospital.

SOLOMON, PRESTON PARISH, Walnut Hill, FL. Korea Nov. 1950-Sept. 1951. 2nd Division, 38th Reg., K Co. rifleman, second squad. Haensong Pass near Wonju. Spent two months in Japan for frostbite. Then came back to Korea to serve with the 4th platoon. Gunner on 57 recoilless rifle. May Massacre.

SOWDERS, JOE H., Florissant, MO. S-3 operations draftsman, 34th Infantry Regimental CP. Later S-3 operations relieved the 45th Division. Korea 1953-54.

SPADAFORA, Alfred "Hal", Hollywood, FL. Medic. 955 Field Artillery Battalion. Service Battery. 1951-52 Korea.

SPENCER, JOHN H., Danville, IL. Lt. Medical Corps. USNR. Ship’s doctor USS Askari ARL30. Ship was a repair ship making trips to Pusan harbor. January 1951-May 1951. (For the Douglas County Museum)

SPORTS, WILLIAM, Effingham, SC. USMC 21 Oct 1947 to Oct 20, 1951. Korea 15 Sept 1950 to 10 May 1951. Machine gun squad. China March 11, 1958-June 2, 1949. Guard and shore patrol duties. Korea - Inchon Invasion, Seoul campaign, Chosin, and action in South and Central Korea until May 10, 1951. Wounded and frostbitten at the Chosin Reservoir. USAF from 1954 to Sept. 1, 1970.

STACK, AUSTIN JAMES (OZZIE), Wethersfield, CT. Enlisted July 1948 for a 1-year stint in the USMC 6 year reserve program. Korea January 15, 1951. B-1-5 machine guns, ammo carrier, assistant gunner, then gunner. Guerilla hunt nw of Pohang. Then to E. Central part of S. Korea. May Massacre, Hwachon reservoir area. Hill 313. Wounded June 11, 1951. Both legs broken, right arm broken, damaged colon. Released April 1952 from active duty. Discharged 1955.

STAIR, RICHARD, Champaign, IL. 724th Transportation Railway Operating Battalion. Korea. Also World War II veteran. (For the Douglas County Museum)

STANLEY, E.L. "IKE", Garden City, KS. USMC April 1949. Fifth draft to Korea January 1, 1951-March 1952. Rifleman, H-3-7, 3rd squad, 3rd platoon. Wonju, Taegu, Iron Triangle, Bloody Ridge (Sanguin Ridge). Wounded 1951 by shrapnel. Also fell off a cliff during a night patrol. Stayed in the Reserves until 1961.

STEDMAN, WILLIAM B., Hyde Park, NY. Enlisted in the Army November 27, 1950. 936 Field Artillery Battalion, I Corps. Korea December 1951-February 1953. Iron Triangle. Little Gibralter, Outpost Kelly, Little Nori, Big Nori, Old Baldy, Pork Chop. Punch Bowl. Discharged November 27, 1953.

STEFFY, ROERT, Hartville, OH. Drafted into Army 2-11-41 to 6-24-45. Was with the 1st American troops in New Zealand during WWII. Fire direction control. Joined Ohio National Guard, Battery C, 9 87th AFA. Korea February to December 1951 with 987th. Discharged from NG in 1953.

STENBERG, WILLIAM, Chicago, IL. 1st Cavalry, 8th Cav. Reg., 2nd Battalion, Fox Co. Kansas and Wyoming lines. Korea mid-June 1951-December 1952. (For the Douglas County Museum)

STEPHENSON, DUDLEY RICHARD (D.R.), Hemet, CA. Served in Merchant Marines 1944-46. Enlisted U.S. Marine Corps 1946. Served until discharge February 1953. Joined U.S. Marine Corps Reserves. Retired 1973. Korea Sept. 1950-July 1951. Inchon, Chosin, "Clover Leaf" hill mass, Hwachon Reservoir area. 1st squad, 3rd platoon, Item Co., 3rd Battalion, 7th Marines, 1st Marine Division.

STORM, AUBREY, Neoga, IL. Mechanic on a B-29 on Okinawa. US Air Force Strategic Air Command. June-December 1951. (For the Douglas County Museum)

STOTTS, GLENN E., Gary, IN. POW. Joined the Army January 1949. 1st Cavalry Division, 99th FAB, March 1959. Sent to Korea July 1950. Communications, jeep driver a few weeks. Then artillery liaison. Taken POW Nov. 2, 1950. Was with the original group that arrived at Pyoktong (Camp 5). 33 months held captive until August 1953. Discharged Sept. 30, 1953.

STUMEIER, GLEN, Tuscola, IL. Heavy equipment operator with Co. C, 841st Engineer Aviation Btn (SCARWAF) – Special Category, Army with Air Force. Korea. (For the Douglas County Museum)

SULLIVAN, ROBERT, W. Burlington, IA. 532nd Engineer Battalion. Co. D. Pioneer platoon. Korea late May 1951-late September 1951.

SYDNAM, HAROLD J., Blaine, WA. Enlisted USMC 16June1945 to 22August1946. Pacific area 19 January 1946-10 August 1946. Occupation China 2March to 1August1946. July to Sept. 1948, Platoon Leader’s Class, Quantico. Inactive 27April 1948 to July 1948. Korea 22December1950 to 21December 1951. 2nd platoon, 2nd squad, fireteam leader, B-1-5. Bronze Star Combat V 1June 1951.  Inactive service 24 December 1951 to 22October 1952.

TETTLETON, KENNETH, Mesquite, TX. Enlisted USMC July 1951. Discharged July 1954. 3rd platoon, Company B, Amphibian Tractor Battalion, 1st Marine Division, FMF. Korea December 1951-January 1953. Released from inactive reserves July 2, 1959.

THOMAS, JACK, Lansing, KS. 7th Division, 32nd Inf. Reg., L. Co. Platoon leader. Also served in Vietnam. Korea Sept. 1950-Nov. 1951. (For the Douglas County Museum)

THOMAS, WARREN, Linton, IN. 116th Combat Engineers. 19th Engineer Combat Group, detached to A,B,C companies. Heavy equipment. (For the Douglas County Museum)

TICHI, SAMUEL JR., Century, FL. US Air Force 1948-1968. 15th Aero Medical Squad 1954. Radar calibration Unit, Anchorage, Alaska, 1952-54. 1st Engineer on a C124-1959. 53rd Troop Carrier Squadron 1961-62. 3rd Troop Carrier TDY Germany. 9th Troop Carrier – TDY Antartica 1960. Hawaii 1962-1965. 1962-1968 made 51 trips to Vietnam hauling supplies. He served in a "critical career field" and was not allowed to get out of the service until government allowed him to get out.

TINDALL, RUBIE, Decatur, IL. 3rd class boatsman’s mate. 1st gunnery. USS Valley forge CV45. 1951-1954. (For the Douglas County Museum)

TOMCZAK, GERALD "JERRY", Lansing, IL. Drafted into the US Army April 1951. Korea September 20, 1951-August 1952. 23rd Infantry Regiment of the 2nd Infantry Division. Heartbreak Ridge, Yanggu, Kumhwa Valley, Iron Triangle.

TROUT, CHARLES "CHUCK" SR., Huntington Beach, CA. 15th Infantry Reg., 3rd Div., Co. A, BAR man. 2 bronze stars. Korea February 1953-March 1954.

TROUTMAN, BOB, Urbana, IL. 7th Fleet, Task Force 77, USS Toledo. Navy. 1951-54. Off east coast of Korea. (For the Douglas County Museum)

TRUEBLOOD, ROBERT, El Paso, TX. 7th Infantry Div., 32nd Inf. Reg., L Co., 2nd platoon. Rifleman. Platoon leader, Korea. (For the Douglas County Museum)

VALENTINE, JAMES THOMAS SR., West Lawn, PA. Enlisted in the Army June 1948. Army of Occupation in Japan 1948-50. Sent to Korea in July 1950. 25th Division, A Co., 35th Reg., Cacti Regiment. Pusan Perimeter. Machine gunner with M-14 air-cooled gun. Wounded Sept. 1950 in the back from shrapnel. Sent to Japan for recovery. Then back to Korea. 2nd time wounded he was hit by shrapnel in the right forehead. Third time wounded in the backside. December 1950 – in perimeter at Seoul. Left Korea June 1951. Discharged Dec. 15, 1951. Re-enlisted Feb. 1952. Discharged December 1954. Also interviewed in connection with Mr. Valentine was Marian Tesheneck Wagman. Valentine gave his first Purple Heart to her while she was caring for him as a nurse in Korea.

VAN SICKLE, CHARLES F. SR., Newman, IL. Enlisted in the Marine Corps May 1952. 1st Marine Air Wing VMR 253. Electrician with the box car division. Attended Service School through the Lear Company. To Itami AFB, Japan July of 1952-November 1954. Crew chief. Aviation electrician mechanic. Basic Marine. Instructor on Fairchild aircraft at Cherry Point, NC for six months after returning from Far East. Discharged 5/5/55.

VENLOS, WILLIAM G., Galena, IL. Enlisted in the Marine Corps 1947. Guam, 5th Marines, 81mm mortar baseplate carrier. 3 weeks in China late 1948. Back to Guam, then to US. Assigned to a Sherman flame thrower tank with Slope Plate McDonald. Participated in film "Sands of Iwo Jima" with John Wayne. 1st Provisional Marine Brigade, Tank A-42, A Co. tanks, 4th platoon, then 1st platoon, 1st section. Inchon Invasion. Retaking of Seoul. Chosin Reservoir. Later platoon leader for Anti-Tank Co., 3rd Marine Brigade, Tent Camp 3.

WAGMAN, MARIAN TESHENECK, Urbana. 121st Evac Hospital. 11th wave at Inchon. Korea August-September 1950 to February 1952. (For the Douglas County Museum)

WAGNER, RICHARD N., Louisville, KY. Enlisted in the US Marine Corps Nov. 21, 1950. Arrived in Korea late August or early September 1951. Served with weapons co. (81 mortars), 7th Regiment, 1st Marine Division. Left Korea August or September 1952.

WALKER, RAYMOND LINDSAY, Brentwood, TN. 1st Marine Brigade. BAR man, 3rd platoon, Able Co., 1st Battalion, 5th Marine Reg., 1st Marine Div. Korea August-December 1950. Wounded on Hill 1282 at the Chosin Reservoir.

WALKER, RICHARD, Tallahassee, FL. On a frigate off of Korea April 1951-July 1952. Special Forces. Also Vietnam Vet. (For the Douglas County Museum)

WALKER, THOMAS, Springfield, IL. Co. E, 2nd Battalion, 187th ARCT (Airborne Regimental Combat Team). Infantry rifleman. Korea September 1951-October 1952. (For the Douglas County Museum)

WALTER, CHARLES, Danville, IL. USS Al Shain as an engineer during the Korean War. (For the Douglas County Museum)

WATSON, HILLARY LEE, Orange Park, FL. USMC May 28, 1951. Korea summer 1952-June 1953. H-3-7, 1st platoon, 1st squad. Action at Vegas & Reno. Reenlisted in Marine Corps Air Wing 1954-1971. Vietnam - 1966 for 13 months with aircraft ordnance. Returned to Vietnam in 1969 for 13 months duty.

WEBB, WOODROW, Marion, IL. 2nd Division, 38th Infantry, Co. E. Korea. (For the Douglas County Museum)

WEGNER, ROBERT W., Wayne City, IL. US Navy June 1948-June 1952. 18 months at Adak. Then on USS Virgo AKA 30. Dispersing clerk. (For the Douglas County Museum)

WEHRENBERG, FRED, Glendale, AZ. 84th Engineers, A Co., 1st squad, 1st platoon. Electrician. Korea December 1951. (For the Douglas County Musuem)

WELLS, JACK, Alton, IL. B co., 15th Inf. 3rd Div. Rifleman. Korea April 15, 1951-Feb. 11, 1952. Hill 717, Hill 266, Hill 487, Hill 477, OP Kelly.

WHALEN, ROBERT, Ivesdale, IL. 2nd Division, l82nd AAA HQ Battery, Battalion maintenance. Mechanic and wrecker recovery driver. Korea July 1951-May 1952. (For the Douglas County Museum)

WHITROCK, CLINTON, Decatur, IL. 106th Finance Disbursing Section (FDS). Attached to 10th Corps. Korea October 7, 1950-February 2, 1952. (For the Douglas County Museum)

WILKE, HUGO, St. Rose, IL. Cook with Co. A, 19th Reg., 24th Infantry. Severely injured by mortar fire on 1st day on front line. Korea October 1951. (For the Douglas County Museum)

WILSON, JESSE, Old Town, ME. US Army January 16, 195l to December 5, 1952. Korea 10/51 to 7/52. Rifleman. 1st Cavalry, 5th Regiment, F Co., & 45th Infantry Division, 180 Inf. Reg, F Co. Discharged Dec. 5, 1952. Old Baldy & Pakkai Village. Wounded on Old Baldy.

WOLF, ROBERT J., Springfield, IL. 5th RCT L Co. Radio operator & rifleman. Twin Knobs, Sand Bag Castle, Outpost Harry, Jane Russell, Punch Bowl. Korea 1952-1953. (For the Douglas County Museum)

WOLFGEHER, PAUL, Independence, MO. 1st Loudspeaker & Leaflet Co., Seoul. 1107 photo lithographer. Korea October 1952-February 1954.

WONG, HERBERT "HERB", State College, PA. Korea October 1951-mid Sept. 1952. 13th Replacement Draft. 3rd Battalion, 1st Marine Reg., 1st Marine Div., H&S Company. Chinese American. Became Marine intelligence scout.

WOODARD, PRESTON DEPREE, Palatka, FL. Enlisted Marine Corps June 1951. 18th Replacement draft to Korea. Hill 229 at Panmunjon. H-3-7. Korea March 1952. BAR man. Captured October 7, 1952. POW until release in August of 1953. Discharged March 31, 1954.

WYNN, HARLEY, St. Joseph, IL. 8th Army, 8069th Replacement Battalion. Driver/mechanic. Transported Grandpa Jones to USO Show. Korea January 1951-November 1951. (For the Douglas County Museum)

WYSOCKE, DICK, Stickney, IL. 1st Cavalry, 7th Reg., B Co. BAR man. Also 3 months with 187th RCT. Korea July 18, 1950-February 1953. (For the Douglas County Museum)

YEASTED, VINCENT, New Hope, PA. Enlisted August 24, 1949 in Marine Corps. Korea 1950. Able Co., 7th Marines, 3rd platoon. BAR man. Chosin Reservoir campaign. Wounded December 1950. Returned to Korea March 1951. Left Korea July 1951. Discharged Nov. 24, 1952.

YOUNG, ROBERT, St. Louis, MO. Enlisted USMC March 1951. 14th Replacement Draft. Korea November 7, 1951-October 1952. C Co., 1st Amphibious Tractors, LUT3C. After Korea stationed in Hawaii May-October. Discharged March 1954.  


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