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Greek Contribution to Korean War



Greece was the fifth largest troop contributor, and the eighth to commit support to UNC during the
Korean War. The Greek (or Hellenic) Expeditionary Force included nine transport aircraft and a reinforced infantry battalion. The Greek ground forces were originally comprised of 851members but increased in August 1951 to 1,063 members. After the Armistice Agreement was signed the Greeks increased their troops to 2,163. From December 1955 to August 1958, the Greeks had a section of 10 members. Their total contribution from December 1950 to August 1956 was 4,992 personnel during the Korean War and 5,589 after the Armistice was signed.

The Greek Battalion received two U.S. Presidential Unit Citations and a ROK Presidential Unit Citation. The Greek air contribution known as the 13th Hellenic Air Force Flight, operated from Daegu as part of the U.S.A.F. 21st Troop Carrier Squadron from December 1950 to May 1951. From May 1951 until April 1955 they operated from Gimpo air base. In total they flew close to 14,000 hours in almost 3,000 missions, evacuated over 9,000 wounded, provided supply drops, and collected intelligence. The flight received a U.S. Presidential Unit Citation for evacuating 1,000 wounded Marines from the Chosin Reservoir in December 1950 and also received the ROK Presidential Unit Citation.

A total of 4,992 Greeks fought in the Korean War. Greek casualties included, 196 killed in action, 610
wounded, and the loss of four C-47 aircraft. The final Greek unit departed the Korean peninsula in 1955 with the stabilization of the Demilitarized Zone. In August 1956 Greece ended its commitment but rejoined the UNC in 2000.

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  • Introduction
  • Greek Fatalities
  • Individual Honors
  • Unit Citations

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Greek Fatalities

Name Hometown Date of Death
Agelos, 1Lt Perakakis Athens 19521223
Alexandros, Flight Eleftheriou Rhodos 19521222
Alexandros, Private Tosounidis Kozani 19510130
Alexandros, Private Zaharis Karditsa 19510408
Anastasios, Private Gliatis Attica 19511020
Anastasios, Capt. Vamvoukas Athens 19510526
Andreas, 2Lt. Artsitas Evoia 19510526
Andreas, Pvt. Mastoropoulos Ilia 19530622
Andreas, Pvt. Niarakis Achaia 19530607
Andreas, 1Lt. Vozikis Athens 19520927
Androgiannis, Pvt. Galiatsatos Kefalonia 19520312
Antonios, Pvt. Katsaros Chios 19510130
Antonios, Pvt. Kokolakis Chania 19530403
Antonios, Pvt. Papatriantafiloy Florina 19510925
Apostolos, Pvt. Christoforou Kozani 19520928
Apostolos, 2Lt. Stathias Athens 19510130
Aristides, Pvt. Karozis Evoia 19530618
Athanasios, Pvt. Badanis Evros 19520928
Athanasios, Pvt. Hatzigianis Piraeus 19511003
Athanasios, Sgt. Iliopoulos Komotini 19550423
Athanasios, Pvt. Kapeles Ilia 19530611
Athanasios, Cpl. Kosmaras Thessalon 19511003
Athanasios, 2Lt. Nikolaidis Athens 19510403
Athanasios, 2Lt. Tanis Thessalon 19511003
Athanasios, Pvt. Tsakirdikis Evros 19510929
Averkios. Pvt. Katsipis Laconia 19510130
Charalambos, Pvt. Glykas Athens 19530403
Charalambos, Pvt. Mandelos Arta 19520307
Charalambos, Pvt. Sahtouris Lesvos 19510127
Charalambos, Pvt. Tsitsilas Thessalon 19530611
Christos, Pvt. Dimou Arta 19510307
Christos, Sgt. Madesis Thessalon 19511003
Christos, Pvt. Papanastasiou Evoia 19511003
Christos, Pvt. Siokas Larisa 19530312
Christos, Pvt. Tsikrikas Messinia 19511003
Christos, Pvt. Tziouvaras Ionnina 19510926
Chrysanthos, Cpl. Karytsiotis Laconia 19530726
Chrysostomos, Pvt. Terzopoulos Kavala 19530618
Dimitrios, Pvt. Aggelis Messinia 19530718
Dimitrios, Pvt. Damase Thessalon 19520906
Dimitrios, Cpl. Giannopoulos Messinia 19530607
Dimitrios, Pvt. Hatzigeorgiou Thessalon 19511003
Dimitrios, Pvt. Karandanis Rhodos 19520307
Dimitrios, Pvt. Kiakos Kilkis 19530724
Dimitrios, Pvt. Loufardakis Chania 19530612
Dimitrios, Pvt. Metaxas Corinth 19511021
Dimitrios, Sgt. Mitrou Arcadia 19510210
Dimitrios, Pvt. Mitsinigos Piraeus 19510130
Dimitrios, Pvt. Mones Argolida 19510210
Dimitrios, Pvt. Pirounakis Irakleio 19520806
Dimitrios, 1Lt. Platis Fokida 19510524
Dimitrios, Pvt. Ritas Karditsa 19521126
Dimitrios, Pvt. Tsichlias Ilia 19530718
Efstratios, Pvt. Chrysanthakopoulous Korinth 19530726
Eftihios, Sgt. Vardoulakis Chania 19520928
Eleftherios, Cpl. Iliopoulos Messinia 19511004
Elias, Pvt. Karathanasis Arcadia 19510404
Elias, Pvt. Nikopoulos Arcadia 19530726
Elias, Pvt. Parisis Larissa 19530619
Emmanuel, Pvt. Fasoulakis Chania 19511003
Emmanuel, Pvt. Leonidakis Chania 19530621
Evaggelos, Pvt. Karagiannis Lamia 19520317
Evaggelos, Pvt. Nikolaou Piraeus 19510127
Evaggelos, Pvt. Vlahospyros Argos 19511003
Evaggelos, Pvt. Zotos Preveza 19510302
Fotios, 1Lt. Bekiaris Messinia 19520927
Fotios, Pvt. Rallis Messinia 19510307
George, Flight Bilias Rhodos 19521227
Georgios, Pvt. Andreakis Evritania 19530611
Georgios, 2Lt. Arvanitis Amfilochi 19510403
Georgios, Pvt. Daniil Attica 19511007
Georgios, Pvt. Gatzoudis Astakos 19520729
Georgios, Pvt. Hiknoulis Kalamata 19520317
Georgios, Pvt. Kanakis Irakleio 19510328
Georgios, Pvt. Karlaganis Lesvos 19511003
Georgios, Pvt. Kontos Poros 19510126
Georgios, Pvt. Makris Rhodos 19530727
Georgios, Pvt. Margelos Lavidia 19510126
Georgios, Pvt. Martinis Xanthi 19511003
Georgios, 2Lt. Matsoukas Evoia 19511007
Georgios, Pvt. Nichtas Chalkidik 19510209
Georgios, Pvt. Rokas Kozani 19510310
Georgios, Pvt. Sfakakis Irakleio 19530717
Georgios, Pvt. Tiliakos Kalymnos 19530616
Georgios, Pvt. Tsagaralexakis Rethymno 19530622
Georgios, Pvt. Tsiknakis Irakleio 19520928
Georgios, Pvt. Vourvahis Mesologhi 19510130
Gerasimos, Pvt. Destounis Kefalonia 19530621
Germanos, Pvt. Simeonidis Drama 19520928
Grigorios, Airman Tzinakos Laconia 19521222
Ioannis, Pvt. Aggelidis Lesvos 19511017
Ioannis, Pvt. Aggelopoulos Evoia 19530726
Ioannis, Pvt. Brikoris Arcadia 19530610
Ioannis, Pvt. Delezos Lefkada 19510412
Ioannis, Pvt. Gridakis Irakleio 19510722
Ioannis, Pvt. Mallinis Chalkidik `9511901
Ioannis, 1Lt. Manasis Serres 19510209
Ioannis, 1Lt. Maragoudakis Chania 19530425
Ioannis, Pvt. Marinopoulos Arcadia 19510317
Ioannis, Pvt. Tagaroulias Laconia 19510628
Ioannis, Pvt. Taxos Larisa 19530312
Ioannis, Pvt. Vorrias Chios 19530726
Konstantinos, Pvt. Dagres Volos 19510524
Konstantinos, Pvt. Dounis Evoia 195300726
Konstantinos, Cpl. Konstantinou Ipiraeus 19530602
Konstantinos, Pvt. Metzakis Lasithi 19530717
Konstantinos, Pvt. Trelogianis Arcadia 19510203
Konstantins, Pvt. Iliopoulos Korinthia 19511003
Kyriakos, Pvt. Koykouras Arcadia ;19511007
Kyriakos, Pvt. Sgouros Arcadia 19510606
Kyriakos, Pvt. Stivanakis Chania 19510212
Lazaros, Pvt. Papadopoulos Drama 19520928
Loukas, Pvt. Manthos Fokida 19530619
Marinos, Pvt. Melisaratos Kefalonia 19530618
Menelaos, Pvt. Manoloulis Larissa 19520928
Michael, Pvt. Chaldoupis Etoloakar 19520928
Michael, Pvt. Ikonomou Athens 19520928
Miches, Pvt. Pantelis Kalymnos 19511003
Nicolaos, 2Lt. Mamalis Viotia 19510526
Nikiforos, Pvt. Frantzeskos Naxos 19530726
Nikolaos, Pvt. Anagnostakis Karpathos 19510927
Nikolaos, Pvt. Anastasopoulos Achaia 19510517
Nikolaos, Pvt. Filipopoulos Messinia 19511003
Nikolaos, Cpl. Hatzis Thessalon 19520420
Nikolaos, Pvt. Kartsonakis Irakleio 19530619
Nikolaos, Cpl. Lazaridis Thessalon 19520928
Nikolaos, Pvt. Metaxas Evoia 19530607
Nikolaos, Cpl. Mitilineos Piraeus 19530618
Nikolaos, Pvt. Prasianakis Chania 19530705
Nikolaos, Pvt. Psaradelis Rethymno 19530928
Nikolaos, Pvt. Tsavdaridis Drama 19530319
Nikolaos, Pvt. Zachos Grevena 19540816
Oddyseas, Pvt. Themistokleous Lesvos 19511006
Orestis, Pvt. Karatzas Pieria 19520901
Pafsanias, Pvt. Rigopoulos Arcadia 19510806
Panagiotis, Pvt. Douros Korinth 19530727
Panagiotis, Cpl. Panselinas Lesvos 1l9510130
Panagiotis, Pvt. Vagenas Kalavryta 19521126
Panayiotis, Lt. Col. Fragoyiannis Laconia 19521222
Panayiotis, Pvt. Lagios Fokida 19511001
Panayiotis, Flight Lambrou Fthiotida 19521227
Pantelis, Pvt. Averopoulos Xanthia 19510516
Patrokios, 1Lt. Moumousis Messinia 19511003
Periklis, Pvt. Iliakopoulos Messinia 19530717
Petros, Pvt. Levakos Laconia 19540211
Petros, Pvt. Soupionis Corfu 19520928
Philipos, Pvt. Karpouzas Kozani 19530607
Prodromos, Sgt. Ouzounoglou Thessalon 19530618
Socratis, Pvt. Mihos Ioannina 19510305
Sotirios, Pvt. Paraskevopoulos Arcadia 19510713
Sotirios, Pvt. Stasinopoulos Arcadia 19510130
Sotirios, Pvt. Triantafilou Thiva 19530607
Sozon, Pvt. Kondilias Lesvos 19510404
Spilios, Pvt. Kyriazopoulos Arcadia 19511023
Spiridon, Pvt. Katsikis Attica 19510310
Spyridon, Sgt. Economopoulos Athens 19510526
Spyridon, Capt. Koutsoukos Attica 19510927
Spyridon, Pvt. Panagopoulos Messinia 19511007
Spyridon, 2Lt. Sideris Korinth 19530312
Stavros, Pvt. Drakopoulos Piraeus 19510105
Stavros, Pvt. Hatzopoulos Kozani 19530312
Stefanos, 1Lt. Mavromatakis Rethymno 19511004
Stefanos, Cpl. Tanos Larisa 19530726
Stergios, Pvt. Giannopoulos Rodopi 19511004
Stergios, Pvt. Tolis Grevena 19519210
Stylianos, Pvt. Vafiadis Lesvos 19530717
Stylianos, Pvt. Vasilomichalakis Athens 19530403
Theodoros, Sgt. Daroglou Evros 19510302
Theodoros, Pvt. Karagiovanis Thessaloi 19520928
Theofilos, Sgt. Saflidis Piraeus 19510302
Timotheos, Pvt. Provataris Attica 19520928
Tirios, Cpl. Karatzas Kalavryta 19540910
Valentinos, Cpl. Kolligris Kalmata 19530727
Vasilios, Pvt. Bousios Grevena 19510130
Vailios, Pvt. Chartofilakas Karpathos 19530312
Vasilios, Pvt. Doulos Arcadia 19510130
Vasilios, Pvt. Ganas Arcadia 19510302
Vasilios, Pvt. Haviaris Aigina 19511003
Vasilios, Maj. Papadakis Athens 19531227
Vasilios, Pvt. Ptinis Samos 19510921
Vasilios, Pvt. Rontziokos Argos 19520317
Vasilios, Pvt. Vasiliadis Thessalon 19510610
Vassilios, 2Lt. Katsantonis Lamia 19521227
Vezianos, Pvt. Vezianos Chalkidik 19520928
Zacharias, Pvt. Kotsoulis Lesvos 19530726
Zacharias, Pvt. Tsatsakis Irakleio 19530525

Individual Honors

Individual members of the Greek Expeditionary Force received numerous USA awards during the Korean War, including six Distinguished Service Crosses, 32 Silver Stars, and 110 Bronze Stars.  Thirteen members of the Greek Air Force (Flight 13) received a United States Air Medal for their heroism in the evacuation operation at Hagaru-ri in December 1950.  The Korean War Educator continues to search for the text of all of these individual awards.

Bronze Star (USA award) Recipients

  • Broumas, MAJ Nick T. - General Orders No. 12 - 22 January 1953
  • Gorgolis, PVT Asterios U. (attached to 1CAV)
  • Tsikoudis, CPL George T. (attached to 1CAV)

Silver Star (USA award) Recipients

  • Anemoyannis, Chahalambos

    Headquarters, IX Corps, General Orders No. 121 (1951)
  • Bekiaris, Fotios Vassilios (posthumous)

Department of the Army
General Orders No. 3 - 20 January 1954

First Lieutenant Fotios Vassilios Bekiaris, Greek Expeditionary Forces, distinguished himself by gallantry in action against the enemy near Song-Yiong-Si, Korea, on 28 September 1952.  The 2d Company, Greek Expeditionary Forces Battalion, had the mission of seizing and securing hill "Big Nori".  Lieutenant Bekiaris, a platoon leader spearheading the attack, courageously led his platoon through intense artillery and mortar fire and quickly secured the objective.  Hostile forces immediately shelled the newly won position with mortar and artillery fire.  Following closely behind, hostile forces launched a determined counterattack in an attempt to drive friendly forces off the hill.  Although wounded, Lieutenant Bekiaris moved about the shell-torn terrain giving instructions to his men as they repulsed the enemy and inflicted heavy casualties.  He so inspired his men that they successfully repulsed two hostile counterattacks.  He was preparing his platoon to meet a third attack when he was mortally wounded by mortar fire.  Lieutenant Bekiaris' gallantry, aggressive action, and devotion to duty reflect great credit on himself and the military service.

  • Spilioupolous, Kyriakos

    Lt. Colonel Spilioupolous was CO of the Greek UN Battalion, attached to the 65th.
  • Stathias, Apostolos E. (posthumous)

Department of the Army
General Orders No. 12 - 22 January 1953

Second Lieutenant Apostolos E. Stathias, 5104, Greek Expeditionary Forces, distinguished himself by gallantry in action near Ichon, Korea, on 30 January 1951.  Under cover of darkness, a numerically superior enemy force attacked Greek positions on a steep ridge and subjected his platoon to intense mortar, grenade, and small-arms fire.  Despite the suddenness of the attack, Lieutenant Stathias rapidly reorganized his unit and moved from position to position, encouraging his men and directing their fire against assaulting troops.  His courageous action and complete disregard for his safety so inspired his men that they successfully repelled the initial attempt by the enemy to break through their perimeter.  Lieutenant Stathias then fearlessly proceeded to the command post to obtain further orders from the company commander and, while returning to his platoon, was mortally wounded by hostile fire.  The singular bravery, consummate devotion to duty, and aggressive leadership shown by Lieutenant Stathias reflect great credit on himself and the Greek Expeditionary Forces of the United Nations Command.

  • Tombras, Constantine Demetrios

Headquarters, Department of the Army
General Orders No. 49 - 1953

The President of the United States of America, authorized by Act of Congress July 9, 1918, takes pleasure in presenting the Silver Star to First Lieutenant Constantine Demetrios Tombras, Foreign, for gallantry in action against the enemy in the vicinity of Koyangdae, Korea, on 2 March 1952. Leading a group of seven men in an attack against a series of heavily fortified enemy bunkers located on top of Kelly Hill, Lieutenant Tombras and his men were driven back by heavy small-arms, automatic weapons, and artillery fire. After rallying his small group, Lieutenant Tombras renewed the attack and again met a murderous hail of fire. Although five of his men were wounded, he led them to the top of the hill, forced the enemy from their position, and held the hill until ordered to withdraw. The outstanding heroism and leadership by Lieutenant Tombras are in accordance with the finest traditions of the military service. Entered Service From Greece.

  • Vlases, George C.

Department of the Army
General Orders No. 53 - 8 September 1955

Brigadier General George C. Vlases, Greek Army, Chief of Greek Liaison Group, United Nations and Far East Commands, distinguished himself by gallantry in action near Surang-ni, Korea, on 18 June 1953.  While inspecting the elements of the Greek Expeditionary Forces Battalion in their most forward positions in defense of critical terrain, the enemy opened an intensive artillery and mortar barrage on outpost "Harry."  After a careful evaluation of the situation General Vlases coordinated the activities of his units and prepared for a probable enemy attack.  He moved throughout the impact area assisting unit commanders, steadying and encouraging the troops by his inspiring example and insuring proper and speedy evacuation of the wounded.  Without regard for his own safety, constantly exposed to heavy fire, he continued his visits from unit to unit stressing the importance of their mission and coordinating defensive measures.  After strong friendly artillery and mortar fire succeeded in silencing hostile fire and when he was convinced that the outpost was secure from attack he returned to the Battalion Command Post.  His presence in the forward area provided a strong, steadying influence which imbued the troops with indomitable resolution and determination.  General Vlases' courage, outstanding leadership and untiring devotion to duty reflect the greatest credit on himself and the Greek Royal Armed Forces.

  • Tombras, Constantine Demetrios

Department of the Army
General Orders No. 49 - 9 June 1953

First Lieutenant Constantine Demetrios Tombras, Greek Expeditionary Forces, distinguished himself by gallantry in action against the enemy in the vicinity of Koyangdae, Korea, on 2 March 1952.  Leading a group of seven men in an attack against a series of heavily fortified enemy bunkers located on top of Kelly Hill, Lieutenant Tombras and his men were driven back by heavy small-arms, automatic-weapons, and artillery fire.  After rallying his small group, Lieutenant Tombras renewed the attack and again met a murderous hail of fire.  Although five of his men were wounded, he led them to the top of the hill, forced the enemy from their position, and held the hill until ordered to withdraw.  The outstanding heroism and leadership demonstrated by Lieutenant Tombras are in accordance with the finest traditions of the military service.

Air Medal

Headquarters, Far East Air Forces Combat Cargo Command
General Orders No. 18 - 14 January 1951

Award of the Air Medal - By direction of the Secretary of the Air Force, and pursuant to authority contained in Air Force Regulation 30-14, dated 7 August 1950, and USAF radio AFPMP 21495, dated 9 August 1950, and Far East Air Forces letter, dated 12 December 1950, the Air Medal for meritorious achievement while participating in aerial flights during the period 1 December 1950 to 10 December 1950 is awarded the following named personnel of the Royal Hellenic Air Force:

  • Flight Lieutenant Tzovins Evagellos
  • Flight Lieutenant John Papandreopolous
  • Flight Officer Vlasios Dodes
  • Pilot Officer Adam Agapakis
  • Pilot Officer Ermes Byzantios
  • Pilot Officer Dimitrios Kouris
  • Pilot Officer Charis Paraskakis
  • Pilot Officer Antonios Patrimolia
  • Pilot Officer Anastasios Stabousos
  • Warrant Officer Andreas Artaitas
  • Warrant Officer Loukas Cypraos
  • Warrant Officer Michael Elefthoriou
  • Warrant Officer Anastasios Giannakouris
  • Warrant Officer John Kapotopoulos
  • Warrant Officer John Papantosoru
  • Leading Aircraftsman Nikolacs Geranas
  • Leading Aircraftsman Niko Lyritjia
  • Leading Aircraftsman Alkis Panagiotoynakos
  • Leading Aircraftsman Nikolacs Ronitos

Unit Citations

The Greek Expeditionary Forces received two U.S. Army Presidential Unit Citations-- one to the Sparta (infantry) Battalion for the capture of Scotch Hill in October 1951 and one for the defense of Outpost Harry June 17-18, 1953.  They also received one U.S. Navy Presidential Unit Citation.

Distinguished Unit Citation
General Orders #18
10 March 1955

Company P Greek Expeditionary Forces Battalion (Second Award) is cited for extraordinary heroism and outstanding performance of duty in action against an armed enemy in the vicinity of Surang-Ni, Korea during the period 17 June to 18 June 1953. Assigned the defense of a vital outpost position (Harry), the company encountered a major enemy assault on the evening of June 17. After an intense concentration of enemy mortar and artillery fire, the hostile forces, which had taken up an attack position on the northeast and northwest side of the outpost, moved rapidly through their own and friendly artillery fire to gain a foothold on the northern slope of the position. Refusing to withdraw, Company P closed in and met the attackers in a furious hand to hand struggle in which many of the enemy were driven off. The aggressors regrouped, quickly attacked a second time, and again gained the friendly trenches. Immediately, the Greek Forces launched a series of counterattacks, simultaneously dispatching a diversionary force to the east of the outpost which successfully channeled the enemy thrusts. After 2 hours of close in fighting, the aggressors were again routed and the friendly positions restored. The outstanding conduct and exemplary courage exhibited by members of Company P, Greek Expeditionary Forces Battalion, reflects great credit on themselves and are in keeping with the finest traditions of the military service and the Kingdom of Greece.




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