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$100 one time gift:

$50 placed in general fund and $50 placed in an endowment fund for the Korean War Educator. The Endowment Fund was started on September 16, 2003.

On January 16, 2008, the savings account for the Endowment Fund was closed out at 1st Mid-Illinois Bank in Tuscola.  The entire contents were placed in a six-month Certificate of Deposit with the beginning sum of $2,290.88.  This was done because the savings account was only netting .25 percent interest.  The CD now nets 4.40 percent.  As of December 31, 2021, the KWE's Endowment Fund contained $5,531.77.

New members are always welcome.  Send your dues to: Korean War Educator, c/o Lynnita Brown, 111 E. Houghton St., Tuscola, IL 61953.

#1 - Lee Dauster, California (USMC, Korea)
#2 - Curley Knepp, South Korea
#3 - John Kronenberger, Illinois
#4 - Norman Zehr, Colorado
#5 - Chris Sarno, Massachusetts (See his memoir "You'll Be Soorree" on the KWE's Memoir page)*Note also that S/Sgt Sarno made a second lifetime contribution of $100.00 to the KWE during Thanksgiving 2004.
#6 - Stan Hadden, Florida (Stan died February 09, 2007.)
#7 - Conrad Grimshaw, Utah (See his memoir on the KWE.)
#8 - Frank Folk, MD, Illinois (Easy Med, Korea 1953-54)
#9 - CENLA Chapter 180, Korean War Veterans Association, Inc., Louisiana
#10 - William E. Kast, Pennsylvania
#11 - William Balaban, Virginia (See his memoirs on the KWE)

#12 - Robert Kirk, Illinois (See his memoirs on the KWE)

#13 - Maurice R. "Dick" Wainwright, Arizona
#14 - 712th TROB - Korean War Veterans, North Carolina
#15 - Hubert G. Nixon, Louisiana
#16 - Wilbur Stafford, Indiana (7th Infantry, 48 F.A., B Battery, Korea 1950-51
#17 - William E. Anderson, Oregon (See his memoirs of Korea 1950-51 on the KWE.)
#18 - Eugene "Gene" Dixon, Michigan (See his USMC memoirs on the KWE)
#19 - C.J. "Skip" Rittenhouse, Ohio  (7th ID, 707 Ord, 32 Rgt, Korea 7/53-8/54)
#20 - Homer Hall, Michigan (See his memoir on the KWE.)
#21 - Jack Cuthrell, Virginia (See his "Battle Mountain" memoir on the KWE.)
#22 - Parker, James L., Texas (Veteran of the Second Infantry Division)
#23 - Brown, Charles Lee, Texas (MSGT-RT, AF) (Veteran of the 2nd Inf Div., 9th Inf Regt, Co. G)
#24 - Raymond C. Vallowe, Illinois (Army veteran of the Chosin Reservoir campaign)
#25 - John W. "Jack" Parchen, California (USMC veteran - G-3-1 Korea) (See his memoirs on the KWE)
#26 - Howard R. Mason, California (U.S. Marine Corps veteran - Weapons/1/7 Korea 1950)
#27 - Marshall O. Potter, Virginia (Attorney who specializes in filing VA claims for veterans)
#28 - F. William (Bill) Phillips, Kentucky (2LT w/Baker Battery, 145th FAB, Heartbreak Ridge, 1953)
#29 - Robert E. Ringer, Florida (Co. C, 151st Eng. Combat Btn., 1169th Engineer Group, Korea 1951)
#30 - David M. Williams, California ("C" Co., 29th RCT, attach. to 24th Div.) Korea 1950-51 P.Perimeter
#31 - Martin Markley, California (Survivor, Siege of Outpost Harry, 1953 - see his memoir on the KWE)
#32 - Thomas Mowell, Florida
#33 - John B. "Jack" Curcio, South Carolina (5th Marines, 1st Marine Division, Korea 1952-53)
#34 - Albert Styles, California (1/11 Marines), Korea 8/50-2/51, Brigade, Chosin, Inchon, etc.
#35 - Daniel J. Carson, Hawaii (3rd Infantry Division - Survivor, Siege of Outpost Harry, 1953)
#36 - John J. Kane Jr., Colorado (C-1-7 Marine, Korea - See his memoir on the KWE)
#37 - Earl Boyce Clark, Washington (E-2-7 Marine, Korea - See his memoir on the KWE)
#38 - James W. Bolt, Florida (63rd FAB; C Battery, 552nd FAB - Korea 1950-51 - His memoir is going up on the KWE.
#39 - First Special Basic Class, USMC, 1950
#40 - Tom Cearlock, Illinois (Field wireman, 300th Field Artillery, Korea)
#41 - Carl Galey, Illinois (Operations Dept., USS Essex CV9 & USS Yorktown CV10, 1951-52)
#42 - Joseph Alvarez, Texas (223rd Infantry Regiment Association, 40th Infantry Division)
#43 - Lynnita Brown, Illinois (Membership paid by an anonymous Korean War veteran with this message:  "I am enclosing a check to purchase a life membership for you!  It seems unfair, that your past years of contribution in establishing this Korean War Educator site, fails to recognize your daily efforts to keep it operational without your maintaining membership on a yearly basis.  As far as I am concerned, you deserve a  vote as an Honorary Korean Veteran.  You may list this any way you wish--as anonymous, or from a veteran that wishes to remain so.  It is to honor and respect you, not me.  Thank you for all your efforts on behalf of the Korean Veteran.")
#44 - Bill Webster, Oklahoma (Bill Webster is a Life Member of KWVA Chapter #2832, and is Commander of Eastern Oklahoma Chapter #177 KWVA.)
#45 - Michael Green, California (author of over 80 non-fiction books for children and adults)
#46 - Derold A. "Mick" Olson, Wisconsin (Mick was a member of F-2-7, Korea 1952.  He was wounded July 1952.  See his Memoirs on the KWE.)
#47 - Gilbert J. Oppen, Arizona (24th AAA Battalion, Battery A, 8th Army, Korea 1952-53; discharged from Army 1957; Idaho National Guard - 5 years; Washington Air Guard - S.M. Sgt. USAF Ret.)
#48 - Orace L. Edwards, Texas (BARman, G-3-1, USMC, Korea 15 Sept. 1950-30 Nov. 1950; Inchon, Seoul, Chosin; frostbite; wounded)
#49 - Bill Dillon, Pennsylvania (3rd Inf. Div, Mike Co., 15th Rgt., 1st Cav Div., 5th Rgt.; Korea 1952-53).  See Bill's memoir on the KWE's Memoirs - Short Stories page.
#50 - Everett McFarland, Indiana (H-3-7, 2nd Squad, 2nd Platoon - Wounded twice & frostbitten in the Chosin Reservoir campaign)
#51 - Dick Gallmeyer, Virginia (organizer of the Annual Korean War Veterans Reunions in Nevada)
#52 - John C. Graham, Texas (Corporal John Graham served in Korea with the 2nd Platoon of Charlie Company, 17th Infantry Regiment, 7th Infantry Division from September of 1950 to June 1951.  His short memoir can be found on the KWE.)
#53 - Murdo MacLennan, Colorado (1st Marine Division, 7th Marine Regiment, Anglico, Korea 9/22/50-9/10/51)
#54 - Harold L. Reinhart, Ohio (He was a forward observer with Company H, 35th Regiment, 25th Division, Korea 1951-52.  His short story can be found on the KWE's Memoirs pages.)
#55 - Gen. Volney F. Warner, Virginia (2nd Lt., "L" Company, 21st Infantry Regiment, 24th Infantry Division (Army), Korea August 1950-1951.  See his short memoirs and bio on the KWE's Memoirs page.)
#56 - John P. Collins, Massachusetts (508 Regimental Combat Team 6/1951-1/1952 & 513th Transportation Co., 70th Truck Battalion, Korea 5/52-12/53).  See his memoirs on the KWE's Memoirs page.
#57 - Tracy Lewerenz, North Carolina
#58 - Arthur Schwebke, Illinois (3rd Infantry Division)
#59 - Anthony J. DeBlasi, Maine (Anthony served with the Army's Radio Teletype Platoon, Radio Company, 304th Signal Battalion, 22nd Signal Group, Korea 1953-54See his memoirs on the KWE.)
#60 - Ron Devore, Kentucky (623rd FAB assigned to 10th Corps; Korea December 1951-October 1952)
#61 - Douglas C. Glenn, Missouri (Doug wrote: "I am sending this $100 membership to cover a lifetime membership.  The website is a wonderful tribute to the veterans and their families.  A few months ago, you helped post a remembrance death notice for my father, Carl Junior Glenn.  I am very grateful for the sacrifices made by all veterans and for the fine work you do with the website.")
#62 - C.L. "Nellie" or "Bud" Nelson, Florida (Bud Nelson served in Korea November 1951-1952 as a member of the 1st Platoon, Baker Co., 1st Amphibian Tractor Battalion.  He served in the USMC April 1951-April 1954.
#63 - Harold J. "Syd" Sydnam, Washington (B-1-5, 2nd Platoon, 2nd Squad, Fire team & Squad Leader USMC, Korea 1951) (See Syd's memoir on the KWE.)
#64 - Peter M. Popolizio, Florida (Corporal, Co. E, 17th Infantry Regiment; recipient of a Silver Star)
#65 - Fred Frankville, Illinois (Fred served with Dog Company, 7th Marines in Korea 12/1950-1951.  His memoir is on the KWE.)
#66 - John "Pat" Patterson, Alabama (Pat's memoir is located on the KWE's Memoirs pages.  He served as an SCR 300 radio operator and rifleman, in Company L, 35th Infantry Regiment, 25th Infantry Division, Korea Sept. 1950-Sept. 1951.)
#67 - Bill G. Wright, Alabama (Company H, Service Company, Company A, 224th Infantry Regiment, 40th Infantry Division (Army) Korea 1951-52.  Bill's memoir can be found on the KWE's Memoirs pages.
#68 - Jay Newcomer, Florida (82nd ORD H M 8th Army, Seoul, Korea, January 1951-June 1952)
#69 - Dale Erickson, Minnesota (Assault Platoon, Recon Unit, Weapons 2/7 (USMC), Pohang, Operation Killer, Chinese Spring Offensive, Yanggu River Valley, Punch Bowl, Korea 1950-51)  Dale's memoir can be found on the KWE's Memoir's pages.
#70 - Fred "Fritz" Sinclair, Texas (Counter-Mortar Radar Unit CMRU, assigned to 10th Field Artillery Battalion, Korea 1951-52
#71 - Perry J. Dickey, Oklahoma (Fireteam leader, squad leader, company/intelligence scout, Dog Seven (USMC), Korea 12/50-11/51, Guerilla Hunt, Operation Killer, Massacre Valley, No Name Ridge, Mousetrap, WIA-Hill 749.)  Perry's memoir can be found on the KWE's Memoirs pages.
#72 - Bill D. Saxon, Texas (Artillery Forward Observer, US Army, Korea 1952, Silver Star Recipient)
#74 - George G. "Pat" Patrick, North Carolina (Proud veteran, US Navy/US Army - US Navy Korean War, served on the USS Tawakoni ATF-114, Inchon, Wonsan, Hungnam, Pusan, Task Force and Minesweeping operations.  Read his memoirs book, "On the Sea of Purple Hearts" (see the KWE's General Store for order information).
#75 - Robert Guertin, Minnesota (Squad leader, light machine gun squad, Charlie Co., 1st Marines, Korea)
#76 - Willis Jackson, Florida (World War II & Korea veteran; Korea April 1951-May 1951; Platoon Leader, 3rd Platoon, Fox Co., 35th Inf. Rgt., 25th Inf. Div.; recipient, Distinguished Service Cross for action on Hill 329; wounded; evacuated) (Willis' memoir is located on the Korean War Educator.)
#77 - Denis J. Healy, Illinois (US Army, Korea 1954, 55th MP Co. & 728th MP Battalion)
#78 - Ian Street, Australia (Served in Korea from 31-3-54 to 7-11-55 with the 1st Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment)
#79 - Herb Wente, South Carolina
#80 - Robert Janes, California
#81 - Emily Janca, New York
#82 - Michael H. Deabenderfer, California (Mike joined the United States Marine Corps in June 1952.  He went through boot camp in San Diego, then on to Camp Pendleton for infantry training and on to Pickle Meadows for cold weather training.  He shipped out to Korea in February 1953 with the 32nd draft.  He was assigned to the 1st Ordnance Battalion, Forward Ammo Company delivering 60 and 81mm mortars to the weapons companies on the MLR.  He was involved with the Nevada hills outpost and the Berlins, then back to Hill 119, Boulder City 7/27/53 at 10 p.m., the truce was enacted and all came to a halt with the skies dark at night.  Mike tells us, "I was very happy to see the truce, as too many people were dying.  I left Korea in September 1954 for the States.")
#83 - Martha McCullough, Florida
#84 - Vito (Ted) Pileggi, Oregon (Ted is a Korean War Marine who served in Easy Company.  Read about his book Easy Company Marines-More Than Brothers on the General Store of the KWE.)
#85 - John L. Bohannon, Alabama (John received a Silver Star in Korea while serving with the 3rd Infantry Division near Song'jong, Korea in 1951.)
#86 - Bill Cole, Illinois (Bill served in Korea 1953-54 with the 8226th Communications Zone [KCOMZ] and is the brother-in-law of Dick Tate who was KIA on Outpost Harry in B Company, 15th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Infantry Division.)
#87 - David L. Holly Sr., California (David is a survivor of the sinking of the USS Benevolence on August 25, 1950.  Chief Holly later became a US Navy medic.)
#88 - Arthur L. Jacoby (CW2 USA Ret.), Texas (Arthur had 21 years in the Army from 1948 to 1969, serving in both the Korean War and Vietnam War.  He saw two tours of duty in Korea: "I was there during the hard cold winter of 1950-1951  I was also there in 1966-1967 on the DMZ with the 23rd Infantry Battalion, 2nd Infantry Division.  We had a few dead and wounded in our battalion during that time.")
#89 - Stevan C. Rich, California
#90 - George Gatliff, Arkansas ("From Battery A, 937th Field Artillery Battalion, Mena Arkansas Army National Guard, I'm the last of the Four Musketeers. I'm not sure how and when A.J. "Peewee" Quinn and Glendell "Skyjuice" Rainwater died, but Charles "Rube" Rowton died several years ago from brain cancer, as did his grandson. Also, MSG W.A. "Junior" Hensley, our Chief of Firing Battery, died several years ago, and he was probably just worn out because he was in the same unit in World War II. Delmer Lott died of kidney failure a couple years ago. Lloyd Cole was murdered a couple years ago during his daily walk in Mena. I know you see and hear it every day, Lynnita, but we are fading fast.")
#91 - Kermit Ueland, North Dakota ( Kermit served in the 2nd Communications Squadron at Kimpo air base in Korea during 1946-47.  His memoir is located on the KWE's Memoirs pages.)
#92 - James Arch Foulks III, Georgia (Jay Foulks is the son of James Foulks, pilot of a B-29 that crashed into the Yellow Sea after being attacked by MiGs on Black Tuesday.  Jay was only four years old when his father went missing in this crash.)
#93 - Dean S. Allan, Utah (Dean was left gunner on the B-29 "Trouble Brewer" when it crashed on June 24, 1952.  He then became the left gunner on the B-29 "Police Action".  His memoir is on the Korean War Educator.)
#94 - Jerome Bonkowski, Illinois (Jerome was a squad leader, Machine Gun Platoon, H&S Company, 2d Battalion, 7th Marines, 1st Marine Division Reinforced, Fleet Marine Force.  He also served in Dog Company, 7th Marines.  His memoir is on the Korean War Educator.)
#95 - Charles Lombard, Iowa (Charles served as a medic in Korea with the 618 Medical Company and the 30th Medical Company in 1953-54.  His memoir will be the next activated memoir on the KWE.)
#96 - Vernon Ribera, Texas (Vernon was a platoon sergeant in the 45th Infantry Division in Korea.  His life membership was paid by his daughter, Leslie Ledda.)
#97 - William Schultz, Michigan (Bill served for 16 months in Korea in 1957-58.  He was first with K Company, 21st Infantry Regiment, 24th Infantry Division.  After that he served in Company A, 2nd Battle Group, 12th Cavalry, 1st Cavalry Division.)
#98 - Lucille Murray, Illinois (Lucille's cousin, Sgt. Francis Edward Callahan of Wood River, Illinois, died of wounds received on Pork Chop Hill on January 30, 1952, while serving with the 160th Infantry Regiment, K Company, 3rd Battalion, 40th Infantry Division.)
#99 - Cynthia Meek, Iowa [KWE Note: This membership arrived August 2, 2015, but was not posted until 5/29/16 due to an administration error.  Our apologies to Cynthia.]
#100 - Leslie Ledda, Texas (Just found your amazing website.  As the daughter of a Korean War veteran I am so grateful for this website.  Best wishes for continued successful operations.)  [KWE Note: This membership arrived August 14, 2015, but was not posted until 5/29/16 due to an administration error.  Our apologies to Leslie.]
#101 - Gary Morgan, Minnesota
#102 - C. Chanatry, Florida
#103 - Gregory O'Connor, Kansas [Gregory is the son of 1Lt. David F. O'Connor, who received a Bronze and Silver Star in Korea.]
#104 - Hilary Osborn Malecki, New York (Hilary's father was Charles Raymond Osborn, a  Silver Star recipient and veteran of the 40th Infantry Division.  Charles was injured in a grenade explosion in April of 1952 and was evacuated from the front lines of Korea.)
#105 - Frank Tims, Florida (A retired professor and consultant to DoD, as well as NIH, Frank was in Korea 1967-69 with US Army Research Unit, Korea. He also served in the Army during the Korean war period and knew a lot of guys who fought there. During the 1960s, he traveled to all ADA missile units, as well as 2nd and 7th Division units. He knows the country very well and saw it transition from an agricultural to industrial economy. He went back in 1977, and said that the change was profound.  Frank told the KWE: "Some of the events I witnessed during my time in Korea made a profound impression on me. I met General Bonesteel--a man of considerable intellect and political skill. I remember the Blue House raid, the capture of the USS Pueblo, and the Cyrus Vancer mission, as well as operations along the DMZ. I am currently writing a novel set in Korea during the 1968-69 years--it is nearly completed. I have been a supporter of the KWE for years and had a few conversations with Ted Barker. KWE is a great historical and cultural resource. You folks have done a great service.")
#106 - Irving Scott, Arizona
#107 - Edward J. Creighton, New York [Eddie is the son of Korean War veteran Brendan Creighton.  Brendan was a member of Company C, 8th Cavalry Regiment.]
#108 - Jodi Bateman, South Carolina
#109 - Hyeonggeun Ahn, Yangju City, Gyeonggi-do 11408, South Korea
#110 - Changil Jeong, State of Washington
#111 - Jong Il Lee, State of North Carolina, with the message: "Thank you for your work."

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