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Army Aircraft Post-War Deaths in Korea

The following names and casualty details of Army aircraft post-war deaths/injuries in Korea were found on the website: Army AirCrews.Com.  If anyone has information about the casualties to add to "About the Casualties", contact Lynnita.

God bless these casualties and their families.

Table of Contents:

  • Casualties
  • Casualty Table
  • About the Casualties

Casualties (see date in table below):

  • Alexander, 1Lt. Elmer - 2/08/1958
  • Alvarez, SFC David L. - 1/13/1971
  • Alves, Capt. Kenneth - 8/04/1963
  • Atkins, 1Lt. James C. - 9/21/1956
  • Ayton, Capt. James S. - 3/22/1972
  • Bauman, 1Lt. Geary O. - 5/08/1978
  • Benoit, CW2 Clarence L. - 7/19/1976
  • Boswell, Capt. Aubrey R. - 2/01/1963
  • Brown, CWO Robert L. - 2/04/1999
  • Burmaz, Capt. Dion J. - 2/26/2005
  • Carlson, CW4 Leslie R. - 12/22/1986
  • Carlson, CIV Sven E. - 4/07/1973
  • Cochran, CW3 Duane M. Jr. - 12/16/1981
  • Cooper, Capt. Russell E. - 8/04/1963
  • Covert, CW2 Charles M. - 11/28/1972
  • Cowan, CW3 Aaron W. - 2/26/2005
  • Cox, Capt. Kenneth Maurice - 10/08/1970
  • Craven, Capt. Patrick F. - 7/19/1976
  • Crump, CW2 James H. - 11/02/1979
  • Davis, Capt. Joseph M. - 8/04/1963
  • Dehart, SP$ Jay D. - 3/22/1972
  • Dirks, CWO Gerald H. - 4/01/1959
  • Dostal, Capt. Edward A. - 7/14/1977
  • Edison, Capt. Clinton R. - 12/16/1981
  • Ely, PFC James R. - 8/14/1964
  • Fitzgerald, WO1 Victor L. - 12/22/1986
  • Flecker, 1Lt. Norman T.S. - 6/30/1998
  • German, 1Lt. Jayme - 12/11/1984
  • Giglio, LTC Rudolph F. - 2/09/1965
  • Glenn, LTC Thomas H. - 1/28/1955
  • Gowen, 1Lt. Donald R. - 6/20/1962
  • Graham, SP4 Will H. - 8/14/1964
  • Grant, SP2 Bill L. - 2/08/1958
  • Griggs, 1Lt. Richard J. - 11/27/1968
  • Haney, CW4 Jerry - 7/06/1989
  • Harris, Capt. Morton C. - 3/21/1958
  • Haynes, SP5 Robert C. - 7/14/1977
  • Healy, CWO Robert M. - 4/21/1971
  • Hilemon, CW2 David - 12/17/1994
  • Hogan, Capt. Charles E. - 11/23/1964
  • Holloway, 1Lt. Robert J. - 8/26/1960
  • Holz, Pvt. Gary A. - 11/27/1968
  • Hopkins, CWO David L. - 4/04/1999
  • Huckobey, SP5 James D. - 6/25/1965
  • Humphreys, CW2 Benjamin K. - 11/13/1961
  • Ingram, CW2 Julius H. - 11/27/1968
  • Jakale, Col. John J. - 9/21/1956
  • Jamieson, CWO Walter E. Jr. - 3/21/1958
  • Johanson, SP4 Bengt E. - 3/05/1975
  • Johnson, SP6 Joseph H. - 3/05/1975
  • Jones, SP4 John V. - 7/19/1976
  • Kane, 1Lt. Paul D. - 2/08/1958
  • Karstens, Capt. Thomas E. - 2/22/1973
  • KATUSA - 12/09/1985
  • Kern, SP4 Peter M. - 3/16/1969
  • Kim, Cpl. J.B. (ROK) - 3/16/1969
  • King, SP4 Stanley T. - 2/06/1970
  • Lashley, Capt. William A. - 7/13/1977
  • Lewis, CWO J.L. - 8/14/1964
  • Lingle, CW2 William L. Jr. - 11/13/1961
  • Maisel, WO Barney - 2/22/1973
  • Mason, CW2 Riley W. Jr. - 6/30/1998
  • Mathias, WO1 Frank Lloyd - 10/08/1970
  • Maxwell, SP5 David N. - 3/22/1972
  • McGrew, SP4 Daniel V. - 3/05/1975
  • McKinney, SSGT George T. - 3/16/1969
  • Miles, CW2 James H. - 7/13/1977
  • Miles, CW2 Joseph A. - 7/14/1977
  • Miller, SP4 Terence D. - 11/27/1968
  • Moore, Capt. Travis L. Sr. - 8/04/1963
  • Morgan, MSG Marvin E. - 8/04/1963
  • Mullady, DAC Jane M. - 1/14/1959
  • Neal, SP5 Coleman L. - 11/13/1961
  • Nicholson, 1Lt. Joe S. - 1/12/1954
  • Norman, Capt. Kevin M. - 8/12/2003
  • O'Flahavan, Capt. Lawrence V. - 11/13/1961
  • Pappas, SP4 Richard A. - 3/22/1972
  • Park, Capt. Benjamin S. Jr. - 3/16/1969
  • Pipes, Pvt. Robert C. - 1/20/1955
  • Pomeroy, SFC Charles G. - 3/22/1972
  • Ramirez, SP5 Oscar - 11/13/1961
  • Robinson, SSGT Horace P. - 7/13/1977
  • Rothwell, Maj. James C. - 3/16/1969
  • Sain, CW2 Larry N. - 3/05/1975
  • Salvage, 2Lt. Harold S. - 11/07/1955
  • Schroeder, SP4 Kurt J. - 1/13/1971
  • Sealy, CWO Marion N. Jr. - 9/13/1959
  • Shannon, 1Lt. Dustin - 8/21/2002
  • Shears, SPC Ryan J. - 6/30/1998
  • Shumar, Lt. Robert C. - 3/21/1958
  • Smith, SP5 Fred L. - 11/28/1972
  • Smith, LTC William L. - 11/27/1968
  • Snow, Capt. Kevin M. - 8/12/2003
  • Steele, W01 Michael R. - 11/02/1979
  • Stitzel, Capt. Victor N.S. - 2/22/1973
  • Stoller, SP4 Edwin L. - 3/15/1969
  • Sutera, 1Lt. Nick L. - 1/13/1971
  • Taylor, CW2 Robert D. - 11/13/1991
  • Thatcher, 1Lt. Thomas A. - 9/13/1959
  • Thomas, CWO Ronald - 8/14/1964
  • Truit, Capt. Gene A. - 8/04/1963
  • Unknown name - Artillery officer - 2/20/1956
  • Unknown name - Captain - 10/02/1954
  • Unknown name - Crewmen (2) - 6/07/1954
  • Unknown name - 1st Lieutenant - 1/12/1954
  • Unknown name - Lieutenant - 10/02/1954
  • Unknown name - ME - 12/22/1953
  • Unknown name - NCO - 6/20/1962
  • Unknown name - Pilot - 12/22/1953
  • Unknown name - Warrant Officer - 6/07/1954
  • Unknown names (Neutral Nations Truce Supervisory Commission) - 11/07/1955
  • Uyenoyama, Capt. Dennis H. - 1/13/1971
  • Wallenburg, CW3 James J. - 8/21/2002
  • Wancura, SP5 Everett W. - 3/05/1975
  • Warren, CIV Stanley S. - 11/23/1964
  • Wells, SGT Ronald E. - 7/14/1977
  • White, SP4 Jack L. - 11/13/1961
  • Whittle, PFC Michael E. - 4/07/1973
  • Winchester, SP3 James E. - 3/21/1958
  • Winchester, DAC Virgil S. - 3/22/1972
  • Winget, PFC Jeffrey A. - 12/22/1986
  • Withers, SP5 Leslie V. - 11/13/1961
  • Woodrum, CW3 Gary L. - 5/08/1978
  • Zanchi, SP5 Carroll C. - 3/16/1969
  • Zimmermann, Lt. Roy C. - 11/13/1991

Casualty Table:

Date Casualties Details
December 22, 1953 Unknown name - pilot
Unknown name - ME
This aircraft crashed on a training flight.
January 12, 1954 Unknown name - 1st Lieutenant
1Lt. Joe S. Nicholson
The aircraft crashed into a mountainside and burned while returning from a 45th Infantry Division training area.
June 07, 1954 Bertrand McCullough "Mack" Badger & one other crew member The aircraft developed engine trouble shortly before 1100 hours and crashed into a building five miles east of Seoul.
October 02, 1954 Unknown name - Lieutenant
Unknown name - Captain
Mid-air collision between two L-19s during a fly over exhibition of South Korean army units.  The other L-19 was crippled and made an emergency landing.
January 20, 1955 LTC Thomas H. Glenn
Pvt. Robert C. Pipes
Aircraft was hit by shell fragments around noon near the Korean DMZ.  LTC Glenn died eight days later from his wounds.
November 07, 1955 2Lt. Harold S. Salvage
3 Polish passengers
Crash occurred approx. 1130 hours caused by snow flurries & low visibility 30 miles north of Kusan en route to Kimpo air base.  The passengers were members of the Neutral Nations Truce Supervisory Commission.
February 20, 1956 Unknown name - Artillery Officer This officer was killed when he walked into the spinning propeller of the plane after he climbed out at an airstrip 35 miles north of Seoul.
September 21, 1956 Col. John J. Jakale
1Lt. James C. Atkins
Detach G/KMAG - This aircraft crashed near the town of Hadong, 20 miles west of K-4, while traveling from Kwanju to Pusan.
February 08, 1958 1Lt. Elmer Alexander
1Lt. Paul D. Kane
Sp2 Bill L. Grant
The aircraft crashed north of Yong Wol after running into bad weather while en route to the aid of a seriously injured American civilian construction worker.
March 21, 1958 Lt. Robert C. Shumar
Capt. Morton C. Harris
CWO Walter E. Jamieson Jr.
SP3 James E. Winchester
Their aircraft crashed north of Yong Wol after running into bad weather while en route to the aid of a seriously injured American civilian construction worker.
January 14, 1959 DAC Jane M. Mullady Assigned as a service club director, Jane was killed when she walked into the spinning propeller while attempting to board the plane at K-16 air strip.
April 01, 1959 CWO Gerald H. Dirks The aircraft "fell through" and the forward rotor hit the mountain below the ridge near Camp Kaiser.  It flipped end over end and slid down the mountain about 100 yards, coming to rest against a tree stump.
September 13, 1959 1Lt. Thomas A. Thatcher
CWO Marion N. Sealy Jr.
When their aircraft went out of control, it crashed into a riverbank about 10 miles north of Seoul while attempting a forced landing.
August 26, 1960 1Lt. Robert J. Holloway His aircraft crashed four minutes after takeoff into a field 8 miles northeast of Chunchon.
November 13, 1961 CW2 Benjamin K. Humphreys
Capt. Lawrence V. O'Flahavan
SP5 Oscar Ramirez
CW2 William L. Lingle Jr.
SP5 Coleman L. Neal
SP4 Jack L. White
SP5 Lesley V. Withers
The aircraft crashed near Osan Air Force Base while on a routine military passenger flight.  Four passengers were with the 65th Ordnance Company.
June 20, 1962 1Lt. Donald R. McGowen
An NCO was also killed.
Their aircraft crashed in the mountains west of Hwachon Reservoir just north of Mae Bong mountain while patrolling the DMZ.
February 01, 1963 Capt. Aubrey R. Boswell His plane crashed in a mountainous area some 20 miles north of Seoul while on a routine convoy control mission.
August 4, 1963 Capt. Travis L. Moore Sr.
Capt. Kenneth Alves
Capt. Gene A. Truit
Capt. Joseph M. Davis
Capt. Russell E. Cooper
MSG Marvin E. Morgan
This Army plane crashed and burned on 4,700-foot Pangdae-San Mountain while on a routine training flight from Kangson-ni to Pyongtaek.  Wreckage was found at 4,000 feet on the mountainside.
August 14, 1964 CWO J.L. Lewis
CWO Ronald Thomas
SP4 Will H. Graham
PFC James R. Ely
The aircraft crashed and burned near the top of 3,000-foot Mt. Mudung near Kwangju while transporting signal equipment to a construction site for the Korean government.  T/R struck the hillside, causing the aircraft to crash into a land mine.
November 23, 1964 Capt. Charles E. Hogan
Civilian Stanley S. Warren
The aircraft crashed and burned in a rice paddy after developing mechanical trouble four miles south of Uijongbu en route to Seoul.
February 09, 1965 LTC Rudolph F. Giglio His aircraft crashed in the South Korean village of Ma Dong near the DMZ.  A 6-year-old Korean boy was also killed.
June 25, 1965 SP5 James D. Huckobey The aircraft crashed nine miles south of Uijongbu while on a routine morning resupply mission.
November 27, 1968 CW2 Julius H. Ingram
1LT Richard J. Griggs
Pvt. Gary A. Holz
SP4 Terence D. Miller
LTC William L. Smith
Their aircraft crashed in the Sea of Japan while en route to its base in Kangnung.  Flying conditions at the time were described as marginal with a heavy cloud cover from 700 feet to 9,000 feet.  SAR operations failed to locate the missing aircraft and were called off on December 4th.
March 16, 1969 Maj. James C. Rothwell
SP5 Carroll C. Zanchi
SP4 Edwin L. Stoller
Capt. Benjamin S. Park Jr.
SP4 Peter M. Kern
SSgt. George T. McKinney
Cpl. J.B. Kim (ROK)
A medivac helicopter carrying soldiers wounded in a clash with North Korean troops crashed shortly after takeoff along the western sector of the DMZ at 2145 hours approximately three miles southwest of Panmunjom.
February 06, 1970 SP4 Stanley T. King His aircraft lost control on approach and crashed and burned at Rodriguez Range during a night-time extraction of troops.
October 08, 1970 WO1 Frank Lloyd Mathias
Capt. Kenneth Maurice Cox
Their aircraft crashed and exploded near Chuncheon while on a routine administrative flight from K-16 to Camp Page.
January 13, 1971 Capt. Dennis H. Uyenoyama
1Lt. Nick L. Sutera
SFC David L. Alvarez
SP4 Kurt J. Schroeder
The aircraft was in a ten-ship formation when the #1 hanger bearing seized and the short T/R drive shaft came apart in flight.  The aircraft started a right descending turn when the T/B separated, followed by mast bumping with the rotor separating, crashed and burned upon impact.  The partial separation of the exhaust pipe from the rear of the engine case allowed the hot exhaust gases to impinge upon the #1 T/R driveshaft hanger baring.  The bearing failed due to lack of lubrication.
April 21, 1971 CWO Robert M. Healy The aircraft crashed near Chunchon while on a regular operational mission, reportedly due to a wire strike.
March 22, 1972 SP5 David N. Maxwell
SP4 Jay D. Dehart
CAPT James S. Ayton
SP4 Richard A. Pappas
SFC Charles G. Pomeroy
DAC Virgil S. Winchester
(2 injured)
Chinook aircraft crashed on a routine flight near Waegwan about one mile south of Camp Carroll.  Aircraft unit was based in Pyongtaek.
November 28, 1972 CW2 Charles M. Covert
SP5 Fred L. Smith
Their aircraft crashed in a mountainous area near Chonan after leaving Osan Air Base en route to base at Taegu.
February 22, 1973 WO Barney Maisel
Capt. Thomas E. Karstens
Capt. Victor N. Stitzel
This aircraft hit several trees, rolled into a ravine, and caught fire about 10 miles north of Uijongbu.  Two boys age 12 and 19 were also killed on the ground and four more were injured.
April 07, 1973 PFC Michael E. Whittle
CIV Sven E. Carlson
The aircraft crashed into the North Han River at approximately 1430 hours.  The civilian passenger was the 18-month old son of the pilot, CW2 Bruce Carlson.
March 05, 1975 CW2 Larry N. Sain
SP6 Joseph H. Johnson
SP5 Everett W. Wancura
SP4 Bengt E. Johanson
SP4 Daniel V. McGrew
Their aircraft struck a power line and crashed into a small tributary of the North Han River near Chuncheon at 1030 hours.
July 19, 1976 Capt. Patrick F. Craven
CW2 Clarence L. Benoit
SP4 John V. Jones
Lead in a formation flight, their aircraft struck a power line severing control tubes and crashed near Pocheon.  The other aircraft in formation were able to avoid the wires.
March 02, 1977 CWO Guy E. Laughlin Jr.
CAPT Edward A. Dostal
SP6 Granville W. Morgan
SP5 James W. Smith
Aircraft from Camp Humphreys crashed and burned about 20 miles southeast of Pyongtaek after hitting a high voltage cable in fog.  Aircraft was flying from Camp Humphreys to Camp Ames with two other helicopters when dense fog and rain prevented them from landing at Ames.  Crash occurred at approximately 0730 hours while returning to Humphreys.
July 13, 1977 Capt. William A. Lashley
CW2 James H. Miles
SSGT Horace P. Robinson
Their plane crashed at 2225 hours in rainy skies approximately nine miles north of Taegu while attempting rescue of downed Marine UH-1N helicopter assigned to HML-367, Det. B.
July 14, 1977 CW2 Joesph [sic] A. Miles
SGT Ronald E. Wells
SP5 Robert C. Haynes
Chinook helicopter shot down by North Korean ground fire after it tried to take off after mistaking the first ground fire for engine trouble and putting down to check it out.  Aircraft accidentally crossed DMZ.
May 08, 1978 1Lt. Geary O. Bauman
CW3 Gary L. Woodrum
Their aircraft crashed north of Seoul.  No further details yet found.
November 02, 1979 WO1 Michael R. Steele
CW2 James H. Crump
This aircraft from Camp Stanton hit the ground at greater than 30 G's near Tongduchon, 9 miles north of Seoul after a DMZ/TAC zone flight for new in-country pilot (flight surgeon) orientation.  Hydraulic failure and control lock-up was suspected to have caused the accident.
December 16, 1981 CW3 Duane M. Cochran Jr.
Capt. Clinton R. Edison
Their aircraft was on an area orientation flight and was in formation when a M/R pitch change link broke, causing a blade to go through the front cockpit.
December 11, 1984 1LT Jayme German The aircraft was on a single pilot mission doing low level under NVG's when it struck tree tops and pulled a hard turn into the mountainside approximately 5 miles north of Camp Casey.
December 09, 1985 KATUSA This KATUSA was killed when his chopper crashed near Chongju after the chopper hit a power line while trying to assist the crew of a U.S. Army CH-47 Chinook that had made an emergency landing.
December 22, 1986 CW4 Leslie R. Carlson
WO1 Victor L. Fitzgerald
PFC Jeffrey A. Winget
These men were killed in a mid-air collision with another UH-60 (#83-23857) approximately 4 miles south of Camp Humphreys around 2010 hours during night maneuvers.  A crew of three from the other aircraft was injured.
July 06, 1989 CW4 Jerry Haney The aircraft crashed after hitting high voltage power lines on a routine night training mission eight miles east of Seoul at approximately 2200 hours.
November 13, 1991 CW2 Robert D. Taylor
Lt. Roy C. Zimmermann
Midair collision between two AH-1 Cobra helicopters during an NVG training mission.
December 17, 1994 CW2 David Hilemon His aircraft was shot down by North Koreans after crossing a "no-fly" zone.  Hilemon was an Apache pilot on a DMZ familiarization flight. A US Army OH-58A Kiowa (71-20796), on a training flight near the Korean DMZ, strayed off-course and was shot down over North Korea. One crew member, David Hilemon, was killed. The North Koreans turned over his body to U.S. authorities five days after the shoot-down at the Panmunjom truce village. The other crew member, Bobby W. Hall II, was taken captive by the North Koreans and released 13 days later.
June 30, 1998 1Lt. Norman T.S. Flecker
CW2 Riley W. Mason Jr.
SPC Ryan J. Shears
Their aircraft crashed into a mountain approximately 100' down-slope from the peak near Kapyong.  Cause of accident was inadvertent IMC.
February 04, 1999 CWO Robert L. Brown
CWO David L. Hopkins
Their plane crashed in the Twin Bridges Training Area 20 miles north of Seoul at approximately 1235 hours while observing a division training exercise that was in progress ("Warsteed").
August 21, 2002 1Lt. Dustin Shannon
CW3 James J. Wallenburg
The aircraft crashed into a hillside on a nighttime mission near Chunchon.  The weather contributed to poor choices in altitude, airspeed and outflying the sensor.
August 12, 2003 Capt. Kevin M. Norman
CW3 David W. Snow
Their aircraft crashed on a maintenance test flight 7 miles southwest of Camp Humphreys.  The plane entered a spin while performing stall checks.
February 26, 2005 CW3 Aaron W. Cowan
Capt. Dion J. Burmaz
During a training mission, their aircraft cashed near Paju, northern Gyeonggi provide.  Investigation determined no one was operating the flight controls for seconds preceding the accident.
November 23, 2015 CWO4 Jason McCormack
CW3 Brandon Smith
Their AH-64 Apache helicopter crashed on a road in Wonju, South Korea.

About the Casualties

  • Alexander, 1Lt. Elmer - "First Lt. Elmer Alexander, 25, U. S. Air Force, was killed in an airplane crash February 8, 1959 in Korea, according to a telegram received Sunday by his wife, Mrs. Imogene O Connell Alexander, 2612 17th Ave., Gulfport, Mississippi. Lieutenant Alexander, born in Long Beach June 19, 1932, had been in service seven and a half years and had served in Korea for 14 months. He was scheduled to return to the United States in just 27 days. Lieutenant Alexander received his pilot's training at Fort Sill, Oklahoma, and Ft. Rucker, Alabama. He had trained and served at numerous other posts during his service career before going to Korea. Lieutenant Alexander, son of Mrs. Norene Alexander, Long Beach, and the late John Alexander, was a graduate of Long Beach High School where he was a member of the football team. Other than his wife and mother, he is survived by two daughters, Carla and Teri Alexander, Gulfport, and three brothers, Mott, Larry and Albert Alexander, all of Long Beach. Funeral arrangements are incomplete, but the body will be returned to the united States and burial will be in Evergreen Cemetery in Gulfport."
  • Alvarez, SFC David Lee - Born in 1933, SFC Alvarez died January 13, 1971, and is buried in Santa Maria Cemetery, Santa Maria, CA.
  • Alves, Capt. Kenneth - Died in Korea August 04, 1963.  He was an Air Medal recipient:
    Captain Kenneth J. Alves, Armor, United States Army, a member of the Aviation Section, Detachment L (Provisional), United States Army Advisory Group to Korea, distinguished himself by heroism while participating in aerial flight near Wonju, Korea, on 17 July 1953. As pilot of an OH-23D helicopter, Captain Alves demonstrated outstanding flying ability, perseverance, and sound judgment in his voluntary efforts to rescue thirty Korean women and children from a small island in the Somgang River which was swollen by the torrential rains of Typhoon Wendy. With complete disregard for his own personal safety, and despite the darkness, heavy rainfall, and hazardous flying conditions, he quickly located the stranded people and effectively completed seven lifts from the island threatened by inundation. Captain Alves' exceptional flying skill and heroic action during this mercy mission reflect distinct credit upon himself and the military service. (This award supersedes award of the Army Commendation Medal for outstanding courage on 17 July 1963 as announced in General Orders Number 81, Headquarters, U.S. Army Advisory Group, Korea, dated 14 August 1963.)
  • Atkins, 1Lt. James C. - Born April 4, 1932, he died September 21, 1956.  He was the son of Thomas Cecil and Lillie Hart Atkins, both of whom died in 1995.  James is buried in Providence Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery, Elmore County, Alabama.
  • Ayton, Capt. James S.
  • Badger, Bertrand McCullough "Mack" - died in Korea June 7, 1954.  He was a son of Marion Haywood Badger and Gera Dita Punchard Badger.  Born September 17, 1932 in Corpus Christi, Texas.  Brother of Marion Davis Badger.  Bertrand married, before 1954, Patsy Ruth "Patricia/Pat" Cook, a daughter of Archie Earl Cook and Nora Wood. Father of Bertrand Brandt Badger. Grandson of Robert Tate Badger & Birdie Irene Haygood and Joe Punchard & Ada Hibbitts.
  • Bauman, 1Lt. Geary O. - Died in Korea May 08, 1978.
  • Benoit, CW2 Clarence L. - Born March 26, 1939, Clarence died July 19, 1976, and is buried in Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Virginia.
  • Boswell, Capt. Aubrey Ray - Born October 2, 1931, Captain Boswell died February 01, 1963, and is buried in Centuries Memorial Park, Shreveport, Louisiana.
  • Brown, CWO Robert L. - Born April 16, 1963, Robert died February 04, 1999, and is buried in Gayville Cemetery, Gayville, South Dakota.
  • Burmaz, Capt. Dion Joseph - Born October 5, 1976 in Los Angeles County, California, USA, he died February 26, 2005 at Chungcheongbuk-do, South Korea.  He was a Army captain, commander of A Company, 1st Battalion, 2nd Aviation Regiment - at Camp Page, South Korea, where he had been deployed in 2003. He had been trained to fly the AH-64D Apache Longbow Choppers. But on February 26,2005, during what the Army termed, "a routine training flight", the Apache took a sudden nosedive and crashed. Born in Torrance, he grew up in Fullerton. Survivors: Parents, Darko and Piedad Burmaz; sister, Shelley Burmaz; grandparents, Anka and Jack Burmaz, Rose Melo. Dion is buried in Riverside National Cemetery, Riverside, Riverside County, California, USA.
  • Carlson, CW4 Leslie Ronald - Born October 2, 1949, Leslie died December 22, 1986, and is buried in Quantico National Cemetery, Quantico, Virginia.  He was a Vietnam veteran.
  • Carlson, CIV Sven E. - Died in Korea April 07, 1973.
  • Cochran, CW3 Duane M. Jr. - Born September 1, 1950,l Duane died December 16, 1981. He was one of two killed in an Army helicopter crash in Korea. He was a chief instructor assigned to the 4th Battalion, 7th Cavalry, 3rd Brigade.  Camp Stanley airfield was later named in honor of CW3 Cochran. He was from Indianapolis, IN. His passenger was Capt. Clinton R. Edison of Wrightstown, NJ who was a flight surgeon assigned to the 2nd Medical Battalion.
  • Cooper, Capt. Russell E. - Born December 2, 1936 in Wise County, Virginia, Russell died August 04, 1963 in Korea.  He was a son of Floyd Eugene and Helen Artanse Stitt Cooper of Big Stone Gap, Virginia and Chattanooga.  A high school graduate in the Class of 1955, he was survived by brothers James, Kyle, Kenneth and Dennis Cooper; sisters Mrs. Gary C. Herron, Mrs. Al Mikeal, and Miss Catherine Cooper; and maternal grandmother, Mrs. Dewey Smith.  He is buried in Powell Valley Memorial Gardens, Big Stone Gap, Virginia.
  • Covert, CW2 Charles M. - Charles died in Korea on November 28, 1972.
  • Cowan, CW3 Aaron W. - Born December 17, 1969, Aaron died in Korea on February 26, 2005.  He had served in the US Army in Panama, Bosnia, and Korea.  He is buried in Ft. Bayard National Cemetery, Ft. Bayard, New Mexico.
  • Cox, Capt. Kenneth Maurice - Born September 24, 1942, Kenneth died in Korea on October 08, 1970.  He served in Vietnam and Korea.  He is buried in Memphis National Cemetery, Memphis, TN.
  • Craven, Capt. Patrick F. - Patrick died in Korea on July 19, 1976.
  • Crump, CW2 James H. - James died in Korea on November 2, 1979, and is buried in Penwell-Gabel Cemetery and Mausoleum, Topeka, Kansas.
  • Davis, Capt. Joseph M. - Joseph was born in Memphis, Tennessee in October 1934, the son of Joseph Mortimer Davis Sr. and Alma Liberman Davis.  He graduated from West Point in 1958 and died in Korea on August 4, 1963.  He is buried in Sunset Memorial Park, San Antonio, Texas.
  • Dehart, SP4 Jay D.
  • Dirks, CWO Gerald H. - Born November 26, 1933, Gerald died in Korea on April 01, 1959.  He is buried in Lane Memorial Gardens, Eugene, Oregon.
  • Dostal, Capt. Edward A. - "Elberon - Funeral services will be held in Clutier Wednesday for Army Capt. Edward A. Dostal, 26, son of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Dostal, who was killed Wednesday in a helicopter crash in Korea.  Services will be at 11 a.m. at Immaculate Conception Catholic Church in Clutier. Burial will be in St. Wenceslaus Cemetery, rural Clutier, with military honors by an honor guard from Fort Sheridan, Ill. Rosary Tuesday at 8 p.m. at the church. Friends may register at Clutier Community Chapel. The casket will not be opened at any time. Mason Hand’s, Tama, is in charge." [The Cedar Rapids Gazette, 7 March 1977]
  • Edison, Capt. Clinton R. - Died in Korea December 16, 1981 in an Army helicopter accident. Clint was a flight surgeon assigned to the 2nd Medical Battalion. Clinton and John Hempel were grad students in the same lab at Rutgers in the ‘70s.  According to John: "Just a footnote FYI that might be of interest to you. Clint was half-Korean and would let you know that in no uncertain terms on first meeting. He was a Korean War baby who grew up on the base in Wrightstown,  New Jersey. I don't think he had ever been to Korea and imagine that he tried to get assigned there to experience his roots."
  • Ely, PFC James R. - Born in 1944, the son of Samuel G. and A. Beatrice Ely (both of whom died in 1974), James died in Korea on August 14, 1964.  He was a member of the 19th Transportation Company Medical Helicopter.  He is buried in Millersville Mennonite Cemetery, Millersville, PA.
  • Fitzgerald, WO1 Victor L. - Died in Korea December 22, 1986.
  • Flecker, 1Lt. Norman Thomas Sigmund - Born March 27, 1974, Norman died on June 30, 1998 in Korea.  He is buried in Arlington National Cemetery.
  • German, 1Lt. Jayme L. - Born in 1957, Jayme died in Korea on December 11, 1984.  He is buried in St. Charles Cemetery, Oakes, North Dakota.
  • Giglio, LTC Rudolph F. - Died in Korea February 09, 1965.  From New York, Rudolph received a Silver Star in Korea in 1951 while serving with the 3rd Infantry Division.
  • Glenn, LTC Thomas H. - Died in Korea January 20, 1955.
  • Gowen, 1Lt. Donald R. - Died in Korea June 20, 1962.
  • Graham, SP4 Will H. - Died in Korea August 14, 1964.
  • Grant, SP2 Bill Leon - Born November 17, 1929, Bill died in Korea on February 08, 1958.  He is buried in Golden Gate National Cemetery, San Bruno, CA.
  • Griggs, 1Lt. Richard J. - Died in Korea November 27, 1968.
  • Haney, CW4 Jerry Leonard - Born January 19, 1948, he died July 06, 1989 in Korea.  He was the son of Leonard L. and Minnie Ree Whitener Haney.  He is buried in McMinn Memorial Gardens, Athens, TN.
  • Harris, Capt. Morton C. - Died in Korea March 21, 1958.
  • Healy, CWO Robert Michael - Born November 8, 1946, Robert died in Korea on April 21, 1971.  He was a Vietnam and Korea veteran.  He is buried in Dry Pond Cemetery, Stoughton, Massachusetts.
  • Hilemon, CW2 David - Born September 15, 1965, David served in the Persian Gulf and Korea.  He died in Korea on December 17, 1994, and is buried in Haven of Rest Cemetery, Gig Harbor, WA. "New York Times - By Michael R. Gordon.  Published: December 31, 1994 - The pilot who was released by North Korea today has told American investigators that he pulled his co-pilot away from the burning wreckage of their helicopter but that the co-pilot was already fatally injured, Administration officials said today. The information given by the freed pilot, Chief Warrant Officer Bobby Hall, dispels any notion that the North Koreans captured and then killed the other pilot, Chief Warrant Officer David Hilemon, after their helicopter went down. Mr. Hall also said he was not physically abused by the North Koreans but felt under pressure to sign a confession. Pentagon officials said he made an effort to limit his statement to the North Koreans -- in which he expressed regret for violating their territory -- and gave an account of the episode that was essentially accurate. The Administration is concerned that political fallout from the incident could undermine support in the United States for an accord that calls for $4 billion in aid to North Korea from several nations so it can modernize its nuclear power program and neutralize its accumulation of weapons-grade nuclear fuel. The Pentagon's new account of the episode is based on a preliminary debriefing of Mr. Hall by American officials. During his flight home, he was expected to provide a fuller account to investigators. Chief Warrant Officer Bobby Hall arrived at 11:15 P.M. Friday at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Fla., greeting his family on the military plane before emerging onto the runway to the cheers of a crowd. In a brief statement reported by The Associated Press, he said, "I'm looking forward to some family time and hope to get back to my unit and back to flying." Then his voice broke and tears filled his eyes. According to the Pentagon the pilots' mission, code-named Razorback 19, began when they took off in an OH-58 scout helicopter on 10:02 A.M. on Dec. 17. While Mr. Hall had considerable experience flying helicopters, he had only 10 hours' flight time along the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea. Mr. Hilemon, a pilot for Apache attack helicopters, had no flight time in the area, and the purpose of the mission was to familiarize him with the DMZ. After about 40 minutes, the pilots erroneously reported they were near Checkpoint 84 in South Korea. In reality, they were about 10 miles north of the checkpoint and about 5 miles into North Korea. Mr. Hall still thought he was flying over South Korea when, about eight minutes later, there was a large boom and flash near his aircraft, which caused the engine to malfunction and shattered the canopy. American officials said they believe that the explosion was caused by a North Korean surface-to-air missile or antiaircraft artillery. Mr. Hall conducted a maneuver called auto-rotation, in which the engine is turned off but the rotor blades keep turning. "Mr. Hall reports that the helicopter was on fire when they got out of it and he doesn't think there's anything left of it worth returning," a Pentagon official said. According to the statement by North Korea quoting the pilot, Mr. Hall said, "When the helicopter crashed, David Michael Hilemon bolted out of the helicopter and died on the spot, and I was arrested" by the Korean People's Army. But while Pentagon officials declined to confirm this aspect of the statement publicly until they notify Mr. Hilemon's family, American officials said preliminary information from Mr. Hall suggested that Mr. Hilemon was injured by the attack on the aircraft and was injured further in the crash, then was pulled free of the wreckage by Mr. Hall, only to die of his wounds."
  • Hogan, Capt. Charles Edward - Born June 18, 1933, Captain Hogan died on November 23, 164.  He is buried in the Salem Baptist Church Cemetery, Lexington, Georgia.  At the time of his death he served with the 55th Aviation Company, SP Troops.
  • Holloway, 1Lt. Robert J. - Born in 1929, Robert died in Korea on August 26, 1960.  He is buried in Mountain View Memorial Park, Lakewood, WA.
  • Holz, Pvt. Gary A. - Died in Korea November 27, 1968.
  • Hopkins, CWO David L. - Died in Korea April 04, 1999.
  • Huckobey, SP5 James Darrell - Born November 12, 1936, James died June 25, 1965 in Korea.  He is buried in Arlington National Cemetery.
  • Humphreys, CW2 Benjamin Kent - Born December 20, 1923, Benjamin died in Korea on November 13, 1961.  He is buried in Hampton National Cemetery, Hampton City, VA.
  • Ingram, CW2 Julius Harold "Harry" - Born January 13, 1948 in Shady Grove, Alabama, Harry died over the Sea of Japan on November 27, 1968.  Harry died while a pilot in the U S Army. He served as a Warrant Officer II and piloted helicopters. Harry was the son of Julius E. and Molly F. Duke Ingram originally from Pike County, AL. He was survived by his wife, young son, and his father and brother. The plane crashed in the Sea of Japan and his body was not recovered.  There is a marker for him in the Greenwood Cemetery, Montgomery, Alabama.
  • Jakale, Col. John J. - 9/21/1956
  • Jamieson, CWO Walter E. Jr. - 3/21/1958
  • Johanson, SP4 Bengt E. - 3/05/1975
  • Johnson, SP6 Joseph H. - Born December 8, 1945, he died March 05, 1975, and is buried in Pine Level Cemetery, Pine Level, Alabama.  He was a veteran of the Vietnam War.
  • Jones, SP4 John V. - Born November 24, 1954, John died July 19, 1976 in Korea.  He is buried in Terrace Heights Memorial Park, Yakima, WA.
  • Kane, 1Lt. Paul D. - Paul died February 08, 1958 in Korea.
  • Karstens, Capt. Thomas E. - Born November 19, 1946/died February 22, 1973.  He was an Army captain in the Vietnam War.  He is buried in Greenwood Memorial Park, Renton, WA.
  • KATUSA - 12/09/1985
  • Kern, SP4 Peter Michael - Born February 15, 1945, his tombstone shows his death date as March 15, 1969.  Specialist Fourth Class Kern was a member of the 3rd Battalion, 23rd Infantry Regiment, 2nd Infantry Division. He was wounded by North Korean infiltrators fighting south of the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) on March 15, 1969. He was killed when his rescue helicopter crashed. Specialist Fourth Class Kern was awarded the Purple Heart and the Korean Defense Service Medal.  He is buried in Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Arlington County, Virginia.
  • Kim, Cpl. J.B. (ROK) - Corporal Kim died March 16, 1969 in Korea.
  • King, SP4 Stanley Todd - Born December 6, 1948, Stanley's death date is listed as the day after the aircraft accident (2/06/1970) that took his life.  He was a husband and father.  He is buried in the IOOF Cemetery, Bourbon, Indiana.
  • Lashley, Capt. William Alexander Jr. - Born in 1949, William died in Korea on July 13, 1977.  He was the son of William Alexander Lashley Sr. and Frances H. Lashley.  He is buried in Greenlawn Memorial Park, Columbia, South Carolina.
  • Lewis, CWO J.L. - CWO Lewis died on August 14, 1964 in Korea.
  • Lingle, CW2 William L. Jr. - Born November 19, 1919, William died in Korea on November 13, 1961.  He was a veteran of World War II and Korea.  He has markers in Ft. Sill National Cemetery, Elgin, Oklahoma, and Blair Cemetery, Blair, Oklahoma.
  • Maisel, WO Barney - Barney died on February 22, 1973 in Korea.
  • Mason, CW2 Riley W. Jr. - Riley died June 30, 1998 in Korea.
  • Mathias, WO1 Frank Lloyd - Born March 6, 1946 in California, Frank died on October 08, 1970 in Korea.  He was Warrant Officer for the 55 Aviation Company in Vietnam.  He is buried in Mountain View Memorial Park, Barstow, California.
  • Maxwell, SP5 David N.
  • McCormack, CWO4 Jason William - "A local Army pilot was one of the two soldiers killed in an Apache helicopter crash during a training mission in South Korea on Nov. 23, according to a Searcy Funeral Home obituary.  Chief Warrant Officer 4 Jason William McCormack, 43, of Fort Rucker/Enterprise, was killed in Wonju about 50 miles east of Camp Humphreys when his Apache helicopter crashed early in the evening, according to reports from “The Army Times.”  McCormack, who was with the 2nd Combat Aviation Brigade, was a on a routine training mission with another pilot, the report said.  The obituary said McCormack was born in Maryland and enlisted in the Army on June 21, 1995, as a forward observer. He was selected to be an aviation warrant officer in 2003 and graduated as an AH-64 pilot in September 2004.
    “Jason loved to fly the most sophisticated of aircraft and driving sports cars with his son,” the obituary read. “He shared his knowledge and humor with everyone he met, positively impacting all who knew him.”  McCormack is survived by his wife, Sadie, son, Cameron, daughter, Addison, and his parents, Phyllis (Carl) McCormack, William Hubbard, step-sister, Erin Pake, step-brother, Colin McCormack and nieces and nephews. McCormack is expected to be buried at Arlington National Cemetery at a later date." [Source: The Enterprise Ledger newspaper]ul
  • McGrew, SP4 Daniel Vincent - Born May 21, 1954, Daniel died on March 3, 05, 1975 in Korea.  He is buried in Wichita Park Cemetery & Mausoleum, Wichita, Kansas.
  • McKinney, SSGT George T. - George died on March 16, 1969 in Korea.
  • Miles, CW2 James H. - James died January 13, 1977 in Korea.
  • Miller, SP4 Terence D. - Terence died November 27, 1968 in Korea.
  • Moore, Capt. Travis L. Sr. - Born March 3, 1930, Travis died August 04, 1963 in Korea.  He is buried in Ft. Smith National Cemetery, Ft. Smith, Kansas.
  • Morgan, MSGT Marvin E. - Born February 13, 1925, Marvin died August 04, 1963 in Korea.  He was a World War II and Korea veteran.  He is buried in Marietta National Cemetery, Marietta, Georgia.
  • Mullady, DAC Jane M. - Jane died January 14, 1959 in Korea.
  • Neal, SP5 Coleman L. - Neal died November 13, 1961 in Korea.
  • Nicholson, 1Lt. Joe Sidney - Born in 1930, First Lieutenant Nicholson was a member of Headquarters Company, 279th Infantry Regiment, 45th Infantry Division. On January 12, 1954, he died in a plane crash at Anpyong-ni, North Korea. He was awarded the Combat Infantryman's Badge, the Korean Service Medal, the United Nations Service Medal, the National Defense Service Medal and the Korean War Service Medal. He is buried in Stroud Cemetery, Stroud, Oklahoma.
  • Norman, Capt. Kevin M. - Born February 10, 1973, Kevin died August 12, 2003 in Korea. He is buried in Sonoma Veterans Cemetery, Sonoma, California.
  • O'Flahavan, Capt. Lawrence V. - Lawrence died November 13, 1961 in Korea.
  • Pappas, SP4 Ric hard A.
  • Park, Capt. Benjamin S. Jr. - Born January 12, 1935, the son of Benjamin Spencer Park Sr. and Ruth Henrietta Schmist Park, Benjamin Jr. died March 16, 1969 in Korea.  He was a thoracic surgeon stationed at the 121st Evacuation Army Hospital at Fort Dodge, Korea. He and five other service members were killed when the medical evacuation helicopter they were in crashed and burned near Fort Dodge. They had just picked up several members of the 2D Infantry Division who were wounded in a fire fight. He was the attending doctor on the flight.  Captain Benjamin's father was a prominent physician and surgeon in the Painesville, Ohio area.  Benjamin Jr. is buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Painesville, Ohio, alongside his parents.
  • Pomeroy, SFC Charles G.
  • Ramirez, SP5 Oscar - A World War II and Korea vet, Oscar was born November 2, 1929 and died November 13, 1961 in Korea.  He is buried in Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery, San Diego, California.
  • Robinson, SSGT Horace P. - Horace died July 13, 1977 in Korea.
  • Rothwell, Maj. James C. - James died March 16, 1969 in Korea.
  • Sain, CW2 Larry Neville - Born January 23, 1951, Larry died March 05, 1975 in Korea.  He is buried in Hollywood Cemetery, Gastonia, North Carolina.
  • Salvage, 2Lt. Harold S. - Harold died November 07, 1955 in Korea.
  • Schroeder, SP4 Kurt J. - Kurt died January 13, 1971 in Korea.
  • Sealy, CWO Marion N. Jr. - Born January 3, 1939, Marion died on September 13, 1959 while serving with the 13th Transportation Helicopter Company TC, Korea.  He is buried in Laurelwood Cemetery, Rock Hill, South Carolina.
  • Shannon, 1Lt. Dustin - Born October 06, 1978 in San Diego, California, Dustin died August 21, 2002 in Korea.  He is buried in Riverside Cemetery, Vassar, Michigan.
  • Shears, SPC Ryan J. - Ryan died June 30, 1998 in Korea.
  • Shumar, Lt. Robert C. - Robert was born March 21, 1958 in Korea.
  • Smith, CWO3 Brandon Andrew - Brandon Smith of Grand Junction, Colorado passed away on November 23, 2015 after a helicopter crash during a training mission.  He was 37.  Brandon was born on December 10, 1977 in Phoenix, Arizona to Linda Monniere. He spent his childhood in Grand Junction, Colorado and after graduating high school he attended college at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and was pursuing a Bachelor's of Science in Aeronautics.  Brandon had previously lived in Kentucky, Alabama and Korea. He enjoyed scuba diving and snowboarding.  A distinguished military career, he entered the service of his country from 1995-1996 in the United States Army Reserve and entered active duty on June 1996 as a Cavalry Scout. He was a drill sergeant from 2002-2006 when he finished up his enlisted career as a Sergeant First Class. In April of 2006, he became a warrant officer and an apache pilot. His final rank was Chief Warrant Officer 3. A highly decorated officer, his decorations and medals include, the Meritorious Service Medal, Air Medal, Army Commendation Medal, Army Achievement Medal, Army Good Conduct Medal, National Defense Service Medal, Afghanistan Campaign Medal, Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, Korea Defense Service Medal, Armed Forces Service Medal, NCO Professional Development Ribbon, Army Service Ribbon, Overseas Service Ribbon, Combat Action Badge, Multinational Force and Observers Medal, Air Assault Badge, Army Aviator Badge and Drill Sergeant Identification Badge. Brandon leaves behind his mother; Linda Monniere; a sister, Athena Thiessen, both of Grand Junction, CO., his former spouse and friend , Maja Smith, maternal grandparents, Don and Florence Monniere of Moab, Utah and a host of friends and comrades. A memorial service will be held at 10:30 AM, Monday, December 7, 2015 at Martin Mortuary. A committal service with military honors will be held at 1:00 PM, Monday, December 7, 2015 at the Veterans Memorial Cemetery of Western Colorado.
  • Smith, SP5 Fred Lee - Fred was born June 3, 1952 and died November 28, 1972 in Korea.  He was a Vietnam and Korea veteran.  He is buried in Coopers Chapel Cemetery, Veedersburg, Indiana.
  • Smith, LTC William Lewis - William was born December 13, 1921.  He died November 27, 1968 in Korea.  He was a World War II and Korea veteran.  His wife was Mary E. Smith (1918-2002).  William is buried in Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery, San Antonio, Texas.
  • Snow, Capt. Kevin M. - Kevin died August 12, 2003 in Korea.
  • Steele, W01 Michael R. - Michael died November 02, 1979 in Korea.
  • Stitzel, Capt. Victor N.S. - Victor died February 22, 1973 in Korea.
  • Stoller, SP4 Edwin Lee - Born October 13, 1948, Edwin died March 16, 1969 in Korea.  He served with the 377 Medical Company in Vietnam.  Edwin is buried in the IOOF Cemetery, New Haven, Indiana.
  • Sutera, 1Lt. Nick L. - Nick died January 13, 1971 in Korea.
  • Taylor, CW2 Robert D. - Born May 26, 1963, Robert died November 13, 1991 in Korea.  He is buried in Troy IOOF Community Cemetery, Troy, West Virginia.
  • Thatcher, 1Lt. Thomas A. - Thomas died September 13, 1959 in Korea.
  • Thomas, CWO Ronald - Born November 28, 1938, Ronald died August 14, 1964 in Korea.
  • Truit, Capt. Gene A. - Gene died August 04, 1963 in Korea.
  • Unknown name - Artillery officer - Died February 20, 1956 in Korea.
  • Unknown name - Captain - Died October 02, 1954 in Korea.
  • Unknown name - Crewmen (2) - Died June 07, 1954 in Korea.
  • Unknown name - 1st Lieutenant - Died January 12, 1954 in Korea.
  • Unknown name - Lieutenant - Died October 02, 1954 in Korea.
  • Unknown name - ME - Died December 22, 1953 in Korea.
  • Unknown name - NCO - Died June 20, 1962 in Korea.
  • Unknown name - Pilot - Died December 22, 1953 in Korea.
  • Unknown name - Private - Died January 20, 1955 in Korea.
  • Unknown name - Warrant Officer - Died June 07, 1954 in Korea.
  • Unknown names (Neutral Nations Truce Supervisory Commission) - Died November 07, 1955 in Korea.
  • Uyenoyama, Capt. Dennis Hidenobu - Born November 10, 1941, Dennis died January 13, 1971 in Korea.  He is buried in San Francisco National cemetery, San Francisco, California.  Dennis was a Vietnam and Korea veteran.
  • Wallenburg, CW3 James J. - Born December 22, 1961.  James died August 21, 2002 in Korea.  James is buried in Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Virginia.
  • Wancura, SP5 Everett W. - Born September 18, 1949, this Vietnam and Korea veteran died March 05, 1975 in Korea.  He is buried in Dove Creek Cemetery, Dove Creek, Colorado.
  • Warren, CIV Stanley S. - Stanley died November 23, 1964 in Korea.
  • White, SP4 Jack Lee - Born May 09, 1939 in Cambridge, Ohio, Jack died November 13, 1961 in Korea.  The son of Asberry E. White (died 1977) and Lela Faye Kirkbride White (1917-2004), Jack was survived by brothers Jim, Don, Tom and Tim White, and sisters Patricia White Heath, Judy White Beadle, Sandra White Loewendick, Brenda White Dereskiewicz, and Shirley White Brill.  Jack is buried in Northwood Cemetery, Cambridge, Ohio.
  • Whittle, PFC Michael E. - Michael died April 07, 1973 in Korea.  Age 23, he was from Goleta, California.  He was killed in a helicopter crash.
  • Winchester, SP3 James E. - Born February 8, 1938, James died March 21, 1958 in Korea.  James is buried in Saint Leo Cemetery, Acadia Parish, Louisiana.
  • Winchester, DAC Virgil S.
  • Winget, PFC Jeffrey A. - Jeffrey died December 22, 1986 in Korea. 
  • Withers, SP5 Leslie V. Jr. - Born January 13, 1930, Leslie died November 13, 1961 in Korea.  He is buried in Anderson Memorial Gardens and Chapel Mausoleum, Dossett, TN.  He was with the 65th Ordnance Company in Korea.
  • Woodrum, CW3 Gary L. - Gary died May 08, 1978 in Korea.
  • Zanchi, SP5 Carroll C. - Carroll died March 16, 1969 in Korea.
  • Zimmermann, Lt. Roy C. - Roy died November 13, 1991 in Korea.



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