Korean War Casualty Information
Non-Battle Deaths  (Accidents)

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This page is incomplete, but additions from KWE readers are welcome.  Please note that other accident casualties such as those received in non-hostile plane crashes, training accidents, ship sinkings, mass drownings, and other accidents can often be found on the Casualty Index of the KWE.  To add further names to this page or any other accident casualty page, contact Lynnita@thekwe.org

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Table of Contents

  • List of Accident Casualties
  • Biographies of Casualties
  • Truck Accident Deaths

List of Accident Casualties

Name of Casualty Date of Accident Home of Record
Becker, Richard Rudolph 01/13/1952 Des Plains, IL
Brown, Wallace 07/29/1952 Tunica, MS
Brown, William Russel 09/03/1951 Beaufort, SC
Cardenas, Edward Castro 07/07/1951 Bakersfield, CA
Eckerdt, Albert 10/24/1952 Flint, MI
Frazier, Edward Mitchell 04/13/1953 Providence, RI
Gettings, Charles Everett 07/29/1952 Kentucky
Holley, Richard Rudolph 06/17/1951 Detroit, MI
Spertzel, Fred F.


Adams County, PA
Thompson, Ralph Lewis


Danville, KY
Young, Gerald E.


Washington, NE


Biographies of Casualties

Becker, Sfc. Richard Rudolph

Born February 11, 1924, a son of Walter R. Becker of Des Plains, Illinois, Richard was serving in Medical Company, 5th RCT, when he died in an accident at Nong-Dong, Korea.  He was a World War II and Korean War veteran.  He is buried in Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery, San Antonio, Texas.

Brown, Pvt. Wallace -

Information provided by Linda Wayman: Wallace Brown - Born April 30, 1931. He enlisted in the U.S. Army on November 14, 1951 and held the rank of Private. He was assigned to Company D, 1st Battalion, 5th Infantry Regiment of the 24th Infantry Division. He died in an accident in South Korea on July 29, 1952. He was awarded the Purple Heart, Combat Infantryman's Badge, Korean Service Medal, United Nations Service Medal, National Defense Service Medal, the Republic of Korea War Service Medal. He is buried at National Cemetery in Memphis, Tennessee. (This information is from a booklet called Desoto Descendants, Volume 32, No.2.) - Source: Findagrave

Brown, Pvt. William Russel -

Private Brown was born November 03, 1930, son of William Brown and Lillian C. Brown (1904-1977).  He was serving in Company L, 3rd Battalion, 5th RCT when he died in an accident at Sollae-ri, Korea.  He is buried in Cedar Grove Cemetery, Beaufort County, South Carolina.

Cardenas, Cpl. Edward Castro "Eddie" -

Corporal Cardenas was born May 17, 1927 in San Bernardino, California, a son of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond M. Cardenas.  He attended Bakersfield High School. During World War II he served in the Navy in the Pacific.  Corporal Cardenas was a member of Company L, 3rd Battalion, 5th Infantry Regimental Combat Team. He died in an accident near Chokkun-Dong, Korea on July 7, 1951.  At the time of his death, his parents were living in Arvin, California. His brothers Richard and Daniel Cardenas also served in the Army. A third brother, Raymond C. Cardenas, served in the Navy in Korean waters.  Other siblings included Frank Albert Cardenas (died 1944), Marian Cardenas, and Armeda Cardenas.  Eddie is buried in Union Cemetery, Bakersfield, California.

Eckerdt, Pfc. Albert

Private Eckerdt was born October 19, 1930, a son of Alexander C. Eckerdt Sr. and Mary Neiderquell Eckerdt of Michigan.  His siblings were Ernie Henry Eckerdt Sr. (1935-1922), who was also a Korean War veteran, and Alexander C. Eckerdt Jr. (1924-2015), a World War II veteran.  Albert was serving in Company A, 1st Battalion, 5th RCT, when he died in an accident at the Punchbowl in Korea.  He is buried in Gracelawn Cemetery, Flint, Michigan.

Frazier, Cpl. Edward Mitchell

Corporal Frazier was born March 19, 1931 in Providence, Rhode Island, a son of Walter Loring Frazier (1910-1972) and Mary Louise Osborne Frazier (1910-1972).  His siblings were Russell Osborne Frazier (1929-1982), Joan Lorraine Frazier Greear-Preston (1934-2006), and Meridith Louise Frazier Gereear (1936-2016).  Corporal Frazier died near Songhwangdang, North Korea on April 13, 1953.  He died of asphyxiation and burns after his bunker caught fire.  He is buried in Inglewood Park Cemetery, Inglewood, California.

Gettings, Pvt. Charles Everett

Private Gettings was born May 22, 1931.  He was serving in D Company, 1st Battalion, 5th RCT, when he died in an accident at the Punchbowl in Korea.  He is buried in Zachary Taylor National Cemetery, Louisville, Kentucky.

Holley, Pvt. Richard Rudolph

Private Holley was born on September 06, 1925.  He was serving in Company B, 6th Medium Tank Battalion, 1st Cavalry Division, when he accidentally fell into the Pukhan River near Kapyong, South Korea, as he was washing his clothes.  His home of record was Detroit, Michigan.  He is buried in Woodlawn National Cemetery, Elmira, New York.

Spertzel, Pfc. Fred F.

Pfc. Fred Francis Spertzel, 18, son of Charles William Spertzel (1897-1980), Huntington township, Gardners K. 1, was killed in action in Korea on March 12, 1951, according to a telegram received Monday by the lad's father from Maj. Gen. Edward F. Witsell, adjutant general of the army. Pfc. Spertzel was born on September 18, 1932 in Adams County, Pennsylvania.  He enlisted in the army on March 32, 1950, when he was a student at York Springs high school. Follow his enlistment he was stationed for a time at Ft. Dix. New Jersey. He went to Korea last September and was attached to the Fifth Infantry Regiment of the 24th Division when he was killed. He was born in Huntington township, a son of Charles W. Spertzel and the late Esther C. Fickel Spertzel (1900-1946). In addition to his father he is survived by four brothers: Boyd R. Spertzel (1922-1984), Paul, George Ernest and Howard, all of Gardners, R. D. and two sisters, Mrs. Ruth L. Spertzel Henry (1923-1982) and Mrs. Helen E. Spertzel Bream (1930-2002), also of Gardners R. D.  He was preceded in death by a sister Jean Spertzel (1919-1919) and his brother, Albert Edward Spertzel (1920-1922).  Private Spertzel is buried in Idaville United Methodist Church Cemetery, Idaville, Pennsylvania.

Thompson, Pfc. Ralph Lewis

Private Thompson was born December 11, 1927 in Boyle County, Kentucky, a son of Floyd French Thompson Sr. (1887-1952) and Mabel Virginia Johnson Thompson (1891-1990).  His siblings were brothers Floyd French Thompson Jr. (1918-2004), George Robert Thompson (1923-1983). and Emmett W. Thompson and sisters Ruth Thompson Bowling (1918-1973) and Betty A. Thompson Johnson.  Private Thompson was serving in G Company, 2nd Battalion, 5th RCT, attached to the 24th Infantry near Sangam-ni, Korea.  He is buried in Bellevue Cemetery, Danville, Kentucky. 

Young, Cpl. Gerald Erving

Corporal Young was born March 21, 1926 in Washington, Nebraska, a son of James John Young (1884-1982) and Margaret Rose "Maggie" Harmon Young (1892-1963).  His siblings included "Baby" Young (1910-1910), Pat Young (1921-2012), Everett Young (1923-1992), Mary Ellen Young (1929-1929), George W. Young (1930-2002), Dale James Young (1933-1977), Mary Young, Alice Young, Alta Young, Viola Young, Clifford Young and Vern Young.  Corporal Young was serving in I Company, 3rd Battalion, 5th RCT when he died in an accident near Sanyang-ni, Korea.  He is buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Walthill, Nebraska.

Truck Accident Casualties

(See Truck Accident Casualty page on the KWE for further details.)
  • Begley, Pfc. Julius - August 11, 1953
  • Blythe, Cpl. Milton - August 22, 1951
  • Bruster, Pvt. John Lee - August 1, 1951
  • Cook, Sgt. Alfred - August 22, 1951
  • Dixon, Pfc. Willie Harris - June 28, 1951
  • Dowleyne, Pvt. Alvin - June 28, 1951
  • Gooding, Pfc. Luther Ormond Jr. - October 06, 1952
  • Hill, Cpl. James Oliver - December 02, 1952
  • Johnson, Pfc. James - January 1, 1952
  • Kellner, Pvt. Leo Harrison - January 29, 1951
  • King, Sgt. Tom - August 22, 1951
  • Larson, Cpl. Jack Charles - June 02, 1951
  • Libby, Sgt. George Dalton - July 20, 1950
  • Marzloff, Cpl. Fred - December 16, 1950
  • McGeoch, Cpl. Malcolm I. - January 04, 1952
  • Morrison, Pvt. John W. - June 28, 1951
  • Murrell, Cpl. Haywood - March 7, 1951
  • Nicolai, Sgt. Roy Julius - August 13, 1951
  • Olson, Pvt. Robert Henry - September 19, 1953
  • Pickens, Cpl. James Glennon - March 07, 1951
  • Shepperson, Sgt. Joseph Douglas
  • Sloan, Pfc. Charles - April 04, 1952
  • Taylor, Pvt. Dunbar - August 13, 1951
  • Thunder Horse, Pfc. Roland - November 01, 1951



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