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Topics - PBY Navy Patrol Plane Crash
Jacksonville, Florida - June 14, 1951

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On June 14, 1951, a twin-engine Navy PBY twin-engine Catalina patrol plane was on a training mission when it crashed and burned in a marsh about a mile and a half from an auxiliary field along the St. Johns River between Jacksonville and Green Cove Springs, Florida.  A witness aid the plane's wheels were down as if it was coming in for a landing.  It had reported no trouble.  The nine persons aboard were part of a squadron called to active duty from a Jacksonville reserve unit about three months prior to the accident.  Two were injured and seven were killed.

[Source: Panama City News Herald (Florida), June 15, 1951]

Korean War Educator: Topics - PBY- Jacksonville, Florida


  • Jones, Aviation Ordnance Airman Turner Eugene - husband of Mrs. Shirley Turner Jones, Brooksville, Florida
  • Kee, Lt. Comdr. Lester C. - husband of Mrs. Pauline Brown Kee, Huntington, TN
  • Logwood, Aviation Radioman Third Class James Alexander Jr, - 27-year old son of Mrs. Lurene Welch Logwood, Jacksonville, Florida.
  • Stewart, Airman William Fred - son of William Everett Stewart, Louisville, Kentucky
  • Trower, Aviation Mechanic Third Class Milton - husband of Mrs. Louise Elizabeth Trower, Jacksonville, Florida, and son of James d. Trower, Coral Gables, Florida
  • Walizer, Aviation Mechanic First Class Clair Meek - husband of Mrs. Sara Walizer, Jacksonville, Florida, and son of Mrs. Emma Holt, Huntington, Pennsylvania
  • Worley, Lt. Commander L.B. - husband of Mrs. Eve Dickinson Worley, Jacksonville, Florida, and son of Mrs. Lela Young Worley, Nashville, Tennessee.


  • Barnett, Apprentice Airman John Dabbs - Clifton Forge, Virginia
  • Jones, Lt. (jg.) Ralph Howell - Atlantic Beach, Florida

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