Topics - Two C-119B's Collide
3 Miles From Inje, Korea
June 03, 1951

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On June 03, 1951, a C-119B (#48-350) was hit in the tail by friendly artillery fire, causing the plane to crash into C-119B (#49-123) about three miles from Inje.  Both aircrafts were involved in a supply mission consisting of ammunition to be dropped in the Inje District. While approaching the drop zone side by side, #48-350 was accidently fired upon by U.S. artillery, causing the plane to go out of control, hit the other, and send both planes crashing to the ground.  Six crew onboard 49-123 were killed and four persons onboard 48-350 were killed in the collision.  Both planes were sent to the combat zone in Korea from Stewart Air Base, Smyrna, Tennessee. 

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Fatalities - #49-123

  • Beck, Cpl. Jack A. - "kicker"
  • Bonner, 1Lt. James W. - co-pilot
  • Cook, 1Lt. David Leon
  • Dorsey, SSgt. Carl J. - engineer
  • Morgan, SSgt. Winfred O. - pilot
  • Sherman, 2 Lt. Harry H. Jr. - "kicker"

Fatalities - #48-350

  • Alexander, Sgt. Floyd N. - member of 8247th Port Agency - passenger
  • Anderson, 1Lt. Eric W. - pilot
  • Gilbert, 1Lt. John Mason
  • Rich, SSgt. Houston Ned Rich - flight engineer

Bios of All Fatalities

Floyd N. Alexander

Born May 5, 1929 in Gilsum, Belknap County, New Hampshire, Floyd was a son of Carl B. Alexander Sr. (1897-1973) and Emma Viola Brown Alexander (1906-1946).  He enlisted in the military in August of 1947, spent three and a half years in Japan, and then was sent to Korea.  He was in that country for eight weeks before he was killed in the plane crash.  He attended schools in Gilsum and Roosevelt and Franklin Jr. High Schools in Keene.  His siblings were Carl B. Alexander Jr. and Frances Pauline Alexander (Mrs. Lorne Glenn Sherwood 1932-1956).  Floyd is memorialized in Woodland Cemetery, Keene, New Hampshire.

Eric Walter Anderson Jr.

Eric was born August 29, 1l922, son of World War I veteran Eric W. Anderson Sr. (1892-1938) and Cora F. Hume Anderson (18910-1989).  He was survived by his wife, Mrs. Frances Anderson of Nashville.  Eric and his parents are buried in Nashville National Cemetery, Madison, Tennessee.

Jack Alden Beck

Born on July 27, 1929, Jack was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph L. Beck of Dayton, Ohio.  He is buried in a common grave with S/Sgt. Winfred Morgan in Zachary Taylor National Cemetery, Louisville, Kentucky.

James William Bonner

James was born on May 14, 1927 and is buried in Arlington National Cemetery.  He was a son of Robert Addison Bonner (1900-1993) and Edna M. Larkin Bonner (1901-1975).  His siblings were Robert Addison Bonner Jr. (1925-1983) and Addie Marie Parran (Mrs. Thomas Parran Jr. 1924-1997). 

David Leon Cook

David was born December 14, `927 in Fayetteville, North Carolina, a son of Andrew James Cook (1890-1975) and Lena Capps Cook (1894-1961).  His siblings were George Stacy Cook (1914-1989), Mrs. Willie Scott McRae (Ruby Cook - 1916-2003), Dewey James Cook (1918-1970), Robert Herman Cook (1921-1967), Andrew Garland Cook (1923-1992), Annie Ruth Cook (1928-1997), and Jeanne Cook Carlette (1933-1983).  David is buried in Galatia Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Fayetteville.

Carl James "Mick" Dorsey

Carl was born on January 2, 1925, and was 26 years old when he was killed in the crash.  He was the husband of Mary Emrick Dorsey and the son of Hugh E. Dorsey (1886-1954) and Mae Lawler Dorsey (1888-1966) of Pennsylvania.  His siblings were Georgina Dorsey Warner (1920=2003), John B. Dorsey (1922-2015), and Tom Dorsey.  Two letters that Mick wrote home to his family survived and can be found on the KWE's Letters From the War Zone: The Carl J. Dorsey Letters.

John Mason Gilbert

John Gilbert was born November 2, 1927, and was from Rochester, New York when he enlisted.  He was the husband of Kathryn Gilbert of Iraan, Texas.  He is buried in San Antonio National Cemetery, San Antonio, Texas.

Winfred O. Morgan

Winfred was born September 24, 1922, a son of Alfred Leo Morgan (1889-1979) and Ida A. Simpson Morgan (1898-1990).  There were 11 children in his family, including siblings Arthur Mitchell Morgan (1936-2019), Kenneth Lee Morgan (1939-2019), Coleman Emanuel Morgan (1911-1987), Myrna Barry, Mary Tuck, Frances Burney, Dorothy Rhymer, Lane Morgan and Arthur Morgan.  Winfred is buried in a common grave with Cpl. Jack Alden Beck in Zachary Taylor National Cemetery, Louisville, Kentucky.

Houston Ned Rich

Houston was born March 29, 1927, in Wilmington, North Carolina.  He is buried in Wilmington National Cemetery, Wilmington.  He was the husband of Marie Rich.  He was a World War II and Korean War veterab,

Harry H. Sherman Jr.

Born October 8, 1925, Harry was the son of Harry H. Sherman Sr. and the husband of Marie Bleuher Sherman (1929-2018).  Marie later married Harlan L. Kimball.  Harry and Marie had a daughter, Jayne Sherman (Mrs. Rex Howard Just).  Harry is memorialized in Forest View Cemetery, Winsted, Connecticut.  Harry had a sister.


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