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Koreans Recognize American Korean War Veterans

Although decades have passed since the active Korean War drew to a close because of a truce, many citizens of South Korea still remember the sacrifices made by America's Korean War veterans.  Not only were over 29,500 United States military personnel killed in Korea, but well over 100,000 were wounded and missing as well.  The United States spent approximately $391 billion for the war effort, and that much and more has been spent since the "end" of the war to maintain a United States presence in South Korea and help to ensure the freedom of its people.

This page opened on the Korean War Educator during the Thanksgiving 2007 holiday season.  The initial entry was made by a doctor at the Uijeongbu St. Mary's Hospital at the Catholic University of Korea. His words are a thank you to our nation's Korean War veterans and their families.  Other Koreans are welcome to send a message to the Korean War veterans of the United States (and other participating nations) on this page of the KWE.  Send your message to Lynnita.


  • Kyung-Su Park, MD

Kyung-Su Park, MD

Remembering the Battle of the Chosin Reservoir

I am a 38-year-old Korean doctor, Kyung-Su Park, MD and working at Uijeongbu St. Mary’s hospital. Uijeongbu is located just north of Seoul, and the headquarter of the 2nd infantry division of US army is stationed at Uijeongbu.

With this letter, I’d like to express my great thanks to the Korean war veterans of the U.S., especially those who fought in “the battle of Chosin reservoir” in late November of 1950, 57 years ago.

Actually I had never heard about “the battle of Chosin reservoir” until I read a story about the late general James F Lawrence of US Marines in September, this year. Several Korean newspapers reported an obituary in the Washington Post which notified that general Lawrence passed away and said how he fought in “the battle of Chosin reservoir”. According to the newspapers, “the battle of Chosin reservoir” is one of the two major winter battles in world war history. In that battle, US Marines of the 1st Marine Division and Army fought against Chinese army of ten times as many in number. Many veterans were awarded medals for their valor at the fierce battle and the USS Chosin was named after the battle. Through the report, I knew that there is an organization of veterans who fought in that battle, Chosin Few. As a Korean, what impressed me the most was that the bravery of US soldiers at the battle delayed the advance of Chinese army and made it possible that a number of Korean people evacuated safely from Heungnam, a North Korean harbor, to South Korea. Heungnam evacuation is so famous that several songs about the evacuation are still very popular among Koreans. It has been well-known that many Koreans were able to escape from the communists by virtue of ship “ Victoria,” but it has not that sacrifice of US veterans at Chosin reservoir made Heungnam evacuation possible and saved so many lives of our fathers and mothers. Now that I know what happened in late November, 1950, I’d like to express my sincere gratitude to those veterans who fought at the Chosin reservoir 57 years ago in severe cold of late November for a country they never knew and a people they never met.

Although this is my personal letter, I hope you veterans remember that most Koreans appreciate your service and sacrifice at the Korean war. Without you, we must not have been able to enjoy freedom as we do now. With the late November coming, I think about “the battle of Chosin reservoir” and salute the veterans of Chosin Few who fought in that fierce battle and protected our freedom. Thank you !!! - Kyung-Su Park, MD

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