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Never Forgotten Here in the USA


David Sneddon was a 24-year old junior and Asian Languages major at Brigham Young University in Utah.  David went to Beijin, China to learn the Chinese language after learning Korean during his two-year Mormon mission in South Korea.  In the summer of 2004, he and a friend from BYU (George Bailey) traveled to tourist sites in China.  Bailey returned home to the States, but Sneddon traveled on to Tiger Leaping Gorge in Yunnan Province in southwest China.  David was last seen in China on August 10, 2004.  His family (parents Roy and Kathleen Sneddon  and ten siblings) believe that he was abducted, although there were some North Korean reports that he fell while hiking into the gorge and died.  If the latter is the case, why was his body not recovered?  Furthermore, there are eyewitness reports that David was seen after his hike into Tiger Leaping Gorge.  His tour guide walked with David through the gorge area and they ultimately arrived at a youth hotel called Tina's Guesthouse.

The Committee for Human Rights in North Korea states that some 180,000 prisoners have been captured by North Korea.  David was last seen in a restaurant located near the so-called "Asian Underground Railroad", a network of mostly Christian missionaries who help North Korean defectors flee to safety.  US government officials believe that David was abducted and, against his will, is being held in North Korea.  It is reported that David is married and has two children, and was the English teacher for Kim Jong Un before he came to power, but there is no proof of this. 

According Senator Mike Lee of Utah:

"I, along with several of my colleagues in Congress, have introduced a joint resolution expressing our concern about the disappearance of David Sneddon. The resolution encourages the State Department and Intelligence Community to investigate all plausible explanations for David’s disappearance—including abduction by North Korea. The resolution further encourages the United States government to work with the Sneddon family and our allies in the region to investigate the disappearance and hopefully secure his release. This resolution is a start, and I pray that one day soon the Sneddon family will be reunited with David."

An article by Anna Fifield in the Washington Post, September 18, 2016 states:

"Choi Sung-yong, president of the Abductees' Family Union in Seoul, says he has information placing the American man, David Sneddon, in Pyongyang. Now 36, Sneddon goes by the Korean name Yoon Bong Soo. He is married to a woman named Kim Eun Hae and they have two children, a boy and a girl, Choi said, citing evidence from an informant in Pyongyang."


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