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While the Korean War Educator has a Buddy Search page devoted to Amerasians and their search efforts, this page of the KWE was created as a further means to be of service to Amerasians.  Readers are welcome to use this bulletin board to post topics of interest to the Amerasian communities throughout the United States and the world, as well as to post Amerasian topics of interest to Korean War veterans.  To post your news, contact Lynnita.


Journey to the Motherland [posted 10/04/09]

First, I would like to thank you in behalf of all Korean Amerasians for your great effort in educating general public on Korean War and related subject matters. I think your website “” is very helpful to Korean veterans and its family members to heal their wounds of the past. Also it is a great educational site for many younger generations who need to learn about the Korean War. I am thankful that you put extra effort in uniting some family members of Korean War veterans and Amerasians. I just cannot say thank you enough.

We are sending this email to share a beautiful dream of ours with you. Through the collaborating effort of AmerasianUnityFoundation.ORG,, and HAAUSA.ORG; we had created a program called the “Journey to Motherland.” We are planning a trip to South Korea between May 23 to June 5 in 2010 with Korean Amerasians and their family members across America and beyond with the “Journey to Motherland” program.

Just a few months ago, my wife Tia got an epiphany and told me that she would like to start a project to visit Korea with minimum of one hundred Amerasians. I thought it will be a monumental task and it’s not going to be easy. However, as her husband and as a fellow Amerasian, I knew what it means to make this beautiful dream a reality. Some will be visiting Korea for the first time, some will be back there in many decades but most meaningfully, some will have a chance to find their birth mother or perhaps Korean relatives.

My wife Tia was fortunate to born with a US citizenship in US Army base near Incheon with African-American father and Korean mother. She had good relationships with both of her parents and their family members as well. I was born in Tea-gu with a single Korean mother. My father was a Polish-American and he was an US Air Force man when he met my mother. Some time after my father went to Vietnam, he stopped writing to my mother. I never met my father so it has always been my dream to find a piece of information about him and his side of family history. This story of my life isn’t unique as an Amerasian and there are many who have much worst cases than I do. Many Amerasians who were adopted earlier in their lives to new families in US and in European countries have little or no information on either of their birth parents. Now, even some of the sons and daughters and grandkids of Amerasians are wondering about their roots as well.

In June 25 of 2010 is the 60th anniversary of the Korean War. Right before this important commemoration, we are going to create a huge media fringe in South Korea through the “Journey to Motherland” program, which will bring a big number of Korean Amerasians to visit South Korea. We will try to go on family-finding TV programs and ask mothers and other family members to come forward to unite with their own sons and daughters. Also, we are going to tour interesting places in South Korea to gain cultural, scenery and culinary experiences. We are hoping the “Journey to Motherland” will be a great sentimental and positive journey to South Korea for all participating Amerasians and their family members.  The cost will be about $1500 per person and we are looking for sponsors to help defray expenses so everyone who wants to go on the trip can afford to go.  We will be leaving from California.

If you are interested in the “Journey to Motherland” program, please contact my wife, Tia Legoski.  Her email address is (Tia Kim backward) or call her on her cell number (213) 399-1173.  The more people who participate in this program, the better chance to make it a successful trip for us.  We hope to hear from you. - Frankie and Tia Legoski

PS - Please watch the following video clips from ABC network to witness an Amerasian man uniting with his birth mother.


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