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Wolmi-do, Inchon

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Wolmi-do Facts

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  • The typhoons that hit the area prior to the Inchon invasion were:
    • Typhoon Jane - which came through Kobe, Japan, on September 2
    • Typhoon Kezia - which hit the Korean straits on September 12
  • Four ships actually took troops in to capture Wolmi-do.  They were:
    • Fort Marion LSD 22 - Commander Noah Adair Jr.
    • Diachenko APD 123 - LT Commander James R. Wilson
    • Horace A. Bass APD 124 - LT Commander Alan Ray
    • Wantuck APD 125 - LT Commander John B. Thro
  • Destroyers that participated in the action at Wolmi were:
    • Mansfield - Commander Edwin H. Headland Jr.
    • DeHaven - Commander Oscar B. Lundgren
    • Lyman K. Swenson - Commander Robert A. Schelling
    • Collett - Commander Robert H. Close
    • USS Gurke - Commander Frederick M. Radel
    • Henderson - Commander William S. Stewart
  • The only casualty of the bombardment at Wolmi-do was Lt. (jg) David H. Swenson, who was killed by a flying fragment when the enemy shelled the Lyman K. Swenson.  The destroyer had been named after his uncle.

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