Brief Facts

Comparison of Military Power - July 1950
South Korean Forces versus North Korean Forces

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Comparison of Troops, Tanks, Artillery, Frigates, Aircraft

Military Power - July 1950

South Korea North Korea
Military Personnel 105,752 198,380
Tanks 0 242
Artillery 91 728
Frigates 71 110
Aircraft 22 211

Situation of Units Position

Units position South Korea North Korea
38th Parallel (near area) Infantry Regiments = 11 Infantry Regiments = 27
Tank Regiments = 4
Mechanized Infantry Regiments = 1
Army combat groups = 1
Rear Area Infantry Regiments = 11 Infantry Regiments = 3
Source for both tables: The 50th Anniversary of the Korean War, a commemorative booklet published by the 21C Military Tactical Research Agency, Korea

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