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Annual membership dues help defray the general operating expenses of the Korean War Educator. We appreciate your gift and thoughtful support.

Due to budget constraints, renewal notices are not sent to members.  New members are always welcome, but we also like to keep our old friends.  Send your dues to: Korean War Educator, c/o Lynnita Brown,
111 E. Houghton St., Tuscola, IL 61953.

Member's Name (in order of joining)


Jane G. Dalton, Virginia [Jane's father served in the USAF for 23 years.  Jane was born in Japan just before dependents were evacuated from Japan during the Korean War.] 8/12/2021
Fred Fernandez, California 4/25/2022
Kathleen M. Connor, New York (daughter of Joseph H. Connor, Navy Corpsman) 7/01/2021
Marilyn S. Connor, New York (daughter of Joseph H. Connor, Navy Corpsman) 7/01/2021
Nancy Connor Kotarski, Kentucky (daughter of Joseph H. Connor, Navy Corpsman) 7/01/2021
Jeffrey Myers, New Mexico 4/24/2022
Seungyoung Choi, California 2/25/2027
Anthony Sobieski, Pennsylvania (2-year membership) 6/20/2021

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