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Gifts $1 to $49:

We appreciate your gift and thoughtful support.
Many people doing a little adds up to a lot!

John W. Harper Chicago, IL (Korean War Veteran - USMC) Inkind Gift two books, "Tent Pegs & 2nd Lieutenants"
Clifford Prest Marissa, IL - (US Army, 7th Div, 32nd Inf Reg, L Co. Korea June 1951-April 1952)
Lynn Swango Monticello, IL  (See his memoirs on the KWE)
(US Army, Korea March 15, 1953-May 21, 1954, Svc Co., 45th Division)
Bill Barry Deland, FL (Korean War Veteran - USMC)
Charles W. Foster Escalon, CA
Robert Tate Indiana
Kent Orlandini West Chicago, Illinois (US Army veteran, 1958-60)
Norman Zehr Golden - Colorado - Inkind Gift (book)
Joseph Gonsalves Bluffton - SC - Inkind Gift (book)
Carl V. (Sam) Lamb (USMC) - Inkind Gift (book)
Mel & Dorothy Horwitz Connecticut - Inkind Gift (book - We Will Not Be Strangers)
John Kronenberger Belleville, IL - Inkind Gift (book)
David Baillie Elburn, IL - Inkind Gift (book)
Harold Mulhausen Oklahoma - Inkind Gift (book)
Elwin Vernon Anacortes, WA (3rd Infantry Division, Korea)
Bobby Brandl Pocahontas, AR (Korean War veteran)
Tom Cacciola Englewood Cliffs, NJ
P. Michael Pezzella Fallston, MD
Carl Nussmeyer Sidney, IL
Louis D. Knight Palmer Harbor, FL
Jacob "Jake" Miller White Sulphur Springs, WV
Ralph D. Fly Puyallup, WA
Chapter 1062 Air Force Sergeants Association - Webster, TX
Tom Cearlock Arthur, IL
Ted & Shirley Heckelman Bellingham, WA
Joseph Alvarez San Antonio, TX
George Hubbard Forest, Mississippi (US Army - see his memoirs on the KWE)
Jimmie L. Clark Chicago, IL
Devore, Ron Edmonton, KY (donations & membership dues:  2005, 2006)
Ted Pailet Tennessee/Florida - Inkind gift of the book "The Korean War and Me"
Bob Spiroff Severna Park, MD - Also became a two-year member of KWE.
George Walker Sewell, NJ - Also became a two-year member of KWE.
CSM George W. Alton Nashua, IA - US Army Retired - Also became a one-year member of KWE.
Kathryn Shope Northwood, OH - In memory of Calvin Sandrock
Jack E. Jones Emporium, PA
Pat Langenfeld Clinton, IN
Fred Stockmeier Elk Grove Village, IL
R.B.B. This anonymous $25 donation from Indiana came with the message, "Bless the American Veteran!"  The donation was placed in the KWE's Endowment Fund to keep the website going strong for years to come. Thank you to its donor.
Tony Ybarra California - $10 gift (Tony is a life member of the KWE.)
Earl Clark Washington - $5.00 gift (above two-year dues)
Arthur Schwebke Illinois - $100 gift (Art was a member of the 3rd Infantry Division in Korea.)
Walt Cheely Illinois - $25 gift (Walt is a life member of the KWE.)
Emily Janca Florida - $25 gift (above life membership) in memory of Wes Janca.
Clay Calvert Kansas - $25 gift
Ian Street Australia - Life member of the KWE, Ian served in Korea from 31-3-54 to 7-11-55 with the 1st Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment.
Michael Davino North Carolina - $20 donation (2ID Association Membership/PR Chairman

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