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Welcome to the KWE's DMZ Buddy Search.  The page opened on March 07, 2007 to assist DMZ and post-war veterans in their quest for lost buddies and information about post-war Korea.  To add your search request, contact Lynnita.

24th Infantry Division

19th Infantry Regiment, "C" Company

I am trying to find anyone in my former unit that can assist me to verify my in-service stressors when I was deployed to the DMZ in 1953/54.  I will greatly appreciate any info you can assist me with.  I applied for a PTSD claim but my records were burned in the St Louis fire of 1974 so NARA is of no help with this one. The VA requires verification that I was there and what we did over there. I am looking for a buddy that could help at least describe what it was like back then.

Contact: Lawrence Singsong, Korean DMZ vet 1953//54, hpokotato1@aol.com. Ph. 808-760-8255 (home) and 808-281-6501 (cell).  Please leave a message if I cannot pick up.

Covert Units - ASCOM City, 1962-64

Searching for covert units that operated out of ASCOM City in 1962, '63, and '64.  This unit would not have had an insignia on their uniforms, nor did they wear any dog tags or carry ID tags.  Some called his unit "ghost walkers."  Do you know who they were attached to?  Could it have been the 8th Army?

Contact: Barbara Wright, ewagon@earthlink.net.


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