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Mountain View, California
February 13, 1954

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Five Soldiers/Two Civilians Killed



On Bayshore Highway, a four-lane highway near Moffett Air Field 36 miles south of San Francisco, one car crashed broadside into another on February 13, 1954.  What resulted was a bloody auto crash in a heavy rain in which five soldiers and two civilians died.  There was one survivor.  The soldiers were infantry trainees from the 20th Infantry Regiment at Fort Ord, California.  The men were bound for a weekend in San Francisco.  The civilians were a husband and wife en route to visit their son.

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Kong, Pvt. Alexander A. (Honolulu, Hawaii) -

Alexander was born February 16, 1933, son of Edward A. Kong (1906-1975) and Rachel Leilehua Akee Kong (1910-1998).  His sister was Mrs. Albert (Mokihana Hannah Kong) Medeiros (1934-1993).  Alexander is buried in Nuuenu Memorial Park, Honolulu, Hawaii.

LaMadrid, Pvt. Albert (Honolulu, Hawaii) -

Albert was born September 01, 1934.  He is buried in the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Linthicum, Pvt. Arthur William (Ankeny, Iowa) -

Arthur was born March 06, 1918.  He was a World War II and Korean War veteran who was the recipient of a Purple Heart and Bronze Star medal.  He is buried in Glendale Cemetery, Des Moines, Iowa.

Matthews, Pvt. Henry Thomas (Hanford, California) -

Henry was born October 07, 1932 in Oklahoma, a son of Thomas Edward Mathews [sic] (2905-1985) and Arclistia Pearl Chrysler Mathews [sic] (1910-1983).  He was the brother of Ellen Virginia Potter (1928-2011), Velma Jean Sotello (1929-2000), Cloys Edward Mathews [sic] (1934-2005) and Clistina Myers (1943-2008).  Thomas is buried in Hanford Cemetery, Hanford, California.

Rostege, James (San Francisco, California) -

He and his wife Leona are buried in Cypress Lawn Memorial Park, Colma, California.

Rostege, Mrs. James (Leona) (San Francisco, California) -

Leona Clara Lloyd Kelly Rostege was born November 27, 1897.  She was married to Frank Kelly and they had a son, David Lloyd Kelly (1921-1969). 

Vangler, Pvt. Hyman (Seattle, Washington) -

Hyman was born April 03, 1934.  He is buried in the Seattle Historic Sephardic Cemetery (Bikur Cholim), Seattle.

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Kaplan, Pvt. Gerald (Seattle, Washington) -



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