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Hunter Liggett Military Reservation, California
August 07, 1952

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Four National Guardsmen Killed
Seven Injured



Four men of the 44th Infantry Division were killed in maneuvers on August 07, 1952 at the Hunter Liggett military reservation, 120 miles north of Camp Cook, California.   The tragedy occurred when a transport truck plunged over an embankment at Hunter Liggett.  Seven others were injured.

Six officers and 74 enlisted men of Battery A, 209th Field Artillery Battalion (Alton's National Guard unit) had been stationed at Camp Cooke since February of that year with Battery C of Edwardsville and Battery B of Belleville.  Two of the fatalities were from Illinois.  A third one was from Missouri and the other was from South Carolina.

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Elliott, Sgt. Dwight Troy Jr. (Rock Island, Illinois) -

Dwight was born March 06, 1929 in Illinois, a son of Dwight Nixon Elliott (1888-1957) and Zada Catherine Borell Elliott (1886-1971).  His siblings were Richard A. Elliott (1920-1965), Harold D. Elliott (1922-1946) (killed in military service), and Arnold E. Elliott.  Dwight, a member of the 44th Division, 223rd Field Artillery Battalion, was buried in Rock Island Memorial Park Cemetery, Rock Island.

Miller, Cpl. James A. (Spartanburg, South Carolina) -

Muggins, Pfc. Donald G. (Rock Island, Illinois) -

Sherwood, Cpl. James Monroe (Shelbyville, Missouri) -

Corporal Sherwood was born August 13, 1931 and was a member of the 44th Infantry Division, 223 Field Artillery Battalion.  He is buried in Rock Island National Cemetery, Rock Island.


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