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Erie Lake Cities Train No. 6
April 29, 1951

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Barberton, Ohio Scene of Tragedy


A convoy of jeeps, trucks and tanks from the Ohio National Guard was on its way to another base on April 29, 1951.  The convoy stopped at the Fairview Avenue crossing in Barberton, a lieutenant in one of the jeeps got out, looked both ways, and then motioned the convoy to go ahead and cross the tracks.  What that lieutenant didn't know was the fact that a six-car Erie Streamliner was rounding a blind curve at the speed of 60 miles per hour 3,291 feet away.  There were no gates at the crossing.

Two guardsmen jumped from the tank turret before the crash, but the other three crew members inside the tank didn't stand a chance.  The 100-passenger train smashed into the tank at 5:45 p.m., pushing the tank about 130 feet and fatally crushing three guardsmen.  The tank was mangled, the train derailed, and the tracks bent on impact. In addition to the fatalities, one guardsman was injured and so were seven civilians.

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Tank Crew

Cox, Sgt. Dale E. (killed) - Age 27, Akron, Ohio

Sergeant Cox is buried in Greenlawn Memorial Park, Akron, Ohio.

Jameson, Sgt. Don W. (survivor - jumped to safety)

Livingston, Cpl. William E. (killed) - 22, Doylestown, Ohio

Corporal Livingston was born in 1929 in New York, the son of Amos Elva Livingston (1901-1978) and Frances Ellen Kirk Livingston (1907-2000).  He is buried in Lower Boone Cemetery, Reelsville, Indiana.

Nichols, Pfc. Carl (survivor - injured)

Peterman, Cpl. Ronald L. (killed)

Corporal Peterman was born January 01, 1932, a son of Bryan Bartleson Peterman (1897-1981) and Florene "Flo" Wallet Peterman (1903-1974).  His siblings were Gary E. Peterman and Carol D. Peterman Kapish.  Corporal Peterman is buried in Greenlawn Memorial Park, Akron, Ohio.



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