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New Jersey Turnpike
December 18, 1951

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Marines On Leave Killed



A four-door sedan loaded with six Marine Corps PFC's smashed into the back of a tractor-trailer truck on the New Jersey turnpike on December 18, 1951.  The Marines were on pass from Camp LeJeune.  The accident was the first fatal accident that happened on the newly-completed toll road.  Five Marines were killed and there was one survivor.

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Crash Fatalities

DuPere, Pfc. Joseph Edward

Born July 22, 1930, Joseph was the son of Pierre and Anna M. Bernier DuPere.  Anna (1904-1984) later married Joseph Harton.  Private DuPere is buried in Saint John Cemetery, Plainfield, Connecticut.

Harrop, Pfc. Joseph Dawson

Joseph was born May 03, 1934.  He is buried in Oak Grove Cemetery, Fall River, Massachusetts.  Several Harrops are buried there.

Jacobs, Pfc. Andrew M.

Andrew was born in 1934.  He is buried in Saint Gertrude Cemetery and Mausoleum, Colonia, New Jersey.

Rand, Pfc. John Joseph

John was born June 18, 1934.  He is buried in Mount Hope Cemetery, Boston, Massachusetts.

Violette, Pfc. Norman

Norman was born December 21, 1933.  He is buried in Mount Saint Benedict Cemetery, Bloomfield, Connecticut.

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Crash Survivor

Robertson, Pfc. James L.


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