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Oahu, Hawaii
March 21, 1955

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Returning Veterans Die



The official date of the Korean War is June 27, 1950 to January 31, 1955, but the Korean War Educator believes the tragic loss of life in an R6D-1 crash less than two months later needs to be recognized and forever remembered.

On March 21, 1955, a plane-load of veterans was returning to the States from the Far East when the Military Air Transport Service (MATS #131612) aircraft flying them home was involved in a crash during a heavy rainstorm.  The majority of the veterans had served a tour of duty in Korea during the war years and were soon to be discharged.  The 66 fatalities included Air Force, Army, Navy and Marine personnel and two civilians--the wife and three-year-old daughter of one of the veterans.

The flight path was Tokyo, Japan to Travis Air Force Base in California, with a stop at Hickam Air Force Base, Honolulu, Hawaii.  A navigational error took the plane eight miles off course and it crashed into the 3,098 foot Pali Kea Peak of Waianae Mountains on Oahu. The plane caught fire and fell into a crevice on the mountain.  Residents in the area heard the crash, but the burning plane slowed recovery efforts.

For greater detail about this crash, see the amazing report written by Dave Trojan at:
R6D Liftmaster crash Hawaii - Wreckchasing Message Board


  • Enloe, Charles Wayne - flight orderly
  • O'Leary, Harold M. - pilot (father of three)
  • Osborne, Charles Lee - flight mechanic
  • Preston, Charles M. - radio operator
  • Rimer, William R. - flight orderly
  • Schroeder, Alfred Dewey - flight mechanic
  • Sheehan, Charles E. Jr. - radio operator
  • Teague, Marx Meredith - co-pilot (father of three)
  • Theroux, Lee Anthony - navigator


  • Alexander, AMN Alvin (USAF)
  • Alvarado, SSGT. Samuel Juan (USAF)
  • Anderson, CPL. Donald Roy (USA)
  • Anthony, AMN John David (USAF)
  • Bauer, PFC. Paul Bernard (USA)
  • Bennett, MSGT. Eugene Elmer (USMC)
  • Boyle, AMN David Laverne (USAF)
  • Britt, SSGT. William E. (USAF)
  • Brittain, CPL. Cecil Allen (USMC)
  • Brooks, CPL. Richard Roy (USMC)
  • Bullen, CPL. Dean Glade (USA)
  • Chase, CPL. Walter Waddell (USMC)
  • Combs, PFC. Charles Junior (USMC)
  • Dawsey, TSGT. Albert Eugene "Gene" (USAF)
  • Dellinger, PFC. Robert Eldon (USA)
  • DeWeese, SGT. Rexie Lee (USA)
  • DiVuolo, SGT. Larry Peter (USA)
  • Duncan, PFC. Robert Gale (USA)
  • Eaton, A3C Daniel Keith (USAF)
  • Edwards, LTC Grammer Grant (USMC)
  • Enloe, AMN Charles Wayne (USN)
  • Freeman, CPL Almeron Arthur (USMC)
  • Halvey, CPL Edward Joseph Jr. (USA)
  • Harrell, AMN Willie Gene (USAF)
  • Harrison, CPL Richard Carey (USMC)
  • Hendon, CPL William Barnett (USA)
  • Hill, PFC Robert Eugene (USA)
  • Hoffman, CPL Kenneth George (USA)
  • Horne, CPL David Allen (USA)
  • Horton, AMN Stanley B. (USAF)
  • Huler, SGT Warren Ray (USA)
  • Hummel, SSGT Carlyle Johannes (USAF)
  • Irwin, PFC John "Shorty" Jr. (USA)
  • Johnson, CPL Charles Morris (USA)
  • Kuras, PFC Bernard John (USA)
  • Lake, CPL Dale Leroy (USMC)
  • Lofton, SSGT Eugene Lillis (USAF)
  • Matthews, AMN Milton Donald Jr. (USAF)
  • Meszaros, CPL Michael John III (USMC)
  • Montanez, PVT Louis Frank (USA)
  • Morgan, AMN Aubrey Gene (USAF)
  • Murray, MSGT Gordon Brown (USMC)
  • O'Leary, LCDR Harold Mathew O'Leary (USN)
  • Ogden, SSGT Morgan L. (USMC)
  • Osborne, AD1 Charles Lee (USN)
  • Panetti, PFC John Robert (USA)
  • Powell, TSGT John William Jr. (USAF)
  • Preston, AMN Charles Michael (USN)
  • Quinn, AN James Brice Jr. (USN)
  • Rimer, AMN William Richard (AN)
  • Robichaux, SMN Gerald Joseph (USN)
  • Schroeder, AMN Alfred Dewey (USN)
  • Sheehan, AMN Charles Edward Jr. (USN)
  • Shyda, SSGT Thaddeus Peter (USAF)
  • Sisson, AMN1C Earl Clifford (USAF)
  • Smith, SGT Raymond Lee (USA)
  • Teague, LCDR Marx Meredith (USN)
  • Theroux, LT Lee Anthony (USN)
  • Thompson, SGT Robert Lee (USA)
  • Webb, TE1C Nathan Hale (USN)
  • Webb, Mrs. Rita Laverne (wife of Nathan)
  • Webb, Miss Teresa (three-year old daughter of Nathan)
  • White, AMN Gerald Dean (USN)
  • White, SGT James Leland (USA)
  • Wilhelm, TSGT Roland Benson (USAF)
  • Williamson, MSGT Frederick Luther (USMC)

Biographies of the Fatalities

[KWE Note: David Dunnavant (USMC 1963-1983) provided Findagrave material that was used in the biographies of the fatalities, and all credit and appreciation goes to him for doing so.  To add information to the following biographies, contact Lynnita.  E-Mail:]

Alexander, Alvin

Airman Alexander was born September 05, 1933 in Sunnyside, Queens, New York, the son of Catherine Hayden Alexander (later Higgins). 

Alvarado, Samuel Juan

Born June 24, 1925 in El Paso, Texas, Sergeant Alvarado was the husband of Elizabeth Aguilar Alvarado (1919-1988) and the father of Erika Anna Alvarado (1951-1951).  Samuel and Elizabeth were married in 1943.  He was a World War II and Korean War veteran.

Anderson, Donald Roy

Corporal Anderson was born May 18, 1935 in Brockton, Massachusetts, the son of Roy E. Anderson (1896-1969) and Rose L. Anderson (1898-1984).  He enlisted in the Army on November 05, 1953 and was serving in H/S Company, 366 Engineer Aviation Battalion in Korea.

Anthony, John David

Airman Anthony was born September 07, 1933 in Hobart, Indiana, the son of Jay Dewey Anthony (1898-1977) and Beatrice Mary McLaughlin Anthony (1903-1994).  His sister was Barbara Ann Anthony (1929-1936).

Bauer, Paul Bernard

Private Bauer was born September 18, 1932 in Chicago, the son of Simon Bauer (1899-1956) and Mary Bauer.

Bennett, Eugene Elmer

Master Sergeant Bennett was born June 11, 1920 in Poplarville, Mississippi, a son of Willie Edward Bennett (1893-1956) and Ella Mae Purvis Bennett (1903-1975).  He and his wife had children Pamela (age 11), Deborah (age 5), and David (age 7 months).  He joined the Marine Corps in 1939.  In 1949 and 1950 he was Chief of the postal section at El Toro Marine Corps Air Station.  He was transferred to the 1st Marine Division at Camp Pendleton, and then was sent to Korea.  His family was to join him in Honolulu two weeks after the airplane crash because he was going to begin his third tour of duty there.  His siblings included Gladys Faye Bennett Vesely (1919-1975), Myrtle Ruth Bennett Berry (1922-1991) and James C. Bennett (1924-1983).

Boyle, David Laverne

Airman Boyle was born May 02, 1934 in Ironton, Ohio, the son of Daniel Boyle and Minnie Boyle.  His wife was Kita Toneyama Boyle.  He was stationed with the 67th Air Police Squadron, 6107th Airbase Squadron, Osaka, Japan.

Britt, William E.

Sergeant Britt was born December 08, 1928.  He served in the 4th Fighter Interceptor Squadron.

Brittain, Cecil Allen

Corporal Brittain was born February 27, 1933 in Timpson, Texas, a son of Harvey Benjamin Brittain (1904-1990) and Aulie Ann Hammers Brittain (1902-1983).  He served in Headquarters Company, 1st Marine Division.  His siblings were Frances Ann Brittain Martin (1927-1987), Charles Henry Brittain (1929-2009), Chester Eugene Brittain (1931-1985), Kenneth Paul Brittain (1937-2002) and Mary Ida Brittain (1941-1941).

Brooks, Richard Roy

Corporal Brooks was born October 16, 1932 in Brookville, Ohio, the son of Roy Russell Brooks (1900-1981) and C. Ruth Steck Brooks (1904-1970).  His siblings were Gladys F. Brooks Mills (1922-2012), Barbara Ann Brooks Lee (1936-2009), and Phyllis Brooks Heckathorn.

Bullen, Dean Glade

Corporal Bullen was born April 20, 1932 in Richmond, Utah, a son of Dean Johnson Bullen (1908-1967) and Ida Jane Neeley Bullen (1909-1974).  His brothers were Lynn Neeley Bullen (1937-2018) and Larry Bullen.  Dean served in Company A, 707 Ordnance Battalion in Korea.

Chase, Walter Waddell

Corporal Chase was born April 22, 1934 in Mendham, New Jersey, son of Charles Adamson Chase (1898-1971) and Helen Annesley Waddell Chase (1899-1994).

Combs, Charles Junior

Private Combs was born February 1, 1924 in Stoddard, Missouri, the son of Charles Junior Combs Sr. and Minnie E. Foster Combs (born 1897/died four days after her son's death).  He was wounded in combat on Iwo Jima on February 19, 1945 and returned to service March 3, 1945.  He enlisted in the Army two years prior to the accident.  He was divorced from Stephanie J. Lewienic (later McFarland) (1926-1973).  They had a daughter Charlene Combs (age 7 years) by their marriage that ended in divorce.  After Charles' death, Charlene took the name McFarland.  Charlene was born in 1947 and died in 2017.  Charles' siblings were Russell P. Combs (1919-1978), Helen C. Thornton (1920-2001), Myrtle Verneta "Cricket" Combs (1922-1957) and Edward Combs (1926-1927).

Dawsey, Albert Eugene "Gene"

Tech Sergeant Dawsey was born January 03, 1929 in Nichols, South Carolina, the son of Albert Ellis Dawsey (1905-1937) and Elizabeth Garrison Elliott (1907-1988). His stepfather was Hosea M. Elliott.  He was married to Anna Elaine Bambush Dawsey and they had a son, Joe Marion Dawsey.  His siblings were Mildred Howie and half sister Miss Arlene Elliott.

Dellinger, Robert Eldon

Private Dellinger was born January 24, 1933, in Lyons, Kansas, a son of Lloyd Louis Dellinger (1907-1966) and Enid Pool Dellinger (1908-1991).  His brother was Eugene Dellinger and his sister was Betty Dellinger.  He served in the 396 Transportation Truck Company.

DeWeese, Rexie Lee

Sergeant DeWeese was born December 09, 1933 in Lake Creek, Texas, a son of Reginald Oliver DeWeese (1902-1988) and Dovie Ray Polk DeWeese (1906-1975).  His siblings were Harold Dean "Hap" DeWeese (1937-2014), Donald Gene "Mickey" DeWeese (1938-2003), and Mary Lou DeWeese Watkins (1942-2008).

DiVuolo, Larry Peter

Sergeant DiVuolo was born July 02, 1933 in Nutley, New Jersey, the son of Dominick Jerry DiVuolo (1906-1994) and Laura Mary Riscinti DiVuolo (1910-1999).  His sisters were Carole Divuolo Mazzarini (1935-2021), Carmella Divuolo, and Louise Divuolo.

Duncan, Robert Gale

Private Duncan was born August 27, 1932 in Robbinsdale, Minnesota, the son of Harvey Duncan and Dorothy Duncan.

Eaton, Daniel Keith

Airman Eaton was born May 08, 1934 in San Juan County, Colorado, the son of Alma Doxey "Dee" Eaton (1907-1940) and Sadie Mae Detenbeck Eaton (later Sawyer) (1915-1999).  His sisters were Joyce Eaton MacNider (1935-1999) and Meredith Eaton Nelson (1938-2010).

Edwards, Grammer Grant

Lieutenant Commander Edwards was born October 22, 1908 in Kennard, Nebraska, the son of Stewart Edwards (1855-1931) and Sydney Viola "Ola" Grammer Edwards (1872-1961).  His wife was Nathilla K. Albertson Edwards and they had three children: Grammer Grant Edwards Jr., Barbara Edwards, Robyn Jane Edwards.  His sister was Opal Edwards (1913-1915) and his half-sisters were Minnie Florence Edwards Carmichael (1882-1959) and Addie Edwards Booth (1886-1918).

Enloe, Charles Wayne

Airman Enloe was born November 17, 1931 in Missouri, a son of Lyman Clem Enloe (1906-1997) and Myrtle Stella Howser Enloe (1903-1981).  His siblings were Lyman Clem Enloe Jr. (1926-2001), Geneva Myrtle Enloe Horak (1927-2006), Donna Melching, Judy Snider, Helen Short, Karen Case, Audrey Belt, and Betty Uhlig.  Charles attended elementary school in Eugene, Missouri.  Prior to entering the Navy he was a fireman for the Union Pacific Railroad and the service department of Feld Chevrolet Company, Kansas City.  He served two years in the Pacific.  His body was escorted to Missouri by his personal friend, James R. Martin.

Freeman, Almeron Arthur

Corporal Freeman was born February 03, 1933 in Mauston, Wisconsin.  He graduated from Mauston High School, joined the Marine Corps, and served 16 months in Korea.  He was due to be discharged in August 1955.

Halvey, Edward Joseph Jr.

Corporal Halvey was born July 14, 1933 in Chicago, Illinois, a son of Edward Joseph Halvey Sr. (1903-1970) and Mary Theresa Mullins Halvey (1903-1960).  His siblings were John Joseph "Jack" Halvey (1926-1995), Michael Joseph Halvey (1938-1997), Mary Ann Halvey, and William E. Halvey (Brother Gordian). 

Harrell, Willie Gene

Airman Harrell was born June 25, 1931 in Austin, Texas, a son of Allen Leon Harrell Sr. (1900-1993) and Ellonia Shirley Shepard Harrell (1901-1985).  His siblings were Allen Leon Harrell Jr. and Etta Harrell.

Harrison, Richard Carey

Corporal Harrison was born August 12, 1934 in Memphis, Tennessee, the son of Roy Dee Harrison (1908-1987) and Margaret S. Harrison (1917-1997).

Hendon, William Barnett

Corporal Hendon was born December 27, 1931 in Blue Spring, Kentucky, a son of Arthur Burnett Hendon (1912-1965) and Gertha B. Crowder Hendon (1912-2001).  His siblings were Geneva Frances Hendon Oakley (1933-2009), James O. Hendon, Bobbie E. Hendon, and Thomas R. Hendon.

Hill, Robert Eugene

Private Hill was born April 2, 1933 in Redkey, Indiana, a son of Howard Thomas Hill (1876-1966) and Lulu Myrtle Crisler Hill (1881-1964).  His siblings were Thelma Hill Sutton and Albert B. Hill (1905-1979).

Hoffman, Kenneth George

Corporal Hoffman was born March 03, 1933 in Glyndon, Minnesota, the son of Herman Hoffman (1900-1988) and Carrie Hoffman (1905-1973).  A member of the 772nd Military Police, he was scheduled to be discharged on April 02, 1955, but his departure was pushed forward because his foster father, H.D. Grundfor of Moorhead, Minnesota, was ill.

Horne, David Allen

Corporal Horne was born April 20, 19331 in Milton, New Hampshire, a son of Herman Julian Horne (1905-1978) and Mildred Dow Horne (1904-1980).  His siblings were Pamela Ann Horne Marrapese (1936-2003) and Robert Glen Horne (1939-1999).  David studied at the University of New Hampshire and New Hampshire technical institute of Portsmouth.  He was returning home for his first leave since joining the Army two years previous to the crash.

Horton, Stanley B.

Airman Horton was born November 26, 1933 in Indianapolis, Indiana, a son of Guy Sumner Horton (1908-2000) and Wilma Bell Henry Horton (1913-2006).  He was married to Margaret Horton.  His siblings were Guy Horton (1931-2003), Helen Horton Klein, Jeannie Horton Piety, and Betty Horton Robinson.

Huler, Warren Ray

Sergeant Huler was born May 19, 1928 in Shamokin, Pennsylvania, a son of William Janson Huler (1890-1969) and Flora Elliott Huler (1898-1947).  His brother was Donald Richard Huler (1937-1955).  He served in Company D, 70th Tank Battalion.

Hummel, Carlyle Johannes

Sergeant Hummel was born June 20, 1931 in Bismarck, North Dakota, a son of John and Anna Hummel.  He married Darlene Peterson on September 12, 1953.  His siblings were Elsie, Arlene, Sylvia, Alvin, Walter, William, and a brother who died in infantry.  Carlyle attended schools at Underwood and Coleharbor, graduated from Coleharbor High in May of 1949, and enlisted in the Air Force in October of 1951.  He left for Korea on March 11, 1954.

Irwin, John Raymond "Shorty" Jr.

Private Irwin was born May 25, 1932, on the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation in Dickey County, North Dakota, the son of John R. Irwin Sr. (1906-1961) and Gladys Smith Irwin (1910-1976).  He lived in the Lucky Mound Community (Hidatsa tribe) along the Missouri River.  His wife was Elaine Irwin and his son was two-year-old Gerald Irwin.  His siblings were Johanna Irwin White Bear, Rosanna Irwin (1948-1951), James Irwin (1939-2019), Christine "Sadie" Irwin Bears Tail (1934-1989), Alva Irwin, Doreen Mavis Irwin, Sally Irwin White, and Ada Irwin Sharp.

Johnson, Charles Morris

Corporal Johnson was born November 12, 1932 in Cleveland, Ohio.  His sister was Lonnie Mae Johnson Caswell (1918-1972).

Kuras, Bernard John

Private Kuras was born April 27, 1933 in Gaylord, Michigan, a son of Frank J. Kuras (1906-1959) and Julia R. Sklarczyk Kuras (1910-1995).  His siblings were Virgil Kuras, Louise Kuras Tuszynski, and Frank Kuras.

Lake, Dale Leroy

Corporal Lake was born April 27, 1934 in Jolley, Iowa, the son of Forrest and Ina Lake.  He was a graduate of Lytton High School in Jolley.

Lofton, Eugene Lillis

Sergeant Lofton was born September 21, 1922 in Winchester, Virginia, the son of Clifton Lofton and Julia Elizabeth Lillis Lofton (1899-1965).  He was married to Dorothy Mae Wingfield Lofton (1926-2016) and their son was Thomas Lillis Lofton (1950-1981).  Eugene served n the 816th Troop Carrier Squadron.

Matthews, Milton Donald Jr.

Airman Matthews was born October 15, 1932 in Whitesville, New Jersey, the son of Milton and Doris Matthews.  His wife was Elsie C. Matthews and his sister was Elleen F. Matthews.

Meszaros, Michael John III

Corporal Meszaros was born April 07, 1935, a son of Catherine Meszaros (1911-1984).  His brother was Rev. James J. Meszaros (1939-?).

Montanez, Louis Frank

Private Montanez was born April 04, 1934 in Bronx, New York, the son of Manuel and Margaret Montanez.

Morgan, Aubrey Gene

Airman Morgan was born March 08, 1934 in Union Springs, Alabama.

Murray, Gordon Brown

Master Sergeant Murray was born April 19, 1918 in Burgaw, North Carolina, the son of Robert Murray (1877-1923).

O'Leary, Harold Mathew

Lieutenant Commander O'Leary was born September 4, 1920 in San Diego, California, the son of Col. William Joseph Mack (1902-1982) and Alvaretta Shipp Mack (1887-1954).  He was married to Agnes Marie Prihoda O'Leary (1925-1958), and their sons were Michael Joseph O'Leary, Daniel Bryan O'Leary, and Jeffrey Paul O'Leary.

Ogden, Morgan L.

Staff Sergeant Ogden was born June 20, 1923, in Quantico, Virginia, a son of Maj. Harold Ogden (1890-1974) and Dora M. Fisher Ogden (1890-1964).  His siblings were Victor P. Ogden (1924-1993), Marjorie Marilyn Ogden Albert (1926-2012), and Ruth Ogden Strathman.

Osborne, Charles Lee

Aviation Mechanic Osborne was born December 19, 1919 in Asheville, North Carolina, a son of James Osborne (1888-1927) and Myrtle Finney Osborne (1892-1994).  He was survived by his wife and son, as well as sisters Charlotte Finney Osborne Moody (1918-2005) and Mrs. James R. (Elizabeth Osborne) Holland, and a half-brother, David Russell (1915-1969).

Panetti, John Robert

Private Panetti was born September 20, 1925 in Windber, Pennsylvania, a son of Pasquale G. Panetti (1887-1954) and Minnie J. Ianni Panetti (1894-1955).  His siblings were Nicholas Joseph (1917-2007), Charles G. (1921-2004), Joseph P. (1923-1994), Anthony Albert (1927-2013) and Jean Ann Panetti (1930-1999).  Private Panetti was flying home on an emergency leave to see his sick mother.  She died six hours before the plane crash.

Powell, John William Jr.

Tech Sergeant Powell was born January 13, 1927 in Queen Anne Knolls, Maryland, a son of John William Powell Sr. and Helen Powell.  His siblings were Thomas Powell and Alice M. Powell Wallace.

Preston, Charles Michael

Airman Preston was born August 16, 1931 in Washington State, the son of Billy Fred Preston (1900-1974) and Lorna F. Preston (1903-1988).  He was married to Barbara Mattingly Preston (later Tormohlen) (1931-2004).  Charles and Barbara had an infant daughter who died April 12, 1955.

Quinn, James Brice "Jimmie" Jr.

Airman Quinn was born October 23, 1932, the only son of James Brice Quinn Sr. (1903-1988) and Margaret Elizabeth Campbell Quinn (1903-1991).  He was married to Sybil Byars Quinn and he was returning home after four years of service in the Navy.

Rimer, William Richard

Airman Rimer was born September 15, 1932, in Edina, Missouri, the son of Richard Harley Rimer (1898-1967) and Louise E. Fickel Rimer (1907-2002) (later Mrs. Rufus Earl Primm).

Robichaux, Gerald Joseph

Seaman Apprenctice Robichaux was born October 16, 1934 in Montegut, Louisiana, a son of Lotair Joseph "L.J." Robichaux (1903-1979) and Mable Legendre Robichaux (1904-1980).  His brother was Henry Charles Robichaux (1936-2011).

Schroeder, Alfred Dewey

Aviation Electronics 3rd Class Schroeder was born on October 15, 1931 in Tell City, Indiana, a son of Leslie Guy Schroeder (1906-1995) and Myrtle Emily Dauby Schroeder (1910-2003).
His brothers were Leslie Kenneth Schroeder (1930-2016), Glenward A. Schroeder (1934-2020) and Paul M. Schroeder (1936-2017).

Sheehan, Charles Edward Jr.

Airman Sheehan was born January 08, 1933 in Bangor, Maine, the son of Charles E. Sheehan (1888-1962) and Jessice Ione Lilley Sheehan (1905-1989).

Shyda, Thaddeus Peter

Staff Sergeant Shyda was born August 03, 1923 in Lebanon, Pennsylvania, a son of Frank Shyda Sr. (1886-1981) and Mary Albina Wyczalkowski Shyda (1896-1972).  His siblings were Chester C. (1919-1975), Victoria Brunn, Sigmund, Pauline Gerhardt, Frank Jr., John, Christine Raiger, and Edward.  Thaddeus enlisted in the Air Force during World War II at age 17.  Prior to the plane crash his last year was served with the US Technical Mission in Indochina.

Sisson, Earl Clifford

Airman Sisson was born March 13, 1931 in Depew, New York, a son of William M. Sisson (1897-1967) and Lorraine E. Sisson (1904-1974).  His siblings were Alvin N. Sisson (1921-2009, William M. Sisson (1927-1991) and Lester W. Sisson (1934-2020).

Smith, Raymond Lee

Sergeant Smith was born September 28, 1933 in Oakland, California, the son of Harold Smith and Alcia June Smith (later Mrs. Rodman Berg) (1909-1972).

Teague, Marx Meredith

Lieutenant Commander Teague was born August 06, 1917 in Thomasvivlle, North Carolina, the son of Ivy Allison Teague (1890-1974) and Carrie Alma Meredith Teague (1894-1941).  Marx was married to Verda May "Andy" Anderson, a member of the Army Nurse Corps who served in France and England during World War II.  Marx and Andy had three children who were reared with the help of Andy's second husband, Roy Berg.  Randall Marx Teague, one of the three children, was born in 1947 and died in 1984.  The Teagues also had another son and a daughter.

Theroux, Lee Anthony Jr.

Lieutenant Theroux was born January 11, 1923 in Red Lake Falls, Minnesota, a son of Lee Anthony Theroux Sr. (1893-1953) and Beulah Olive St. Louis Theroux (1897-1978).  He and his wife Phyllis Mae were married in 1948.  Phyllis later married Valerian Francis Marchildon in 1960.  Mrs. Marchildon was born in 1925 and died in 1995.  Lieutenant Theroux's siblings were Kenneth John Theroux (1924-2008), George Lewis Theroux (1926-2015), Maurice James "Maury" Theroux (1929-2017), and Gene Theroux.

Thompson, Robert Lee

Sergeant Thompson was born October 27, 1925 in Erlanger, Kentucky, a son of Jesse Edgar Thompson (1884-1963) and Hilda Ortman Thompson (1895-1967).  His sibling was Edgar Claire Thompson (1905-1981) and his half-siblings were Louella Jesse Thompson Cillay (1908-1947) and Burton Clay Thompson (1912-1959).

Webb, Nathan Hale

Teleman1C Webb was born November 13, 1930 in Irvine, Kentucky, a son of Henry Cleveland Webb (1890-1974) and Mary Catherine Blackwell Webb (1891-1966).  He was married to Rita Laverne Hatcher Webb (1932-1955) and they were the parents of Miss Theresa Lynn Webb (1951-1955).  His siblings were Lizzie Webb Campbell (1910-1947), William Webb (1912-1993), Hugh Webb (1914-2002), Elbert Webb (1916-1993), Delora Webb Manuel (1918-1992), Fred Webb (1921-1989), Omer Jack Webb (123-1981), Thomas Webb (1925-1989) and Henry Buford Webb (1927-1992).

Webb, Rita Laverne

Mrs. Webb was born November 12, 1932 in Hiseville, Kentucky, a daughter of Lawrence Elmo Hatcher (1898-1955) and Gladys Banes Hughes Hatcher (later Mrs. Reuben James Roberts) (1900-1988).  Rita's siblings were John Thomas Hatcher (1919-1994) (World War II veteran), Mary F. Hatcher Mudd Haskins (1922-2012), and Edgar Allen Hatcher (1926-1985) (Korean War veteran).

Webb, Teresa Lynn

Miss Webb was born October 24, 1951 in the US Naval Hospital, Balboa, San Diego, California.  She was the daughter of Nathan Hale Webb (1930-1955) and Rita Laverne Hatcher Webb (1932-1955).

White, Gerald Dean

Airman White was born August 18, 1932 in Lawton, Oklahoma, a son of Rex Aubrey White (1905-1992) and Helen G. Hinkle White (1910-2000).  His siblings were Harold Lee White (1930-1985) and Joan Kay White (1944-1947).

White, James Leland

Sergeant White was born May 10, 1928 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, a son of William Franklin White (1886-1970) and Stella R. Tkachenko White (1902-1987).  His sibling was William Richard White (1926-1978), and his half siblings were Harold Raymond White (1907-1969), Marie Dorothy White Eldredge (1910-1957), and Hazel Ruth White Feil (1912-1988).

Wilhelm, Roland Benson

Tec Sergeant Wilhelm was born May 06, 1916 in Baltimore, Maryland, the son of Clarence Wilhelm (1873-1940) and Maude Mildred Madiary Wilhelm (1880-?).  His wife was Mary E. Gill Wilhelm (1919-1993).

Williamson, Frederick Luther

Master Sergeant Williamson was born March 22, 1909 in Plymouth, New Hampshire.  His wife was Ruth Brogan Williamson (born 1910) and their son was Frederick L. "Skip" Williamson (1936-2007).


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