Topics - Silver Star Recipients submitted to KWE
Names Starting with "I"

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Names will be added to this list upon receipt of evidence of award.  Send them to Lynnita Brown, 111 E. Houghton St., Tuscola, IL 61953 or e-mail Lynnita.

Recipients - I

  • Icett, CPL Harold W. Jr. (USMC) (see Citations section) (posthumous)
  • Icke, Earl Leroy (7ID)
  • Iglesias, MSGT Victor Manuel (3ID) (KIA) (see Citations section)
  • Ignacio, SGT Paul (24ID, Co. E, 5th Rgt.)
  • Ihnat, 2LT Richard M. (3ID)
  • Iida, 1LT Harry S. (HQ, 25th ID)
  • Ikenoyama, PVT Hideo (2ID)
  • Iliff, SFC Harry R. (2ID)
  • Imel, SGT Norman L. (USMC) (see Citations section)
  • Immel, SGT James P. (USMC) (see Citations section) (posthumous)
  • Imrie, CPL Robert K. (Co. F, 2nd Btn, 38th Inf. Rgt., 2ID)
  • Inbody, CPL Joe M. (see Citations section)
  • Ingalls, SGT Walter I. (2ID)
  • Ingelsby, James F. (40ID)
  • Ingenhutt, William W. (USAF) (see Citations section)
  • Ingle, PFC Clarence B. (3ID)
  • Ingraham, PFC Gerald E. (USMC) (see Citations section) (posthumous)
  • Ingram, Byron D. (X CORPS)
  • Ingram, CPL David E. (USMC) (see Citations section)
  • Ingram, LT JG Jack William Jr. (USN) (see Citations section) (posthumous)
  • Ingram, James L. (7ID)
  • Ingram, 2LT Kenneth (25ID) (see Citations section)
  • Ingram, CPL Robert W. (USMC) (see Citations section)
  • Ingram, SSGT Willie Jr. (USMC) (see Citations section)
  • Inman, Ellery E. (1CAV)
  • Inman, LT Richard George (7ID) (see Citations section - Synopsis) (posthumous)
  • Insani, CAPT John Louis (3ID)
  • Inuzuka, Mineo (7ID)
  • Iorio, PFC Frank J. (USMC) (see Citations section)
  • Irby, BG Richard L.
  • Ireland, 1LT Lock W. (2ID)
  • Irick, CAPT Edward F. Jr. (3ID)
  • Irvin, 1LT Darrell B. (45ID)
  • Irvin, Young B. (25ID)
  • Irving, CAPT Kenneth J. (2ID)
  • Irwin, CAPT Tedrick Gilbert (USAF) (KIA)
  • Isenberg, CAPT George M. (2ID)
  • Isidro-Lopez, Rios (7ID)
  • Isom, PVT Joseph Michael (2ID) (see Citations section)
  • Isonberg, CAPT George M. (2ID)
  • Itell, John W. (7ID)
  • Ito, CAPT Kanemitsu (3ID)
  • Ivancich, PVT Lester G. (1CAV) (posthumous) (see Citations section)
  • Ivansiski, Anthony J. (USMC) (see Citations section)
  • Ivers, SGT James E. (2ID)
  • Ivers, CPL John J. (USMC) (see Citations section)
  • Ivey, Curtis J.
  • Ivey, John R. (25ID)
  • Ivey, James H. (25ID)
  • Iwamoto, CPL John K. (2ID)



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