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Complaints about the Korean War Educator

We hope you don't have any, but if you have a complaint about the Korean War Educator website, we'll try to resolve the complaint on this page of the KWE.  Send to: Lynnita Brown, 111 E. Houghton St., Tuscola, IL 61953; e-mail Your name will not be posted unless you request us to do so, but the complaint will be posted lest another KWE viewer has the same complaint.  Warning: If the KWE is not in the wrong, we will defend ourselves!  If the problem is one that can be resolved, we will!



As a British Conscript who served on the DMZ 1953- 1954, why do you never mention the other nations involved? Are you Americans totally obsessed by yourselves?

KWE Response:

This statement is included on the entry page of the Korean War Educator:

"This website also acknowledges the sacrifices of Korean War veterans from other nations who participated in Allied efforts to free South Korea from communist aggression."

Furthermore, this statement is included on the About Us page of the Korean War Educator:

"Veterans from all over the United States and the world are invited to help build this not-for-profit website. The Foundation seeks historically accurate information and photographs to make the Korean War Educator one of the world's most valuable resources and finding aids on the Korean War. All material should be submitted to the Foundation via its chief executive officer, Lynnita Brown."

Submitting materials to the Korean War Educator is entirely free with no strings attached. However, not one single (not one) Korean War veteran or anyone else from another country has contributed so much as one single thing to the Korean War Educator--not information about their participation, not photographs, not memoirs, not unit histories, not reunion notices, not buddy searches, not items for the General Store, not supporting dollars to help finance the Korean War Educator, not anything whatsoever. Instead, the invitation for other participating nations to help me educate the world about the Korean War via the Korean War Educator has been totally ignored.

Since other countries don't seem to want to lend a hand in this huge effort, the best I have been able to do is search the internet for websites that relate to other countries' involvement in the Korean War and add a link to their website on the Links (Best on the Net) page of the KWE. There are several such website links posted there.

When the KWE runs out of what little money it has, I foot the bill out of my own pocket. My webmaster gets almost nothing for spending hours of his valuable time working on the KWE website, and I personally have devoted thousands and thousands of hours doing all of the typing, editing, searching for information, and text work for the Korean War Educator, which is now the world's largest Korean War website. As well as doing this, I work as a waitress two to three days a week (up at 3 a.m. to go to work a 9-hour shift); run a local business Thursday, Friday, and Saturday; volunteer quite a lot of hours in the local history museum as its unpaid director and treasurer; raise a teenage daughter; cope on a regular basis with the glitches and curves that life throws us all; and care for and love my Korean War combat Marine husband.

I am not in the least "obsessed with myself." I feel that I am doing the best that I can possibly do for Korean War veterans, in spite of the fact that I have so little help from others outside of my also-overworked webmaster. Your remarks were rude and uncalled for, and you owe me an apology. - Lynnita Brown, Founder, Korean War Educator

Complaintant's Response:

Thanks for your reply and I do apologize, it was rude of me. You are obviously doing a great job and it is a pity that people from other countries do not respond. Perhaps People in England and elsewhere would rather forget the events of 50+ years ago.

KWE Response: Apology accepted.



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