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November 28, 1999




Release #99-115

November 23, 1999


As part of the Army’s ongoing effort to conduct a full and comprehensive review of the Nogun-ri bridge incident, the Secretary of the Army, Louis Caldera, has approved a four-phase plan that will ultimately lead to a written report for public release.  The approved plan incorporates the following phases: Phase I – Preparation; Phase II – Research and Reviews; Phase III – Review and Analysis; and Phase IV – Final Report. 

    "Your task is to ensure that the review is thorough and pursues every reasonable lead to enable us to determine the facts as quickly and accurately as possible," Caldera wrote in the directive to Lt. Gen. Michael Ackerman, the Army’s Inspector General and head of the IG Review Team charged with implementing the plan. 

    "Though the review process is complex, our charter is relatively simple:  To determine the facts of what happened at the Nogun-ri bridge, no matter where they may lead, and to cooperate fully with our counterparts from the Republic of Korea" Ackerman said. 

    Work has been underway on the Plan’s first two phases since late September, and formal bilateral coordination with the Republic of Korea commenced with the recent trip to Korea by Ackerman and members of the IG Review Team. 

    To further its review, the Army has established a web site and a toll free telephone number to enable those with information about the Nogun-ri bridge incident to provide it directly to the Army’s Office of the Inspector General.  "The website and toll free phone number are excellent avenues for Korean War veterans and others to tell us what they know," Ackerman said. 

    All persons with information on the Nogun-ri bridge incident, especially Korean War veterans who served with the 1st Cavalry Division in late July 1950, are encouraged to use the website and toll-free number to communicate with the review team.  The toll-free phone number is 1-877-379-5595.  This line is staffed from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, Monday-Friday.  Callers can leave a recorded message after hours and the call will be returned the next business day.  Callers can also use this number to fax information 24 hours a day. 

    To get to the Nogun-ri website, click the Nogun-ri website link on the Army homepage (www.army.mil).  In addition, information can be e-mailed directly to the Office of the Inspector General through this link.  Information can also be mailed to: Department of the Army, Office of the Inspector General, Attn: Nogun-ri Review, 1700 Army Pentagon, Washington, DC 20310-1700. 

    The IG Review Team’s efforts will culminate in a final written report that the Secretary of the Army will forward to the Secretary of Defense for approval and public release.  During the course of the review, the IG Review Team will report to Patrick T. Henry, Assistant Secretary of the Army for Manpower and Reserve Affairs, whom Caldera appointed as his senior representative to oversee the Team’s efforts.  Henry also serves as the Secretary’s representative on the Department of Defense Steering Group for this matter appointed by the Secretary of Defense, William Cohen.  The Steering Group is coordinating the work of the review and ensuring that the full resources of the entire Department are brought to bear on the complex issues raised by the Nogun-ri bridge incident.  Additionally, Cohen has invited the assistance of eight outside experts, who are providing advice and guidance on the review. 

    The IG Review Team has been periodically updating the Steering Group and the outside experts in addition to sharing information with the Republic of Korea.  For more information, please contact the Media Relations Division, Army Public Affairs, at 703-697-7589.