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The following organizations and websites were created by DMZ veterans who want to share their memoirs, photographs, and information about life on the DMZ with other DMZ veterans, as well as the general public. If any of our readers have a website or organization whose information should be posted on this page of the Korean War Educator, please contact Lynnita Brown at


DMZ Association

This association will be of interest to Imjin Scout MPs who served in the Korean DMZ. Rick Graham is the executive director of the DMZ Association. His address is P.O. Box 11598, Las Vegas, NV 89111-1598. Ph. 775-751-8281. See DMZ-related websites for the association’s web address. E-mail:

DMZ Vets Association

This national organization was established to help renew and maintain old friendships and foster new relationships among those sharing the Korea DMZ service experience. The Association also welcomes the families of DMZ vets, especially those whose loved ones paid the supreme sacrifice for nation and the defense of the Republic of Korea. It also includes organizations devoted to the memory of this extended service. Contact person is C. David Benbow, P.O. Drawer 423, Statesville, NC 28687. E-mail:

Korea Defense Veterans of America

This organization and its website sadly was dissolved.  It was formed to champion the thousands of US veterans who served in Korea from 27 July 1954 to present.

USS Pueblo Veteran’s Association

The members of this organization are those persons who were aboard the Pueblo when she was illegally captured by North Korean Naval Forces, or their descendants, and one honorary member. The Association’s primary purpose is to provide mutual support for the Pueblo crew and their families. The President can be contacted at 22365 Karam Court, Warren, MI 48091-2538. E-mail: The Secretary’s address is 3121 Jarvis Dr., El Paso, TX 79935-1506.


US 8th Army:
This website has information and photographs associated with the US 8th Army on the DMZ in Korea after the ceasefire. It includes material about the USMC 1st Provisional DMZ Police, 24th Infantry Division, 2nd Infantry Division, I Corps, 7th Infantry Division, and the 1st Cavalry Division.

US Forces Korea:
Details of the USFK mission are provided on this site, as well as links, information about South Korea, public affairs information, and service components.

USS Pueblo:
A site devoted to the "Pueblo Incident"—an act of violence that took place on January 23, 1968 off the coast of Korea. The US Navy vessel was attacked on that day by North Korean naval vessels and MiG jets. Eighty-two surviving crew members were captured and held as prisoners for 11 months.

Camp Casey:
Information about Camp Casey, list of rainbow herbicides to which DMZ vets were exposed, pics of Tongduchhon & other scenes, maps, information on site creator Gerald Rogers.


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