Platoon 168, USMC, Parris Island, SC
October 15, 1948

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[KWE Note: This list of members of Platoon 168 from 1948 was in the possession of Billy Jones, Mattoon, Illinois.]

Drill Instructors: Sgt. Leland J. Hoover and Sgt. B.B. Edwards

  1. Abbate, John P. (enlisted Buffalo, NY)
  2. Atkins, Harvey R. (enlisted Nashville, TN)
  3. Atkins, Travis M. (enlisted Nashville, TN)
  4. Baxter, Duane W. (enlisted Cleveland, OH)
  5. Besbekis, George
  6. Bladergroen, Charles H.
  7. Bliss, John H.
  8. Bloom, Donald D.
  9. Borchardt, Walter R. (enlisted Cleveland, OH)
  10. Bragg, Charles A. (enlisted Portland, MI)
  11. Brom, Lawrence V.
  12. Brown, Richard D. (enlisted Cleveland, OH)
  13. Carroll, Robert E. (enlisted Cleveland, OH)
  14. Carroll, William D. (enlisted Indianapolis, IN)
  15. Casagrande, Glenn A. (enlisted Cleveland, OH)
  16. Church, Herman H. (enlisted Nashville, TN)
  17. Cope, James C. (enlisted Nashville, TN)
  18. Degolier, Gene E.
  19. Dunlap, Lindel D. (enlisted Cleveland, OH)
  20. Eccles, John L.
  21. Edwards, B.B.
  22. Edwards, Clayton O. (enlisted Chicago, IL)
  23. Erfert, Robert C.
  24. Feige, James W.
  25. Fredette, Ralph A.
  26. Fuller, Don E.
  27. Gorman, John F. (enlisted Chicago, IL)
  28. Gotfried, David
  29. Graf, Allen D. (enlisted Buffalo, NY)
  30. Harbour, Kenneth E.
  31. Harris, Richard L. (enlisted Indianapolis, IN)
  32. Harrop, Thomas J. (enlisted Chicago, IL)
  33. Hicks, Ray S. (enlisted Buffalo, NY)
  34. Hooper, Frank E. Jr. (enlisted Louisville, TN)
  35. Hoover, Leland J.
  36. Hutchinson, Theodore B. (enlisted Buffalo, NY)
  37. Johnson, Gerald (enlisted Nashville, TN)
  38. Jones, Billy J.
  39. Jowers, Carl R.
  40. King, Roger L. (enlisted Buffalo, NY)
  41. Kinmond, Howard C.
  42. Lemons, Henry F. Jr. (enlisted Indianapolis, IN)
  43. Lincoln, Spencer F. (enlisted Buffalo, NY)
  44. Lyons, Clarence U. (enlisted Nashville, TN)
  45. Mahar, Michael J. (enlisted Buffalo, NY)
  46. Menges, Herbert E.
  47. Oakley, Charles E. (enlisted Nashville, TN)
  48. Osborn, Alton (enlisted Nashville, TN)
  49. Osborn, Charlie L. (enlisted Nashville, TN)
  50. Oswald, Robert G.
  51. Palmer, Marylon E.
  52. Peck, Raymond S. Jr.
  53. Pelton, Joseph E. (enlisted Cleveland, OH)
  54. Phillips, Cecil R.
  55. Pohanka, Jerome (enlisted Chicago, IL)
  56. Ratliffe, James R.
  57. Raynolds, Arthur R.
  58. Reece, Kay T.
  59. Rhodes, Richard L. (enlisted Cleveland, OH)
  60. Riordan, Harold L.
  61. Rogers, Lee E. (joined 168 from the base hospital)
  62. Sassenberger, Joseph
  63. Schmeilski, Harold L.
  64. Serrin, Delvin (enlisted Cleveland, OH)
  65. Shackley, Robert E. (enlisted Indianapolis, IN)
  66. Sharaz, Joseph G.
  67. Spain, Willie R. (enlisted Nashville, TN)
  68. Stanbery, Harold L.
  69. Stubbs, Robert E. (enlisted Chicago, IL)
  70. Sutherland, Lauren B. (enlisted Buffalo, NY)
  71. Swain, Soloman E.
  72. Tarnowski, Stanley Jr. (enlisted Chicago, IL)
  73. Terrio, Donald (later killed in action)
  74. Thomas, Joseph L (enlisted Detroit, MI)
  75. Varner, Howard "Red"
  76. Wahlfeldt, Melvin lD.
  77. Wargo, Bernard R.
  78. Wurtsbaugh, Robert
  79. Ziegler, Jay E. (enlisted Cleveland, OH)

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