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October 17, 1951 - Korea

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On a flight from K-1 to K-2 with Photo Unit, Headquarters Squadron, MAG-33, 1st Marine Air Wing, TBM-3E, Tail #53830 struck a cable and crashed.  One Marine onboard lost his life.  Four others survived.


Those on Board:

  • Baker, Cpl. J.B. (injured)
  • Koon, MSgt. Clarence C. (injured)
  • Linn, 2Lt. J.J. (injured)
  • Novak, Cpl. P.S. (injured)
  • Youngman, 1Lt. Wilbur Hughes Jr. (fatality)

Youngman Biography:

1Lt. Wilbur Hughes Youngman Jr. was born May 30, 1921, the son of Wilbur H. Youngman Sr. (1896-1986) and Alice Strode Youngman (1891-1961).  He joined the Marine Corps in 1944 and received a commission at Quantico.  He was a China Marine who was discharged in 1947 and then joined the Reserve Corps.  He was a member of the famous Hell's Angels squadron at Anacostia Naval Base.  He went to Japan in June 1950 as an engineering officer prior to going to Korea.

He and his wife, Evelyn Dolores Lynch Youngman (1920-2004), were parents of CarolAnn Youngman Roy (1942-2021) and Robert H. Youngman. His siblings were Dean Garner Youngman (1923-2009) and Jean Anne Youngman Hedgepath (1935-2000).



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