Topics - Six F9F-4 Panthers
Crashed near Pohang
September 10, 1952

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Six F9F-4 Panthers from VMF-115, Marine Air Group 33, 1st Marine Air Wing, were returning from a mission on September 10, 1952.  Earlier, they had been part of a 22-plane attack on enemy positions in the Sariwon area of N. Korea. The weather was bad (foggy), so the planes were directed to Airfield K3 at Pohang.  The aircraft were in flight preparing to line up for a ground-controlled landing when the lead aircraft experienced a navigational instrument failure.  All six planes crashed into a ridge near the peak of Unman-san, a 4,000 foot mountain southeast of Taegu, killing all six pilots. Due to the rough terrain and continuing poor weather, it was two days before rescuers could reach the accident scene to remove the deceased pilots.


  • Bourgeois, Lt. Alvin Roland - F9 #125182
  • DeMers, Maj. Raymond Earl - F9 #125168
  • Givens, Maj. Donald Fountain - F9 #125178
  • Hill, Lt. John William Jr. - F9 #125223
  • LaFleur, Lt. Carl Robert - F9 #125181
  • Roth, 2Lt. Richard Lee - F( #125170

Bios of Fatalities

Alvin Roland Bourgeois

Born March 09, 1925, this Michigan veteran was the son of Mrs. Marie Bourgeois of Ferndale, Michigan.  His wife Ruth lived in Detroit.  Alvin received his wings in 1946 and in 1950 was a star athlete at college in Kalamazoo.  He was ordered to Korea in April.

He entered pilot training in 1946 with an MOS 2543, trained to MOS 1055 by October 1946, and served with Hq. Squadron, MAG-53, 2nd MAW, FMF, USMCAS Cherry Point, North Carolina. By April 1947 he was in Tientsin China with VMF-211, MAG-24,1st MAW. By July 1947 he was at HQ Squadron, El Toro, (MOS 1055P).  In October 1950, he was at The Basic School as a 2nd Lt. with MOS 9901. On January 1952, he was with Marine Aviation Detachment, 2nd Lt, MOS 7301, NABTC Pensacola, Florida for Advance Carrier training.

Raymond Earl DeMers

Raymond was born April 07, 1917, son of Del H. Demers and Mrs. Eugene E. Brey.  One of his siblings was Donald J. DeMers.  Raymond fought in the Pacific during World War II.  He is buried in Saint Mary Catholic Cemetery, Genesee, Idaho.

Donald Fountain Givens

Born March 01, 1923 in Massachusetts, a son of Marion Louise Fountain Givens, he was the brother of H. Roger Givens and Malcolm Earl Givens (1929-2019), and the husband of Vivian M. Valentine Givens of Attleboro, Massachusetts.  He and Vivian were parents of sons David and Donald, and a daughter Joan.  Donald served with the Royal Canadian Air Force before joining the Marines during World War II.  He is buried in Arlington National Cemetery.

John William Hill Jr.

John was born on July 01, 1927 in South Carolina, son of John William Hill Sr. (1898-1982) and Marie Denard Hill (1905-1996).  His wife was Betty Hill of Moncks Corner, South Carolina.  John Jr. joined the Army and then joined the naval reserve.  He won his wings in July of 1951.  He is buried in Biggin Cemetery, Moncks Corner.

Carl Robert LaFleur

Carl was born December 19, 1928, son of John LaFleur (1891-1961) of Pooleville, New York.  He won his wings on July 1, 1951, and received two air medals for combat in Korea.  He is buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, Hamilton, New York.

Richard Lee Roth

Richard was born on March 23, 1931 in Henry County, Iowa, the son of Frank Lee Roth (1906-1960) and Helen Arlene Payne Roth (1909-1994) of Lockridge, Iowa.  His sister was Jane Arlene Roth (1928-2011) who married Wesley August Hulsebus.  Richard is buried in Lockridge Cemetery, Lockridge, Iowa.  Richard served in the military from 1948 until his death.



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