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Off East Coast of Korea (Kangnung)
November 15, 1952

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A C-46 (tail number 44-78114) crashed into the Sea of Japan/East Sea on November 15, 1952.  The plane, attached to USAF 34th Troop Carrier Squadron, 315 Air Division,  had just taken off from Kangnung Air Base in South Korea en route to Pohang Air Base.  There were 18 persons onboard, but only seven were saved.


DPAA: Shortly before midnight on November 15, 1952, a C-46D Commando (tail number 44-78114) departed Kangnung (K-18) Air Base (AB), Korea, with a crew of 4 aviators and 14 passengers. The briefed mission was a courier flight originating from Brady AB, Japan, with scheduled stops at Seoul AB, Kangnung AB, Pohang AB, Pusan AB, and Taegu AB before returning to Brady Field. Shortly after takeoff from K-18, one of the aircraft’s engines sputtered and the Commando crashed into water approximately 200 yards past the end of the runway. Of the 18 passengers and crew on board, seven were rescued; the bodies, the flight engineer and one passenger, were recovered near the Kangnung coastline on November 28; and the eight remaining USAF personnel unaccounted-for.

The KWE is still seeking biographical information about the fatalities and survivors.  To add information or corrections to this page, contact Lynnita.

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Crew and Passengers

  • Anthony, Capt. Roy - co-pilot, MIA
  • Crowell, Pfc. Leroy - rescued
  • Difalco, 1Lt. Charles W. - rescued
  • Emerson, 2Lt. John B. - rescued
  • Erlandsen, S/Sgt. Sigurd L. - rescued
  • Haugh, A3C Alonzo Jesse Jr. - passenger - MIA
  • Holmes, A1C Lewis J. - rescued
  • Johnson, T/Sgt. Raymond H. - MIA
  • Kim, W/O Jung Pyun - MIA - ROK passenger
  • Larson, A2C Duane W. - MIA
  • Newell, A2C James C. - MIA
  • Pate, William Harold - crew - MIA
  • Prunier, 1Lt. Vaughn Dale - passenger - MIA
  • Richard, A2C Gary - rescued
  • Shoda, A3C Terumi - rescued
  • Tucker, A2C Luke James Jr. - MIA
  • Watson, A2C Clifton Nathaniel - passenger - MIA
  • Windus, Maj. William Plumer Jr. - pilot - MIA

Bios of the Crew and Passengers

Roy Anthony - missing in action

Captain Anthony was born December 07, 1923 in Georgia.  He enlisted in the US Air Force at Ft. Benning, Georgia on January 25, 1944 and served in Europe during World War II.  On February 26, 1945 he had to bale out from P-51D 44-14356 over the English Channel.  He was rescued and returned to duty.  He reenlisted in the Air Force at Memphis, Tennessee and served in the Korean War.  Still missing in action, there is a marker for Captain Anthony in Crown Hill Cemetery, Albany, Georgia.

Leroy Crowell - survivor

Charles W. Difalco - survivor

John B. Emerson - survivor

Sigurd L. Erlandsen - survivor

Sigurd Erlandsen was born February 29, 1924 in LaCrosse County, Wisconsin, the son of Erling Amandus Erlandsen and Hannah Louise Dale Erlandsen (later Frysitth/Marx).  His sisters were Esther L. Erlandsen Campbell and Dorothy K. Erlandsen Alvarodo.

Alonzo Jesse Haugh Jr. - missing in action

Born June 16, 1930 in Alexandria, Virginia, Alonzo (known to the family as "Sonny") was the son of Alonzo Jesse Haugh Sr. (1900-1961) and Mary Elizabeth Hood Haugh.  His sister was Doris Elizabeth Haugh Ester (1928-1980). 

Lewis J. Holmes - survivor

Raymond Herbert Johnson - missing in action

He was born in Rockford, Illinois on July 24, 1930, the son of Emil August Johnson (1897-1979) and Bergljot Ingebretsen Johnson (1901-1973).  There is a memorial marker to him in Scandinavian Cemetery, Rockford.

Jung, Pyun Kim - missing in action

He was a Republic of Korea (ROK) passenger.

Duane Warren Larson - missing in action

Duane was born June 15, 1929, son of Albert Larson (1907-1984) and Florence Berg Larson (1903-1976),and was from Underwood, Minnesota.  He is memorialized in Rindal Cemetery, Underwood.

James Carl Newell - missing in action

Born June 21, 1932, James was from Charleston, Arkansas.  His siblings were Doyle Newell, Dorothy Wilkenson, and half brother Ronald Newell.

William Harold Pate - missing in action

William was born December 14, 1931, in Valley Falls, South Carolina.  He was a son of Floyd Stewart Pate (1906-1997) and Dora Ann Silvers Pate (1910-2003).  His brother was Loyd Carrol Pate (1929-2017).

Vaughn Dale Prunier - missing in action

Vaughn was born April 28, 1929, a son of Earl Raymond Prunier (1893-1978) and Emalee Marie Pennock Prunier (1898-1961). They were from Westchester County, New York.  His siblings were Lawrence Earl Prunier (1920-1991) and Alma Louise Prunier (Mrs. Joseph J. Riska) (1921-2010).  He was the recipient of the Distinguished Flying Cross and the Air Medal.

Gary Richard - survivor

Terumi Shoda - survivor

Luke James Tucker Jr.

Luke James Tucker, Jr. was born on January 1, 1930 in Tampa, Florida. He attended grammar school there, exiting in 1944. He attended Tampa High School, graduating in 1948. Tucker then attended Paine College in Augusta, GA for approximately 18 months. He had been majoring in Sociology.  He enlisted in the USAF on January 8, 1951 at the Recruiting and Induction Station in Dallas, Texas. He was first assigned to the 3700th AFIW unit at Lackland AFB, Texas, then sent to Scott AFB, Illinois where he underwent 4 weeks of basic training. Next, Tucker was assigned to the 3310th Air Police Squadron as an Apprentice Air Policeman. He performed this duty until February 1952 when he was selected for overseas shipment, processed through the 2349th PP Squadron, and assigned to the 608th AC&W Squadron, APO 970 in Korea. Here, he was promoted to A/2C in October 1952.

Clifton Nathaniel Watson

Born March 04, 1933, he was from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

William Plumer Windus Jr.

Born July 5, 1919 in Westbury, New York, he was the son of William P. Windus Sr.



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