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Crash South of Hongchon, Korea
March 29, 1951

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C-119B Flying Boxcar transport (#48-345) served with the 62nd Troop Carrier Squadron, 314th Troop Carrier Group based at Ashiya Air Base, Japan. On March 29, 1951, while on a mission, the right engine fell off the plane and the aircraft crash-landed about six miles south of Hongchon, Korea.  There were five crew members onboard.  Maj. Maurice Johnson, the pilot, stayed at the controls until all crewmen had safely bailed out.  He was the only person killed in the crash.  A USMC Bell HTL-4 helicopter participated in the successful Search and Rescue effort.

The KWE would like to know the names of the four crew members who survived this crash.  To add information to this page contact Lynnita.

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Maj. Maurice Johnson

Born November 14, 1920, son of Beacher Jones Johnson (1890-1975) and Minnie B. Efird Johnson (1892-1921).  His siblings were Hassel B. Johnson (1913-1974) and Mrs. Lynn Howard (Jackie Hortense Johnson) Lindahl (1917-1974).  Major Johnson is buried at Restland Memorial Park, Dallas, Texas.



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